Monday Notes: I Let Go

I let go of relationships of convenience, where people put you on hold, until you fit into their lives.

I let go of relationships which lack symbiosis, where I visit, and they make excuses for passing my home en route to see someone else.

I let go of relationships where I am not a priority, where careers and other people constantly come first.

I let go of relationships bound to outdated traditions, ones where innovative ways to interact are dismissed.  

And when I let go, I allow for experiences aligned with who I am today.

I open space for new relationships to develop. Relationships where I have authentic discussions with friends about overall wellness—mental and physical.

I recognize friends who have been consistently present, those who communicate in multiple ways during varied times and those who’ve settled in for a lifetime of connection.

I embrace my sister, someone I’ve known for three years, but someone with whom interacting is as natural as breathing. A recent international trip solidified what I’ve always suspected; relationships are not hard.

I notice old friends reentering, reengaging, and recalibrating at just the right moment. Either I need them, or they need me right now.

I accept my cousin’s invitation to commune with her and her family post-Christmas in a different city and state. Her suggestion is timely.

When I let go, I allow myself to expand in newness.

And when I expand in newness, I’m no longer stagnant, resentful, or bitter. Instead, I am growing and evolving in self-awareness and self-love. In this state, I can begin accepting current circumstances, accepting that all relationships don’t last forever, not even if you wish upon a star and meditate on them during the new moon. Some connections are seasonal, and that’s okay.

Peace to everyone letting go of something this fall.

163 thoughts on “Monday Notes: I Let Go

  1. I am just reading this now, but it resonates with me so deeply. At the end of last year I began the practice of letting go too. The first few examples you list were my exact feelings at the time, and still are. It has been a mixed bag of emotions, but I do feel lighter and more clear about my place in the world, and my ability to create my own world with relationships that fulfill me. Thank you for bringing more clarity to what I have been feeling so deeply in my heart ❤️

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    1. You are so welcome! Ever since I wrote this and made clear decisions, I feel liberated. I even did a ritual where I wrote people’s names down, thanked them for being in my life, and set the paper on fire! It was such an amazing feeling to let go in that way.

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  2. When you let go of something automatically you replace it with something else so it is very important to know what you want in life so that replacement can be something which is meaning to you. Guys let’s not be afraid of moving on with new things, if your 5 years marriage is not working don’t be afraid just let go.


  3. Wow this was powerful. Something I definitely have a hard time with. Letting go of the people who treat me as a second option. It’s easier to let people walk all over you than it is to let them go. But I deserve more than that. Thank you for sharing! Beautifully written

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  4. Go let it go! I love this post so very much, maybe because I did the same some years ago. But it’s a constant thing as long as we are alive, always weeding off that which upsets your spirit. And maturity helps a lot in coming to a comfortable place where you are at peace with who you are. Thank you, thanks you!

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    1. It definitely is constant, and for a while, I thought something was wrong with me, always constantly having to weed out people and experiences, but now I really do understand it’s as natural as nature itself 😉

      Thanks for stopping by, reading/commenting ❤

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  5. I realize as the seasons change around us there is a change brewing within us. In the fall old leaves fall off to fertilize the earth and make way for new life and fresh oxygen. The same is happening within us. We need to rid ourselves of the dead leaves and branches that no longer bare fruit for new seeds to be planted and grow…

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