Inspiring Image #135: Sax in Zagreb


13 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #135: Sax in Zagreb

  1. As usual, it’s an interesting image, Katherin. I love how the geometric composition connects the two halves – first, the one with the sax player has an interesting window. The other side with graffiti appears harsh. And I strained to tell if the player was a man or women. The whole image is very ambiguous and of course, there are so many possible stories it could tell!

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    1. Judy, I think you always get where I’m going with these because your’e an artist! So, I have several of these shots, but I chose this one BECAUSE of the graffiti in the background. She’s sitting in front of an “elegant” department store, but just across the street is this graffiti, which much of Europe is like. It’s like they embrace it as art, which I wanted to show.

      She is a woman (I think), and did you notice the dog?

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      1. What I noticed, were how those 2 different backgrounds were juxtaposed with a horizontal line that visually connected them! I can see why you chose that photo, Katherin. I did not notice the dog and figured later that it was a woman based on the shoes. But then again – I wasn’t really sure!

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