Inspiring Image #64: Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

My oldest goddaughter was kind enough to surprise me with a new camera after she graduated with her MSW! Who does that??? Anywho, I’ve been over the moon about it and the first place I decided to try it out is Atlantic Beach. The zoom on this beauty is 42x!!! That’s how I was able to capture a man waaaaay out in the ocean paddle surfing.

Hope you enjoy future “Inspiring Images”!


Inspiring Image(s) #59 Kesha Exhibit

Kesha is an exhibit currently showing at the (downtown) Jacksonville Public Library.

Check these out:

As you can see, the exhibit displays intersections of gender and race, hence the title, Kesha.


However, some works are clear portrayals of the impact of systematic African American oppression.


Shout out to Shawana Brooks for an amazing concept.

This is a very small sample of what the exhibit offers.

If you’re nearby, then plan a visit.  It runs until late April.