Monday Notes: The Nutribullet: A Life Lesson

“That’s what we do in this family. See things and ignore them,” my youngest daughter said a few years ago.

I don’t remember what she was talking about. It may have been a piece of paper left on the stairs for too long or it could’ve been something she’d noticed about her sister. Either way, I agreed.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.

My Nutribullet stopped working. I had already piled everything in it: frozen fruit, kale, Vega One, and kefir. But when I twisted it in the little motorized thingee, it wouldn’t start.

I was also running late for yoga. I didn’t have time to figure out what had happened. So, I left it on the kitchen counter, ordered Tropical Smoothie, and rushed out of the door.

When I returned, of course it was still sitting there. It was mine to take care of; however, when I tried to unscrew the base, it was too tight. I sat it to the side. That was Monday.

On Tuesday, the contents began to separate. All the fruit rose to the top. Water settled toward the bottom. I asked Dwight to help, “but not right now,” I added. I have an adverse reaction to wet food and didn’t want to get sick.

He agreed.

By Thursday, the broken Nutribullet was still sitting on the counter. I started to say something to Dwight, like hey…maybe you should unscrew it today so we can throw it away. It was trash day, and I even ran into the garbage men and had a thought to just hand it over to them.

But I didn’t. Dwight knew it was there, he’ll unscrew it when he’s ready. I said nothing.

Then, Friday night came. I was just settling into a deep sleep when I heard a thud and a pop. I’d left Dwight downstairs putting together a bike rack, so I thought maybe he was in trouble.

“Did something fall?” I asked when he came back in the house.

“Fall?” he repeated.


“No,” he said.

Back to bed I went.

“Quite a mess downstairs,” Dwight said Saturday morning.

“Yep,” I replied.

“Yep?” he asked. “Don’t you want to know what the mess is?”

“Boxes and sh*t,” I answered, assuming he was talking about the bike rack’s packaging.

But no. That wasn’t it. A few minutes after I’d gone to bed, Dwight looked to the left because there was a vomit-like smell. When he turned on the kitchen light, there it was. Monday’s smoothie splattered all over the blinds, kitchen, and stove. The Nutribullet had exploded, hit the ceiling (apparently), and left six-days’ worth of rotten fruit all over.

All I kept thinking about were my daughter’s words: That’s what we do in this family.

Or maybe it’s just me.

Maybe I’ve learned to ignore all of the things, until situations explode into a vomit-filled mess that has to be faced. Now, that’s an analogy for you.

Either way, lesson learned. Deal with everything as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll be scrubbing moldy kale and mangoes off one panel at a time. And that, my friends, is no fun.

82 thoughts on “Monday Notes: The Nutribullet: A Life Lesson

  1. That is one precious lesson to learn. I am somewhat happy for you it was mangos and kale and not anything worse (but I always watch too many horror movies).

    Anyway, there’s days like I had the whole of last week where I’m exactly like you described yourself in this post. I think of everything, but I can’t seem to actually do it. Then there’s months on end when I’m my own good “let’s deal with this now!”-self. My point is we’re all like this sometimes.

    And I bet you won’t waste another minute next time you find yourself in a situation like this! We live to learn, Katherin, we live to learn.

    And apparently scrape rotten fruits off our surroundings or chase our pets through a vet examination room. We’ve all been there one way or another 😉

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  2. Can you imagine, how it would be to live the perfect existence, everything runs smoothly, everyone does what she or he has been told, no controversies, no accidence, like growing perfect tomato’s and Nothing to talk about in the future! How would we define such an existence????????

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  3. Oh no! Haha at least you weren’t harmed . I think it was the ninja bullet that had a recall with exploding blades or something. I love making smoothies , fruit and pumpkin purée’s with my big old ugly trusty blender . It’s huge but at least it works for me .

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  4. What a fantastic post, Katherin! It definitely seems like an excellent analogy for what happens when things are pushed aside. Of course, how could you know it would explode? With busy lives, sometimes things that aren’t that important have to wait. Without hindsight, you really didn’t anticipate this would happen.
    I hate to admit that I’m laughing picturing the mess! I’m sure it wasn’t fun to clean up.

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  5. I love this post! This is such a specific story, written wonderfully to capture the disgust, humor, and life lesson, and yet, it comes across as so very relatable. This is something I would never do (I despise smoothies, fruit, and the possibility of food spoiling), but on the other hand, ignoring easily solved problems and instead having to clean up the much worse mess because I didn’t do anything about them earlier – that is 100% something I would do and am completely guilty of having done.

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    1. Thank you ❤ It was such a weird, messy, funny/not-funny situation.

      Since then, I've tried to do things as soon as I see them. I even swept up the garage because I'd been walking over a dead worm for like months lol


  6. Dear KATE, I am reading this and A’s days go by I wonder …..why didn’t you empty the “ Nutribullet “ straight away and the mix fresh as it was.
    Now, I am from across the Atlantic so it might be the answer. 😊🌴🤗.


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  7. When the whole household can ignore the house burning down or a flood coming and even Martians in their flying saucer in the back yard – there’s just no way I can control my temper and rage . Fortunately, I’m old and live alone now, take care of everything and am serene and happy.

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  8. I couldn’t help but laugh at this because we do the same thing here! Things will sit for days sometimes. 🤣 I love your analogy, though. Because some things shouldn’t sit for too long.

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