Writer’s Workshop: 3 Reasons Why you Should Consider a Blogging Series

If you blog on a schedule (i.e., every Tuesday at 11:00a), then you already use this feature. If you blog about one topic on a schedule (Writer’s Workshop), then that qualifies as a series as well. However, the type of series I’m referring to is the kind I shared a couple weeks ago reflecting on my travels. This type of series is more like Netflix. There are at least three posts, and they are serialized to come one right after the other. Once you’re done, you return to your regular posting schedule.

Here are three reasons you may consider this type of blogging style:

#1 Your post is too long. Most blogging “gurus” will suggest you write under 750 words. I agree. Anything longer, and you run the risk of losing your reader. The first blogging series I did was when my father died. I needed to write about my experiences with him; however, it ended up being a three-thousand-word document. I knew that was way too long…no matter how captivating I thought the story was. So, I broke up one essay into five and shared one a day leading up to his funeral. By that Saturday, people were invested in the narrative and genuinely offered me some much-needed support.

#2 You want to delve into a topic. Although I hate the phrase deep dive, deep diving aptly describes my purpose for blogging. If I want to remain surface level about a subject, then I use social media, like Twitter or IG, but when I wanna get deep—I blog. With the travel series, the only way I could fit everything in one post would have been to use bullet points with little explanation. Bullet points work, but the format wouldn’t have served my purpose if I really wanted you to lean into the story and the lessons with me. So, I opted for a series.

#3 You want feedback for a publication. I never write a series for this reason, but it is a thing. When I published the series about my father, another blogger provided some advice. “Flesh out your father’s character, and make him seem more multidimensional,” she said. Later, I had the inclination to publish this story in its entirety as a creative nonfiction work, and in addition to her feedback, a friend of mine also suggested adding some details to my father’s character.

Similarly, you can use the statistics feature that WordPress offers to understand which parts of the series garner the most attention. This may lead you to develop the best parts into a publication.

I know there are more reasons for writing a series that are focused on marketing (e.g., gaining more followers, etc.), but those don’t fit my personality or rationale.

Have you ever written a series? If so, feel free to share how it’s helped you in some way.

52 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: 3 Reasons Why you Should Consider a Blogging Series

  1. Your Writer’s Workshop is one of my favourite series of yours Dr. G! Too often, I overthink my writing and your last writer’s workshop tip of NOT editing the first draft has helped me so much with my perfectionist AGONY. Not when it comes to videos (first take or bust) But ALWAYS with writing. (Work in progress – on all fronts ;). Which is why this one is another great feature of blogging that you have introduced me to. Thank you so much! Dr. D ♥️

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  2. Yes, I have (written a series). My faves have been a single story (fiction) that continues across multiple ‘episodes’. I’ve never known what the next part would be and each was written following publication of the last. My favourite part of that were duscussions with readers who were following on, and feedback, story ideas etc I got as a result. I’m not sure I have the time to do a seriesanytime soon on my regular blog, but I’d like to think of a writing/editing related feature for my businesd blog with a sustainable frequency … like regular enough that people expect it and get it, but not too often that it puts me under pressure. I’m all about not feeling any kinda pressure. Your regularity and commitment is impressive.

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    1. I like the discussions, too. It’s like getting immediate feedback about whatever you’ve written, but you know me. I like discussions, period lol

      I could see that type of series for your new blog. Maybe like once a month with some writing advice?

      Thanks Mek! It’s probably some type of OCD something or another, but it ends up satisfying my need to communicate and get all of the things out of my head 😉


      1. Yes, you sure do like discussions. Great to have that outlet for sure and I like the delayed aspect to it … text or social media seems to call for a more immediate response.

        Once a month is doable! Before launch I’ll write a couple of posts … one elaborating on my services, then kick off a series with a punchy title. It will be good for me actually to be engaged with and share what I’ve learnt … reinforces the learning, positions me as ‘competent’ and may help others!

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  3. Thank you for sharing!!… an interesting idea and perhaps one day I may give it a go.. for now I just follow my heart while living life and the heart decides on when and how much to write about… enjoyed your photos of your adventures… 🙂

    Until we meet again..
    May the sun shine all day long
    Everything go right, nothing go wrong
    May those you love bring love back to you
    And may all the wishes you wish come true
    (Irish Saying)

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  4. Thank you for this post! I actually just wrote the first post in an upcoming series that goes live tomorrow. It’s been on my mind for some time and I thought it would be a great tie-in for future posts!

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  5. I haven’t actually written a series, but I have revisited topics in my blog, updating the status so to speak. But I do enjoy when other writers use the series structure, as it does allow me to learn more about their topic. Your series on your father was very good (have you ever read Haven Kimmel’s autobiography, “A Girl Called Zippy?”) and I think you were wise to spread that out into more than one post. Ditto with your recent trip to Costa Rica.

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    1. You remember that series about my father??? I’m touched by that. That also means we’ve been blogging buddies for a while now.

      I haven’t heard of that book. Do you think I’d like it?

      Thanks for affirming that Ann. I do think it would’ve been too much info for one’s brain.


  6. Great suggestions, Katherin. I actually did do a series before – you described it for me. I signed up for a Ayahuasca healing ceremony. I shared each aspect of the experience. The prep, the first night etc. and it ended up becoming about 4 posts. I loved being able to write about it, at the time. Later on, I did put the posts together into a longer one. But at the time, it was very cool to write as it was unfolding.
    ps. It was a very intense experience!

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    1. Judy!!! You have to show me where I can read about that, please. I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing Ayahuasca for a couple years, and of course, now I see this as a sign.

      I’d love to hear/read about your experience, where you did it, and what the outcomes were.

      …and thank you ☺️

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      1. Oh, Katherin, if only I’d followed your advice and left this as a series. I ended up categorizing it and pasting everything together as one post later on. It’s very long. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time reading my older writing. I feel like I might have crafted it, but while reading it later on, it feels like a long ramble!
        Originally, that’s why I didn’t share the link. But now I will.
        That is interesting about your tossing the idea around. I can point you to the Shaman I used, if you decide to move forward. I would say the experience was beneficial, but it took a lot of courage and wasn’t easy. I only did the first night of two. Leaving early was like “failure,” but I was just too exhausted. I would say I was on a high for 6 months after and my depression was alleviated. My eyes also improved.
        I actually had another friend do it with the same Shaman later on. She had a rough first night and the second night was soothing. It changed her life.
        So here’s the link: https://myjourneysinsight.com/2013/07/30/my-ayahuasca-experience/
        (you can scroll down to the actual ceremony because there’s a lot of wordiness of what let me to do it.)

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      2. Thank you for sharing this. Words cannot express how excited I am to read it. I’m going to save the link and read it slowly, so no worries about length from me. I’m very interested in this topic, and I’m trying to convince my sister to go with me.

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      3. It would be a life-changing experience and having your sister with you would be fantastic, Katherin! You will definitely have a mini series to write about after it.
        It was interesting for me to find out how many creative musicians and artists have done Ayahuasca, also.

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  7. Kathy You give excellent advice . I learned something for those who want to write a traditional blog. You listed a host of things I didn’t even know about. I guess I don’t write for any of the reasons most people evidently write blogs. I’m not looking for fans or likes, I’m not concerned about the length or how often I post. I write when I feel the need or am motivated. It’s about getting all the words inside my heart to come out… that’s why I write.
    I write a blog on FB almost daily, and have a following there. Because my FB friends have encouraged me to keep posting my thoughts. And when I was too sick to write on chemo they wrote to me privately telling me they missed my words. For whatever reason they seem to appreciate what I have to say. Be it politics, a thought for the day, or my cancer journey. I personally write to keep myself positive, free thinking and feeling alive. And it often coincides with drinking my morning cup of coffee.
    But, I’ve noticed that a few bloggers on WP write a few words and think they have created a blog. (Especially young bloggers). Maybe I’m just not cool enough for that kind of writing. But I don’t find that enough. If I visit blogs I want something meaty to read. Or to think about. I write because I must write not because I’m concerned about weekly contests, or making sure I jot down something- (anything) every day on my blog to get a social standing. if it’s meaningless drivel then why bother?And some of those really short blog posts make me think, why did they bother? If what I have to say is too long to read. Then that’s ok don’t read it. I write for my pleasure not for accolades. But I think these new mini blog posts are just because we as a society have become lazy. People used to spend hours reading newspaper articles. Now a couple paragraphs are enough? I don’t think so! .I’ll quote Juliet at the balcony when Romeo is about to leave…
    “ Will thou leave me so unsatisfied?”
    That’s how I feel lately with a lot of blogs… I want to read something worthwhile. I can read a meme if I wanted a sentence or two.
    Anyhow, I enjoy reading your full bodied posts. I applaud you!
    If I ever write a real blog again and not just a diary of my thoughts going through my cancer journey, then I will follow your guide. (I’ve saved this post). But for now I’ll be posting when I’m up to it. My cancer has returned and I begin a new kind of intense chemotherapy on Wednesday. Hopefully, I won’t be too sick to write. I’ll call that blog.. chemo – the sequel… here we go again… peace and love❤️✌️🎸

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    1. Lesley, I have to first acknowledge the last part. I’m terribly sorry to hear this. I thought things were going well. I know you have support, but if there’s anything I can do, then please do not hesitate to reach out ❤

      Okay. Now, thank you for your kind words. I understand your point about shorter blogs. I've seen those. A lot of times they're no longer than a Tweet. I simply think people's attention spans aren't what they used to be. Also, I read somewhere that reading texts online actually changes HOW you read. A lot of times, instead of reading every word, the brain skips some. I'm sure the two things are related.

      With that said, I do agree that we all blog for different reasons, none necessarily "better" than the other. I'm grateful to have found you through blogging, and you know I always enjoy reading what you have to say, blog, comments, or otherwise lol

      You're a very insightful lady. I receive your peace and love and return it right back to you, in hopes that I'll be reading your thoughts soon ❤


  8. There is one potential drawback, at least in my experience, to a series. Some will be reluctant to jump in if they haven’t read prior related posts. In my “Book of Life” series, each episode stands on its own, but some have told me that they thought it was a regular series.

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    1. That’s a good point Rob. I think that’s why it’s important for them to stand alone, but I can see how if people thought it was like a movie, or something, where you have to start with Part I, then they may not read it at all lol


  9. This is so timely. I don’t have a schedule, and I am not inherently opposed to long posts, but I started drafting a reflection post about a friend who died (not recently) and after I passed the 2000 word mark and still wasn’t finished, I started think about whether there was a better way to break this post up (other than just adding a bunch of photos)

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    1. LOL about adding pictures. Someone like me would probably just scroll: beginning, middle, and end, and look at all the photos (blame grad school).

      In my opinion, anything past the 1k word mark is series worthy ;- )


      1. Yes! Lol. I’m going to keep that going. I’m waiting for the best prompt object. The one that rolled out from the publication is “cogwheel”. I’m thinking I can make that work but I’m just waiting for the story to come to me for that prompt word. Lol! It needs to hurry up. I need to have something turned in by Thursday evening. Lol.

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