*The Greatest Thing About…

On this blog, I spend a lot of time reflecting on my observations about people and society in general. No matter how hard I try, some of these posts might come off a bit negative.

And that’s not fair, really.

People are multidimensional and I certainly wouldn’t like it if I read a blog about all the horrible things someone perceived about me, with little balance.

Because of this, I’m beginning a new category called: The Greatest Thing About… Each month, I’ll blog about someone or something positively…on purpose.

Hope you enjoy!

*Also shared for Debbie’s Forgiving Fridays


Blessed Quote #18

Today’s Other People’s Quote comes from Raul Conde. His blog raulconde001 has something for everyone. Whether it’s an inspirational quote, a movie review, or an opinion of the latest basketball game, you’re sure to find something interesting. Go check him out!