13 thoughts on “Inspiring Image(s): Paddle Boarding and Perseverance: A Photo Story

  1. To me the photo shows someone trying to paddle board or paddle board and you don’t know anyones story. He could be coming back from a horrible accident and this could be absolutely huge for him or her. They also may have experienced a recent drowning in their life and being on the water is a huge step of overcoming a fear.

    You just never know someone’s story and struggles when you see them doing something.

    I know I didn’t think this way honestly until I had a horrible accident and overcame it so when I feel silly doing something that once was so easy I just say to myself who cares what anyone else thinks, they don’t know the story.

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    1. This is so true! None of us knows what anyone is going through (unless it’s a blogger, then we know everything lol).

      It’s also interesting how our own experience shapes our perspective. I hadn’t even thought about the possibility that he may have been recuperating; I assumed the lady drug him out there and he was still learning lol

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  2. Photos share impressions, but I would absolutely love to hear the story you could tell about this, Katherin! Just seeing the sequence, you can bet I would be floundering all over that board if I were trying lol!

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    1. LOL So, that guy was having a really hard time on that paddle. I had so many photos just watching these two. At one point, the lady was really far away, while he was floundering around trying to get back on the board. Eventually, he got back on and they met up and kept paddling, but it was quite interesting to just watch him try and try again.

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