Monday Notes: Friday in Phoenix

My husband decided that he wanted to plan a surprise pre-birthday trip for me. The “surprise” part ended up being revealed for various reasons, but ultimately, he had planned to take me to see my favorite DJ, Roger Sanchez, who would be in Phoenix on March 24th.

I have been listening to and following DJ Roger Sanchez’s music for at least five years. On any given day, his house music beats blare from my Jeep. Our previous neighbors used to bang on the wall when a mix reverberated too loudly. Sanchez has produced Grammy-award winning songs, to which I know all the lyrics, even the Spanish ones. I. love. Roger. Sanchez.

So, when Dwight said he was taking me to see this DJ in flipping person, I just about lost my mind.

Next, my husband said he was also buying me an outfit to attend this event. Dwight is the most well-dressed man you will ever meet. His clothing choices are carefully choreographed ensembles, with levels of detail most people ignore. He has bought me outfits before, but it’s been without me. This time, I was going to choose whatever I wanted, with no spending limit.


For almost a decade, I’ve been explicitly fleshing out what it means to be authentic. I’ve learned that how one dresses is a part of self-expression, and self-expression is directly linked to being oneself. I scoured Sanchez’s social media to see how people dressed. T-shirt and jeans or shorts would’ve been fine. But not this time and not for me. I wanted to wear sequins, sequins shorts to be exact.

“I don’t think the whole outfit should be sequins,” my fashion-savvy husband said.

I value his advice, but this time, I had to ignore it. Every day, we have the choice to be our authentic selves, and this was my opportunity. Not only were the blouse and shorts sequins, but also the shoes and fanny pack!

A couple weeks prior to our flight, I contacted my cousin, who I haven’t seen in a few years to let him know we’d be in Phoenix. Then, I remembered that Krystle, a blogger I’ve been talking to via social media lives in the city, too, so we arranged to see one another.

Ya’ll. I was so excited that I started packing four days before our flight.

Have you ever had a day where everything was perfect—where the birds chirped a little louder, where the sun shone a little brighter? Well, that’s how last Friday was.

That morning, Krystle, my cousin, Dwight, and I ate at Breakfast Bitch, a place where rap and R&B play in surround sound, a place where waitstaff sing the “Happy Birthday” song with a microphone and a boombox. This place was as extra as my sequins outfit.

Meeting Krystle for the first time wasn’t weird. Our conversation flowed, just like it had over the years in the DM. I was immediately reminded of why we need to flow with life, instead of resisting reality. What I mean is this: I needed to focus on the people who were in front of me, not overanalyze why a few friends I’ve known for decades had neglected to ask how I was faring after surgery.

Later, I treated Dwight and my cousin to dinner at a tapas restaurant called Pa’La. My husband enjoys fine dining and I had scheduled this part of the trip as a show of gratitude for taking care of me while I had been convalescing. The food was amazing, fresh, and ethically sourced. We enjoyed ourselves.

Then, it was time to see DJ Roger Sanchez.


I am not easily impressed when it comes to experiences. I am not the one to fanout because I’m in the presence of a celebrity DJ. However, as soon as Sanchez showed up, I thought I was going to faint. But I didn’t. I composed myself and danced and sweated for nearly three hours. I sang along with hits typically heard in the confines of my car and home. That night, I was satisfied with life and love.

Typically, I have a well-thought-out inspirational lesson. Usually, I wait a couple weeks after an event, so I can consider what I want to convey.

But not this time.

I hope what I’m saying is clear and that you glean what you may from this latest slice of my life. I hope this story inspires you in ways that matter to you.


82 thoughts on “Monday Notes: Friday in Phoenix

  1. What a gorgeous and powerful way to transition to the 50s! There are so many takeaways from your wonderful post. But I especially love this, “why we need to flow with life, instead of resisting reality.” Keep celebrating your life, girl! ❤

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  2. I’m so glad you were able to visit and you had a great time !! It’s a great feeling to finally see your favorite artists live . I’ve been really lucky to see and meet some of my favorite bands and artists. Even did a meet in greet and got stuff signed .
    Also anytime you want to come back let me know! It was so awesome !

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    1. Me, toooo! That means, I’m more inclined to return lol

      I’m so glad we met, too. I told Dwight I was happy you were the same online as in person, which of course, made it easier to hang out.

      I will definitely let you know if/when I or we come back. I really do have to experience the Jeep w/no doors and see more of the nature side of the state.

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      1. Aw ! You’re too kind !! I was happy they you were awesome too !
        So sadly our jeep does have doors , but it’s lifted and is pretty bumpy when going over rocks and desert lol . So you’ll have the safari experience, just with doors . And maybe the sound system if my fiancé decides to keep it in . He has tweeters and bass lol . And a big speaker box in the back .

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  3. What a perfect day, and a perfect way to celebrate turning 50! And yes, it inspires me to go for what I want a bit more often. You looked terrific and it sounds as if you had a wonderful time….it sounds as if you’ve got a wonderful husband too!

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  4. Totally brightened my heart and my day – everything about your post and the perfection of it all – I am enjoying the bursts of joy oozing from your entire experience. And absolutely got a dose of inspiration for another level of authenticity in whatever way it can translate!! Happy Birthday wishes!

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    1. Pragalbha, first of all, I have to reiterate one more time how excited I am to see your name back in this space!

      With that said, I’m glad you could feel a sliver of my happiness. It was truly an amazing few days 💜

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  5. Three hours of dancing, that’s a helluva test for your surgically repaired shoulder and it sounds like it’s holding up just fine. Awesome sounding trip for you two, K.! And yes btw, Dwight looks real sharp here, he’s a good dresser, all right. Both of you look great. A good friend of mine just came back from Phoenix the weekend before this last. must be the nice time to be down there I guess, before the real heat.

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    1. Jason! I’m almost at 100% in terms of mobility. I should begin strength training this coming week. It pays to do your PT.

      RE: Dwight…I told you 😉 lol (his socks match his vest).

      Apparently, this was the best weather they’ve had in a while, and going during the summer is not a good idea.


      1. You gotta do your PT! My initial PT was 30 mins each/3xs a day. I almost skipped a few (because as you recall it was so boring), but turns out the physical therapists know what they’re talking about lol

        My mobility is almost to 100%. When I started it was -8.

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      2. I think it will be okay. The inserts are helping and quite a few people have one leg shorter than the other. All these years of walking off kilter probably hurt my hips. I just take it one step at a time. I admire you for doing the PT 3x a day. That is a lot!

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    1. It’s just my personality, TW lol I was trying to think of a creative way to say he takes four weeks to find an outfit; literally, every detail is accounted for.

      You would LOVE the breakfast spot, especially when they sing to you. There’s one in CA, too.

      Thank you, as always 💕

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    1. Thank you! It really was one for the books and definitely a “remember the time…” story lol

      I’m glad you were able to feel all of my happiness! I was truly like a kid in the candy store on this one.

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  6. What a lovely pre-b’day celebration! 🎉 I’m looking forward to your actual birthday celebration since you have raised the bar so much with this trip! 😊 And I love your outfit!

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    1. Thanks, LA! It’s such a small thing, right? But conforming through dress is just as damaging to oneself, as for example, changing your personality to fit a situation (well, I think so, anyway).

      Looking forward to seeing what you have to say 😉

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  7. If this is the ‘pre-birthday’ celebration…then look out world – here comes K E Garland on her 50th!!!
    You look fantastic and I enjoyed hearing a new (to me) DJ…really rockin’ (is that even a phrase anymore?!?)
    PS – Thank the Lord for devoted husbands and fav cuzzins, too!

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    1. haha we can say whatever we want, even if it’s really rockin’ 🖖🏽

      Thank you for the compliment, and I promise the actual bday is going to be divine lol Devoted hubbys and fav cousins are the best. I couldn’t have been in any better company.

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