17 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #126: Under the Bridge 2

  1. This is sad. We have money to fly to Moon and for army. For homeless have nothing. Nobody deserve to sleep on street. Even criminals dont sleep on streets. Are we people? We love animals and care them. Its sad very sad

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      1. That’s slightly scarier . I know throughout the city where I live people live in their cars , due to evictions . Some may still have jobs but still can’t afford rent . My fiancé and I helped a few with moving their car when we had the tow trailer . One man in particular I remember as he lived in his van and worked on his laptop , and he sent money to his wife who was living somewhere else .

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      2. It’s allover sadly . Even my old town in the north is getting too expensive for people to live in . So they park out on the streets and work . Look up the prices for Bozeman MT. It’s insane .

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  2. I always want to ask: Why are you here? Even though I have a brother who was homeless and who still volunteers to help homeless families-he tells me of the many different stories of people in their tents or just sleeping on the streets, like he did. Just from wanting to help I’ve learned that socks are always welcome.

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  3. This photograph leaves me with many questions- what happened to this man? Why is he here? Where is he from? He looks deep in thought, his mind preoccupied with his plight? Everything around him looks clean and new- like he hasn’t been homeless for long? Has he given up hope…I’d like to sit with him and find out his story- you can see his bare toes under the cart- does he need shoes- there are so many questions to ask.

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  4. There’s a lot of dignity in this photo. This man is very organized. He has lots of water bottles and his “cart” isn’t a borrowed store one – but one that looks expensive and purchased at an outdoor rec store. The photo composition is very balanced, too, Katherin. The bricks provide a grid in the background and the leaning objects add interest (the man and the blue foam that mimics his posture). Somehow, I feel a lot of hope in this image!

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    1. I agree about the dignity part, Judy. I noticed all of his organized belongings, too. It’s not like others, where stuff is falling all over the place. I feel like there’s a story for each one of these, and I wonder how he got here.

      As far as the composition, thank you! I used those bricks as a reference point for the rule of thirds 😉

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