Inspiring Image #136: Swan in the Canal


22 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #136: Swan in the Canal

      1. Its like when i was bird watching and saw all the falcons flying around or a love bird . I’m so used to seeing grackles , doves and stuff thats its nice to see other more rare birds . Oh and yesterday I saw a whole family of Quail.

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  1. Lovely shot, Katherin! It reminds me of a postage stamp. I especially appreciate the contrast and reflection in the water. That being said – the water seems so inky and I fooled around on Photoshop to add back blue to it – for fun!

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      1. Glad you like it!
        There’s a feature called “shadows/highlights,” which lightens all the shadows. Then I put a blue filter over the background. I preserved the luminosity, so it didn’t make the bird blue.

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