Inspiring Image #128: Ed


22 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #128: Ed

  1. my mind is having a field day with this Kathy. hmmmmm…

    The man was at the end of his rope but coffee gave him hope?

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Although he does look pretty happy.. hahah 😂

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  2. Interesting… solar panels on the structure? Also like the candid shot with the coffee mug. No one ever looks like they are “posing” in your photos, KE. My favorite mag, The Sun, has a photo feature called A Thousand Words, for uncaptioned “photographs that tell a story all on their own.” You should submit some of yours.

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    1. I didn’t even notice those solar panels! And thanks for that suggestion, Joan! I’m familiar with The Sun but didn’t realize they had a photo submission. Also, thanks for noticing. I have one of him smiling after this, which I chose not to share because I like that off-guard look.

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      1. They accept photos of all sorts, the thousand word thing is just for photos that tell their own story. I’ve been on a “green” kick this month, our book club at the library read a book on climate change this month, with suggestions on what ordinary people can do to make a difference. That’s probably why I saw solar panels on the barn.

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