Like a Drop of Love (from Deanne’s World)


This week’s featured Other People’s Quote comes from Deanne’s World. Her blog is filled with unique quotes, images and poetry straight from her heart to yours. If you want to be fully inspired and motivated, take a minute to stop by or follow her on Twitter @Deanne_World.

I Know You

I know you.
Your mother was abusive.
Your father left for another family.
But still they are not responsible for your happiness.

I know you.
Your sister was drug addicted.
Your brother molested you.
But still they are not the reason you cannot smile.

I know you.
Your stepmother ignored you.
Your stepfather mistreated you.
But still you cannot blame them for your sad circumstances.

Love your self.
You are not an abused daughter.
You are not an abandoned child.

Know your self.
You are not your sister’s illness.
You are not your brother’s problems.

Know your worth.
You are not an unimportant stepdaughter.
You are not your stepfather’s rage.

You can become responsible for your own happiness.

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