Monday Notes: Playing: It’s Not Just for Kids!

“Christmas and birthdays are for kids.”

I hear this a lot, and whenever someone says it, I feel as if I’m being childish or something. I love celebrating Christmas and my birthday!

For Christmas, I go to the nail salon and have my toes painted full on Christmas colors: red on one foot, white, silver, gold, or green on the other. Sometimes, I alternate toes.

For my birthday, I love it when restaurant workers have some spectacular situation where singing and clapping are involved. When we were in Panamá, someone sang happy birthday to me in Spanish! Do you know how dope that was to be in Panamá while a Spanish-speaking singer sang Feliz Cumpleaños?

I also wonder if Christmas and birthdays are for kids, then what’s for adults? Paying bills, watching TV until you fall asleep, and getting colonoscopies? Yeah. No. That’s sounds awful.

But then I read Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way. Her book helped me to see that playing—an activity also viewed as only for kids—is something that adults can and should do more of. Cameron associates play with opening up your creativity, but since finishing The Artist’s Way, I’ve recognized playing as a natural human activity that can simply get you out of your head.

Ways I’ve Played

Dwight and I went to a vegan fest at a park. As soon as I saw the swings, I suggested we swing, and of course, take photos and videos.

“You look so happy,” he said watching and re-watching me gliding higher.

“I was,” I confirmed. I felt free.

The day after Christmas, we drove to Myrtle Beach. That night we went to The Great Christmas Light Show. I saw a million little kids walking around with these lighted sword-looking things that shot out bubbles. As soon as I saw the kiosk, I bought one. If anything, being an adult is great in these situations because you don’t have to ask permission or have someone tell you no because you just got Christmas gifts. I shot bubbles out all the way to the car.

The next day, we went to Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach. There was an exhibit called Penguin’s Playhouse. I don’t know if it was for little kids or not, but Dwight and I were able to crawl through a little tunnel, which led to a bubble where you could stand in the middle of the penguin habitat. Again, I felt so exhilarated. Crawling was fun and looking at the penguins from an insider’s perspective was, too.

So, I’ve added a new directive for myself and others. Go play! Celebrate holidays and birthdays, and all of the things. You’re not too old. I mean, pay your bills and go get your colon checked, too, but don’t let that be the only concept of adulthood that leads your life. It’s okay to “act like a kid.”

If you have other ideas for playing, feel free to drop them below.

82 thoughts on “Monday Notes: Playing: It’s Not Just for Kids!

  1. Having fun is so important I also did a post on own blog on similar subject and I always gravitate towards subjects like these. Letting people be who they are having fun and playing. That’s what life is about to take joy in small moments

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  2. Thank you for this! Been trying to justify how much of play I should involve myself in as an adult. Lately I have decided to go all in into some physical activities I have loved for as long as I can remember. Cycling which for me isn’t just a form of exercise or fitness is one thing I do more now with great intentions. I cycle with kids too to bring that edge of funny and lightness to it. I love to dance and I do not anytime I feel like, not minding the audience. Video games have also fascinated me. I never had one while growing up and I have saved enough to finally buy one for myself😁🕺
    I think playing as an adult should involve things you like doing. Things that make you happy. Some of those things could be things you enjoyed doing while growing up. It’s not bad to sample them again as an adult. Like you said, it is better as an adult because no one can tell you no😁
    Thank you for this again….

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    1. Ackin! Where have you been? Have you given up blogging altogether? It’s nice to see you here ❤

      With that said, you're welcome! I think we need to lighten up, especially nowadays when things are super tense globally and locally, no matter where we live.

      I've seen your dance moves! You definitely need to keep doing that lol And congrats on your first video game!


  3. Yes, yes, yes !
    Idea: build a tent in the garden with sheets and have an intimate picnic with Dwight 🙂
    From experience, I can tell you, it was fun and romantic at the same time.
    I hope we’ll come across a swing in R. 🙂
    Hugs! XxX

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    1. Ohhh that sounds like a good idea ❤ We once laid in the grass and stared at the sky, so this is probably even deeper!

      I cannot wait to see you in R, whether we're swinging or just having coffee 😉

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  4. This article is just after my heart. I too never stopped playing, and some of the best times of my life I spend with my children, letting it all out. I always had in mind to open up a shop for men, where they could play in the after-hours to their heart’s content. I had no doubt, whatever direction my career would take, it would be in the creative industry and when computer technology began slowly invading the architecture scene, eliminating the playfulness of pencil and paper, I choose to change my career and turned towards the visual arts.

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  5. You’re so right: just because we’ve become adults and have to do the responsible things doesn’t mean we have to totally relinquish our childish ways. Play is good for everyone…. And I love Christmas too!

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      1. Oh, yeah….just compare yourself to me, and you’ll feel perfectly normal! LOL! (I knew there were many reasons I like you, and our mutual love of Christmas celebrations is one of them!)

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  6. This is our first year in the Upper Midwest, and we have had so much fun this winter playing in the snow with our kids. Our neighbors probably think we’re nuts as we noisily holler going down the hills on sleds with the boys, but why not? My usual favorite form of play is painting with my fingers or coloring–anything colorful and tactile makes me smile. I love that you enjoyed just swinging!!

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  7. What is the saying, “You have to grow older, but you don’t have to grow up?” I’ve never stopped playing… to the dismay of my boys! My daughter eggs me on! LOL! It makes me happy!

    I’m not above busting a move to the music playing in the grocery store, wearing a tiara everyday of my birth month (which is next month), or starting a sing-a-long in the doctor’s office waiting room!

    Life is hard, and some days, it’s just too “heavy” to deal with. On days like that, I call up one of my sisters and we’ll have a one hour conversation… in song! LOL! Or we’ll talk in movie lines! 😀 😀

    You can tell who the people are that don’t play enough… or at all.They don’t want us to play and call us juvenile. Challenge them to a game of Simon Says! 😀 😀

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    1. Felicia! You have a tiara??? Everything you named, including a doc sing-a-long sounds SUPER fun lol

      I laughed all the way through this. You know how clever you have to be to only talk in movie lines lol

      Simon says…GO PLAY!

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      1. My daughter is a pro at movies lines…and she uses ONLY Disney movies! 😀

        I like singing conversations. My Robert Goulet is spot on! LMAO!

        I have TWO tiaras, and am trying to convince my boys I need a scepter! 😀

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  8. Ah, I love the reminders of having kid-like fun and more fun. Adulting is hard! Lol. I love the swings and can’t resist them. And I also still love to play hide-and-seek. I just hate when you wanna be giddy and people would stare. But- hey!
    We’re going to Myrtle Beach this summer. It’s almost an hour drive away from me. Glad to hear y’all enjoyed yourselves there. ❤️

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    1. Are you??? I didn’t realize you were up that way. If they have that penguin exhibit, definitely check it out. Well, actually, the whole aquarium was pretty decent.

      Did you say you play hide-and-seek? LOL That’s a good one 😉

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      1. Yes, I live near Myrtle Beach. I’ve been to Ripley’s Aquarium in the 7th grade for a school field trip, but I definitely need to experience the whole aquarium again. A lot has changed since then. Lol.
        Yeah, hide-and-seek is fun. And other kiddie games I enjoyed but haven’t done in a while. Though, I was going to say “red light, green light.” But it gotten boring over the years. Lol.

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  9. My best example on this magical topic was pulling my guitar out to play it again after 30 years. It was a life-changing decision!

    Believe it or not, Katherin, I used to tell myself that playing the guitar was immature, and not something for me to pursue as an adult. What a crock that was!
    Loved watching you on the swing! I do have to balance out physical stunts, because after breaking my ankle while hiking three years ago – I am much more cautious.

    Since you mentioned the book “The Artist’s Way,” I want to share a brief anecdote about that. My cousin, Donna, was an editor at a well-known publishing firm. She was the gate keeper, and had stacks of books to routinely screen. That book was in a pile of rejects, but the title caught her eye. After reading through it, she went ahead and brought it to the publisher’s desk, because it was so compelling. So she had a part in helping that book get published! I thought that was very interesting to share. 😊

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    1. I totally get your example, Judy. No one told me writing was childish, but it wasn’t necessarily encouraged as a profession or even just a stress relief, so picking up my laptop was just as life-changing as you dusting off that guitar 😉

      What an inspiring story! It’s like 6 degrees of separation.

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  10. This is brilliant and such great advise for living! It seconds something I read in Brene Browns’ book The Gifts of Imperfection – that people who live whole-heartedly cultivate play and rest and let go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth. Brilliant reminder about what we need to envigorate ourselves and those around us. Thank you, Kathy!

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  11. Yes, yes yes!! I am known in my family to have a child like glee for the littlest wonders around, for climbing trees and boulders that look invitng to me. I love Artist’s way for how it brings back and validates so many natural joys that get scarificed as adults.

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  12. Yes! I celebrate most holidays by decorating my house for them—even Valentine’s Day as an intentionally single (at least for right now) woman. I do need to work on “play” though…I’m working through “The Artist’s Way” right now, and I have a hard time with the “visitation of childhood” kinds of exercises. It’s like I’m not connected to that little girl any more …and I sure need to find her and give her a hug. Thank you for this post.

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    1. Those visitation of childhood exercises are exactly what I needed, but I hear you. The first one I did I actually cried, because as much as I’ve healed and can blog about specific events, there were other ones that, apparently, deeply bothered me.

      Anywho, you’re welcome! Thanks for reading/commenting ❤

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  13. Ha! I’m a big kid, and my baby cousins keep me young. I am significantly older than all my siblings, so I’ve always played with them. Lol. I still enjoy a good swing on the swings, sliding down the slide, and doing basically anything that puts joy in my heart. I feel you on this, Kathy. We’ve got to keep our innerchild happy.

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      1. Neither do I! I like CS Lewis’ quote: “Joy is the serious business of heaven.” As creative people, play rekindles our spark, our muse. Thanks, my parents are a good example of why I should keep playing!

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  14. I LOVE this topic and this article! It’s something so underrated and something that so many adults are afraid to do and to embrace. I would like to think (I actually know) that I have a youthful spirit and this kind of thing is essential to cultivate as we get older. Of course you get that, same page!! 🌸🌸☺️☺️

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  15. Awesome! Joy is found in playful moments. I like swings, too. It was my favorite playground pastime as a kid. I feel guilty doing it now, like I’m hogging a swing from a kid. Have to remind myself I’m still a kid inside and deserve a turn.

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  16. Typically I read Monday Notes with several emotions and they gear me up for the remainder of my Monday. Whether they are comical, informative, or entertaining I always walk away glad that I took the time to read them. However, today’s Monday Notes hit differently.

    It resonated and aligned so perfectly with a conversation I had this past week – scheduling fun will be how I live my life going forward until it becomes a natural part of my intentional living. This past weekend, I randomly grabbed my bubbles and walked around my house blowing them. Blowing them felt freeing, youthful, and enjoyable.

    I enjoy many things in life but in the past two weeks, I’ve found myself consistently asking are you still having fun, when was the last time you’ve had fun, and what’s ahead connected to fun that you’re looking forward to. One of my answers was Saturday, February 26, 2022. I’m looking forward to laughing until my abs hurt and my eyes shed tears. I’m looking forward to the presence of healthy, loving, creative, and tons of fun type company. Fun we as adults should definitely strive to have it more often.

    Adulting tied to bills, doctor appointments, and other obligations/responsibilities is overrated. I’m happy to see so many rewriting that script! Pun intended 🙂

    Thanks for sharing K E Garland!

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    1. Come through BUBBLES! This is how I knew it was you, Kotrish. Well, and the 2/26/22 comment lol we bout to laugh till our abs hurt, instead of doing crunches till out abs hurt LOL Just kidding…both/and.

      Thank you for this 😉

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  17. Playing: I love to throw rocks in a lake/river/etc! If the water is really calm, you can spin a pebble as you release it and make it enter the water with almost no splash, and the most satisfying “thwock” sound. Then I try it with my left hand… I can spend an hour doing this… ha!

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    1. Oh and going for a bike ride and taking my journal with me and sitting down to write on a park bench or someplace. 57 years old and still trying to be Harriet the Spy!

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