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Dear America, we have spoken, and at the same time, we have set the bar low, real low.

Dear Obama Supporters, when our president ran on “hope and change” eight years ago, he was talking to us. We were supposed to have hope and enact change; we still can.

Dear African Americans, don’t be fearful of this shift in political power. Our ancestors in this country suffered much worse. Many pushed through by being active in their own communities. We can too.

Dear Women, our work in this country is historical. We’ve risen because of great women and we will continue do so. Complacency should not be in our vocabulary.

Dear Latinos and Hispanics, Asians and Arabs, don’t be afraid to raise your voices about concerns that impact you and your families. That’s what makes America different.

Dear Immigrants, don’t leave and don’t play small. Your presence in this country is required to “Make America Great Again!”

statue-of-liberty-359341_1280Dear White People who “Felt the Bern” and “Stood with Her,” remain passionate about your platform. Do work in your own way that continues the positive shift you’d envisioned.

Dear America, we have spoken, and now it’s time for us to continue to raise our voices through meaningful work. Let’s not wait for the next four years to get fired up.