Monday Notes: UPDATES!

I’m one of those people who busies herself with all of the things when faced with adversity. So, while some people were in a worried frenzy last year, I was sitting at my laptop writing my life away. This is probably a form of escapism, but I don’t wanna get into that today. Instead, I want to update you on what my creativity yielded thus far:

Stories of Sport: I’ve already told you about this one, but I have to share again. During the beginning of 2020, I’m not ashamed to say I pushed my colleagues to complete a monograph. I’m not the kind of person who puts off projects or abandons them. If I say I’m doing something, then you can believe that it will manifest in some way. And if you said you’re helping, then I’m going to be on your tail, like “Let’s go!” It didn’t matter if we were facing a collective unknown, and it didn’t matter that there were global protests in the streets. I’m glad we persevered. We’ve received nothing short of high praise for a timely publication, and I’m pretty proud of it. My institution even ordered a copy for the library, which is now on hold because people are wanting to read it, something I never considered.

Tough Love: March 2021, one of my essays, “Tough Love” was curated with an organization called the Lungs Project. A close friend sent me their call for essays focused on all things love. At first, I wasn’t going to submit because I didn’t want to write about something sappy. I never do. But then, I had an idea to write about my grandmother and the way she interacted with me during childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. Maybe you’ve heard of the phrase tough love? If not, it’s associated with raising someone in an abrasive way to toughen them up. Unfortunately, this was published and offered during a limited time, but as soon as I read what my author’s rights are, I’ll share it here if I can.

There’s Strength in Softness: Mid-May 2021, Raising Mothers published one of my essays called, “There’s Strength in Softness.” I wrote this last year, too, but I had nowhere to publish it. This is a frequent happening in my life. I’m compelled to write something, so I do, and then months (sometimes years) later, there’s a call and I’m ready with an essay. Anywho, when I saw Raising Mothers’ theme on tenderness, I knew I had the perfect writeup. This one is based how generational patterns persist.

But here’s the cool part: while I was preparing Strength for submission, I was a bit stuck as to how to end it. One day while practicing yoga, the instructor said something she always says, “Sthira-Sukha,” which means there’s strength in softness. That’s where the title came from and also how I knew this essay was destined to be public. This pub is one of my favs to date because during the process, the editor really pushed me to dig a little deeper and use narrative nonfiction to tell a story, as opposed to using the blogging skills with which I’ve become accustom. I worked hard for this one.

Good Enough: June 1, 2021, another Chicken Soup for the Soul (CSS) series I’m Speaking Now: Black Women Share their Truth in 101 Stories of Love, Courage and Hope will be available for purchase. In it, you’ll find an essay I’ve written called “Good Enough.” My story is about being an Affirmative Action hired prof who worked alongside an arrogant, white male, who didn’t know how to do his job. It may sound familiar because parts of it were first written on this blog. The beauty of CSS is that they don’t care if you published the work somewhere else; they’ll still publish it…and pay you. The other cool thing about this publication is they did a book trailer. And to my surprise, guess whose chapter is featured twice? Here it is, in case you’re interested:

That’s it for my updates! Let me know if you purchase a book or read any of these works.


44 thoughts on “Monday Notes: UPDATES!

  1. Hi K. What would you prefer me to call you? Kathy? Katherine? K? Dr. K? (that has a certain ring to it). Your essay There’s Strength in Softness really touched me, I read it last night. thanks for sharing the link, here. Much respect and admiration for the complex and deeply personal introspection in that writing. So much I would like to say. but I promised to practice more economy with my comments so I’ll just leave it at that.

    Am I remembering wrong or did you say in one of your old posts that you grew up in Chicago area for a while? Part of my family tree is Chicago. Other on maternal side is South Haven, that’s where my grandma grew up. I’m not overly familiar with down there, though. We were pretty poor, bad cars and hardly traveled. My big sister went to WMU. First college campus I ever set foot upon! It may as well have been Harvard to this country bumpkin. I saw that you and your husband went there. I like these distant intersections in our lives. No ties for me to Florida, though. I’ve never even been there.

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    1. My eyes are as big as saucers right now lol

      Yes…I grew up on the west side of Chicago, then I moved my senior year of hs to Covert, MI, which is just a few miles from South Haven…that’s NUTZ that you even have that connection, and yep…from there went to Western and met my husband!!! So, yes…had you mentioned something about any part of Florida, I was gonna suggest a Zoom call or meetup lol because something else is obviously at play here 😉

      Thank you SO SO much for the compliment on that essay. I worked very hard on it (harder than I’ve worked on most things, actually). So, I appreciate all of your words.

      You can call me whatever you feel comfortable calling me (as long as it’s respectful), and I’m Katherin (with no “e”).

      Now, this has reminded me I was supposed to respond to another comment of yours :-/ Apologies for that!

      And remember, there is no word limit on comments on my blog 😉

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  2. Congratulations, Kathy! 🙌🏽 These are great achievements. I like how the title, There’s Strength in Softness, came about. And Good Enough, I’m sure I need to hear all those stories. Well done, your “escapism” paid off.😊

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    1. Thank you Khaya! Initially, I thought escapism was a bad thing, but I learned that it actually is there to protect your brain/self in a lot of ways. And, well, yeah…it’s hard to argue against it when it helps me be me and to sometimes help others ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment Judy! I accept the pride because, like blogging shows, a lot of times you feel as if you know someone even though you haven’t met, so your words mean a lot ❤

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  3. Great updates! Well done! I love when a story falls into place the way yours did in yoga, then a title etc. I wrote something recently which I think may be the best thing I’ve written so far (yet to show you) and there were little signs and messages everywhere guiding my angle, my writing, all of it. I’m inspired by your trust that the right place for what you write will materialise 🙌🏾

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  4. I love reading about success. Including how adversity is the fire that lights up your pen! I have learned so much through your writing Dr. G, and the writing of the authors you have referred me to. I cannot imagine a better way to understand another’s experience (especially diversity), than through the “eyes” of someone’s words. Thank you for continuing to invite us in. Grateful for your words. Dr. D ❤

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    1. Thank you Dr D! I agree with what you’ve said, but mainly because I value reading and also understanding others (if they want to be understood). I appreciate you and your immense support ❤

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    1. I think one of the 7 Habits is basically like worry about what’s in your locus of control. Sometimes, I’m like that xs 10 lol I think you’ll enjoy the book. People who’ve received ARCs have nice things to say.


  5. I’m so happy for you and all the creative accomplishments you’ve achieved in the past year. I’ve been writing essays for submission to pub’s too, and you’re one of my aspirational role models for sure. One of mine is about to be publlished and as you described, I really had to work hard with the editor on this one, so I am looking forward to seeing the response to it on the site that’s running it. Thanks for all the inspiration.

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  6. Congratulations for completing these projects!

    I too have finished writing and publishing my newest book during the pandemic. It feels really good doesn’t it! 😊😊

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      1. 😊 How lovely! Thank you!

        Here’s the link to “Developing Happiness When You Can’t Find It”

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