Inspiring Image #137: Keukenhof Gardens


25 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #137: Keukenhof Gardens

  1. Kathy, how wonderful that you went to Keukenhof – I have heard such amazing things about its beauty and it’s great you saw this. It is only a short aeroplane hop for us so I better get the tickets for next year! I’ve enjoyed reading about your experiences of your European trip and recognise many of the places you’ve been from my own trips there.

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    1. We were really fortunate. It was the LAST day! So, all the flowers were actually dying, which for me actually made it more beautiful. I definitely suggest you visit; you will not be disappointed.

      Thanks, also, for those kind words! You can see why I was so tired lol We saw all of the things in one fell swoop, almost 😉

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      1. Unfortunately with flowers – it’s so hard to capture their beauty. But you did a very good job with your photo, so you can be proud, Katherin!

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