Inspiring Image #125: Invisible


21 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #125: Invisible

      1. Homelessness is a problem of epidemic proportion in Seattle. It’s a conversational lightning rod around here, a real po0litical fire starter. Suburbs and regional cities like to point at us and say Seattle’s a failed liberal state, that we deserve what we get. It’s 8nbelieveable how cruel, heartless and myopic people are about larger systemic issues in the U.S., about economic inequality, the staggering gap in wealth between the very rich and the shrinking middle class. the lack thereof or total absence of systems to address drug abuse and mental health as concomitances. in theory, there are solutions that seem accessible. But I don’t know if there’s political will, not around here. it requires systems to work better together. I’ll have to look up Jacksonville about this, see how we compare in terms of public temperature, political response about the problem. Is Jacksonville still a Navy town? Heavy, heavy stuff. Hope you’re having a good week, Katherin.

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      2. I remember the level of homelessness in Seattle when my family and I visited years ago (maybe around 06/07). I thought you all had a good plan, though. Isn’t that where homeless have some rights and can take showers in places?

        I don’t think Jax compares, really, but I do see quite a few, and like most cities, I know where transient people congregate.

        Jax is a navy town, but remember, we’re also very conservative and republican over here.

        Everything’s good this week, Jason! Hope you and your fam are doing well.


  1. When My fiancé and I would drive around for his work we would bring around extra fig bars , water bottles and stuff so we could pass them out . Water is especially essential for homeless people as heat stroke is a number one killer of the un-housed in my city . There probably should be some incentives for politicians to help house the homeless . I see so many empty over priced apartments and bnbs , just let them stay there . Especially now with so many being evicted . Or like you husband said convert the dead shopping malls and plazas .

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    1. That’s really nice ❤ I have some granola bars I keep meaning to put in my car. The only thing is it gets so hot in Florida, they'd be a mess by the time I got them to anyone.

      I honestly don't know why we cannot solve this problem. It seems super easy.

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    1. Awww my experience has been different. For one month, I actually made little goody bags and not one person acted wonky. There was an experience one time, though, where I gave a man some money, and he asked for $3 more dollars so he could have enough for a meal lol

      Anyway, I don’t judge. I mean cash rules everything around me/us (get it).

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      1. I noticed the filter right away and the texture pulled the composition together. There was a hazy quality, which this man was pulling through. With optimism, I still feel!

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