Book & Author Feature: The Unhappy Wife by K E Garland

Thanks for an amazing interview experience Leslie Reese! Leslie is a book blogger and also a skilled writer. I was fortunate enough to have been interviewed by her. If you don’t follow her blog, then please go check it out!

I subscribe to KE Garlands’s blog, kwoted, where she always “keeps it real” by writing honest and thought-provoking posts about societal experiences, personal relationships and insecurities; how and why we celebrate holidays, being reflective, and finding inspiration in daily life. In 2015 she published Kwoted, a book of original quotes which “encompass advice and mantras that the author lives by and offers to those around her.”


Early in the fall of 2016 I learned that K E Garland had written and was self-publishing a book titled The Unhappy Wife, and my first thought was “I’m going to read her book and review it.” But while reading this 112-page volume, I decided I wanted to do an author feature, instead. I asked Kathy – aka K E Garland – if she would mind me asking her some questions, and she was down, so what follows is our exchange. Enjoy!

Leslie Reese (LR): Okay, Kathy, let’s get this party started!
K E Garland: LOL okay…I’m ready!
LR: When and how did you first conceive of The Unhappy Wife as a project and a book?
K E Garland: I was actually on the phone with a friend. As usual, he was complaining about his wife. This seemed to be commonplace for many of my married men friends. Because I’d also begun doing the work of self-reflection about who I’d been in my own marriage, I was able to offer a bit of advice. But when that was over, he continued to complain. Right in the middle of his diatribe, I said, “I’m going to write a book called, ‘The Unhappy Wife,’ and I’m going to ask your wife to be in it.” He laughed and laughed. I didn’t. Three years later the book was conceptualized.

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The Unhappy Wife

I love surprises! Finding out that normabob had not only read The Unhappy Wife, but also written an Amazon review and a written these kind words on her blog sent me over the moon! Thanks again my dear! I appreciate it. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, then check out her blog.


Image Credited to Dr. Garland

I bought the book on the weekend and I couldn’t put it down until after I had read the last page.   I was reluctant at first because I thought here was a book that only catered to married women, but I have to admit I was wrong.    Whether you are married, engaged or single you will find bits and pieces of yourself intervowen in every tale.

Congratulations Dr. Garland you have imbued wisdom into our lives by sharing the stories of these women with us through your book.  See my review on Amazon.

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Review: The Unhappy Wife by K E Garland

Another great part about publishing The Unhappy Wife is the overwhelming international support I’ve received. This review comes from Patty, who lives in Germany. Her blog is quite positive; be sure to check it out!

Patty Wolters

In 2016 I connected with a Beautiful Soul, Dr. Katherin E Garland, through her blog filled with inspiring quotes, stories and images. As soon as Katherin annouced the release of her new book, I promised myself to get a copy and read it. I placed an order a few weeks later, had to wait almost three weeks before the book arrived (from the USA to Germany takes a while apparently via standard shipping) and yes… my husband too looked very confused noticing his wife with a book with the title: The Unhappy Wife, hahaha

This is Dr. K  E Garland and her new book:


My thoughts with respect to the book:

You will find this


at the first page as soon as you open the book and it’s a perfect summary, because that is indeed what the book is about in short. However it doesn’t cover the essence at all…

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3 Things the #UnhappyWifeBook is Not

tumblr_inline_njn0wsN7EO1satqni#1 A Tyler Perry Movie Are you familiar with the Why Did I Get Married series? Well, no shade, but this book is not that. One reason is because Why Did I Get Married asks a question, but never really answers it. The Unhappy Wife does. A few stories show why some women enter marriages with glaring red flags in the first place. Others describe why some women stay in seemingly love-less relationships. And because these narratives are inspired by real women’s marriages, the endings vary. They are complicated, messy, sad, and happy, just like real life.

their_eyes_were_watching_god#2 Urban Fiction I’m a huge fan of urban fiction. I’ve devoured every Terry McMillan and Sista Souljah book. However, I’m also a fan of classic African-American literature. Zora Neale Hurston and Alice Walker inspire me. I wrote with the latter authors at the forefront of my mind. Therefore, each story is intended to be creative and literary. However, there is one woman I interviewed who took me off this path. Reflections of her marriage included salacious activities filled with slang and cuss words. In order to stay true to her character, I wrote her story from that space. Other than that example, I can assure you that The Unhappy Wife is not urban fiction.

#3 A Male-Bashing Book Many men who hear the title immediately grumble and say, “You need to write an unhappy husband book.” I used to laugh. But after a few months of these conversations, I understand. Men believe this is just another way to point out their flaws. Not true. Of course men are a part of this book, but it really has nothing to do with the men. This book is about women and the decisions we make before, during and after our relationships. This book is about what happens when women ignore their intuition and listen to society. This book is about pushing the fairy tale aside for a minute and looking at the realities of temptations and other serious situations. Finally, this book is my way of offering comfort to those women who feel as if they are the only ones who are going through so-called failed marriages.

unhappy_wife_ipadWith that said, I look forward to everyone’s discussion about what The Unhappy Wife is. Remember, the eBook is available for pre-order right now. If you’ve told me you’re waiting for the paperback version, then I have a special announcement coming soon!

As always, thanks so much for spreading the word. I honestly believe it’s time for women to raise our consciousness and live healthier lives. I hope this book will begin and continue that movement.