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Afthead invited me to participate in this challenge. I am very excited to create a list. But I’m not going to tag anyone else because I’m unsure if these challenges really work. So feel free to compile your own list and pingback to me if you want. The challenge is to list ten things that I hate and ten things that I love. Here goes.

Hate is such a strong word, so I decided to describe 10 dislikes and 10 likes. Beware though; there’s a bit of judgment below.

#10: I dislike screaming/crying children in public restaurants. As far as I’m concerned, if a child is screaming or crying, then that means something is wrong. And if the child’s parent is nearby, then that means the person should know something to do, a tactic, if you will. I know this sounds terribly judgmental, but really and truly, a screaming/crying child wrenches at my core soul. I want to go save the child and offer help. But usually I don’t. My #10 like is children who know how to eat at a restaurant without screaming or crying. These children must have practiced at home or something.

#9: I dislike team-building games, a lot. I don’t want to catch you and I don’t expect you to catch me. We’re co-workers. I don’t want to create a Haiku in five minutes (last year’s ice breaker) and I don’t want to listen to someone else’s Haiku. My #9 like is getting to know co-workers in more natural settings: lunch, coffee, hanging out, etc. I’ll look out for Bob because I know he has a wife and three kids to support, not because we feigned catching each other <sigh>.

#8: I dislike analogies. When I taught high school, I had to read a book called Who Moved My Cheese? The purpose of this book was to get people acclimated to change. It was an entire parable about what happens when you don’t change with the times. Guess what happened to the mouse that couldn’t find the cheese? That’s right. He died. Isn’t that awful? This leads me to my #8 like, which is just tell me what you want me to do and let me decide if I’m down or not.

#7: I dislike indirect interactions. I’ve learned this is strange. I’m a pretty direct person. For the most part you’ll know how I feel about you and what you’re doing. It seems that quite a few people are indirect and passive aggressive. They’d rather spare your feelings; they’d rather spare their own feelings. People would rather do anything other than simply tell you the direct truth. And I dislike this. Consequently, my #7 like is people who are direct. I surround myself by these witty, tell-it-like-it-is folks.

#6: I dislike Florida’s bugs. We’ve lived in this state for nearly 20 years. Here you’ll find something called Palmetto beetles, but if you Google them, you’ll see that they’re part of the roach family…just BIGGER. Much bigger. That’s just one example. All of Florida’s bugs are entirely too big, thus scary and messy if you kill them. My #6 like is regular sized bugs. Seems strange because I don’t necessarily care for bugs at all. But if there are gonna be some hanging around, then I’d prefer them to be small.

#5: I dislike dependence. Interdependence is one thing. Independence is totally self-sufficient. But if you’re physically and mentally capable, then dependence seems unnecessary. Kind of like #7, I’ve learned that I’m more independent than most, but still I think that everyone should be able to do something that shows self-sufficiency. My #5 like is independence. Maybe you won’t be 100% independent, but I think you should be able to take pride in knowing you can do one thing by yourself.

#4: I dislike the countryside. Trees, grass and streams are all well and good for a while. I admire different dialects, local cuisines and diverse people. However, my #4 like might come from being born and raised on the West side of Chicago. I like cities. Big ones. Small ones. If your city thinks it’s a city, then I like it. I like the noise. I like the diversity. I like the energy that a city brings.

#3: I dislike reality TV. And then I got caught up in RHOA. Suddenly, I couldn’t wait to watch R&B Divas Atlanta, then LA. And it got more ridiculous and eventually redonkulous with each episode. It seemed more and more staged with each feigned minute. So I stopped watching. I’m down to one, The Braxton Family Values. This leads me to my #3 like: OWN. That stands for the Oprah Winfrey Network. I watch Super Soul Sunday. Oprah had a series called Life Class. And there was Master Class. Either way, I felt as if I was becoming a better person with each show.

#2: I dislike the idea of binge watching TV. I wrote an entire satirical post about the binge-watching phenomenon. I refuse to watch more than one show at a time now. In fact, I figured out a way to watch Orange is the New Black without bingeing: I watched one show each day for 13 days. And I still saw the entire series in less time than network offers. Think binge watching bothers me because it shows a lack of self-control. My #2 like is finding something else to do, other than binge watch TV.

#1: I dislike excuses. Whether it’s why you cannot reach a dream, or why you treated someone badly, excuses are no bueno. An excuse is an excuse, is an excuse. And no one wants to hear them. They want to hear how you plan to succeed. People want you to own up to your part of treating them poorly. No one wants to hear an excuse. My #1 like is taking ownership for who you are in each situation. You chose to do “X,” so you have to temporarily live with consequence “Y.” It’s okay. You can own up to it and then choose a different action.

Can’t wait to see what your list looks like!