Monday Notes: Navigating the Change

Hey good people! I took a thirty-day break from this site because I’ve been working on a new one. And, regardless of what people think of my abilities, I can only do one thing at a time 😉

The new site is called Navigating the Change, and just like it sounds, it’s about all things menopausal.

A few months ago, you may remember me revealing that I was having some menopause “issues.” I divulged that info in a post called “Control in the Midst of Too Much.” Well, that was September. Since then, my life got hella interesting. And by interesting, I mean awful. I was ill-prepared for the turn my body took without my permission.

I spoke to every woman I was close to about this issue. I was raised in a family of older women, so I silently harbored anger for not one soul mentioning these bodily changes to me. In between, I read and researched all types of things to understand what was happening and how I could learn to function.

It was a lot.

Then, I got mad all over again. Menopause is a huge shift in women’s lives that can last anywhere from five to ten years. Did you hear me? FIVE to TEN years! That’s a lot of years to be sweaty and irritable, and as I read and experienced, there’s more to it than being sweaty and irritable. In fact, some people may never experience that, while others have all of the things.

Either way, I launched a new site last week for all of the above reasons. Navigating the Change will include the following:

  • stories and poetry from women who have experienced menopause at any phase,
  • photographs of real women thirty-five and older who are fearlessly being themselves (because older celebrities are not the only ones who can look fantabulous),
  • information from doctors,
  • information from wellness experts,
  • workout videos specifically for women over forty-five and specifically for Navigating the Change,
  • low-sugar, low-salt, and low-carb recipes from food bloggers and chefs,
  • product reviews so we know what works and how well, and
  • a monthly feature from yours truly called Diary of a Menopausal Woman.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you, then subscribe so you can receive updates that will post 2-3 times per week. Read what you want and discard the rest.

If this is something you think would interest someone else, then please pass the information along.

If you have something to offer or you want to partner because you have a business that supports one of the goals I’ve mentioned (e.g., a story, poem, photo, doc/well expert info, recipe, or product review), then Submit to Navigating the Change so we can collaborate.

If none of this sounds good, then that’s cool, too lol That’s one of many reasons I thought a separate blog might be beneficial.

Just to be clear, I’ll still be blogging here. The new site is more nuanced, themed, and collaborative.

Follow Navigating the Change across all platforms (except you know where because of you know what):


83 thoughts on “Monday Notes: Navigating the Change

  1. for a fleeting moment I wondered the same thing as your husband but in the same thought I answered my own question in that men have certifiably ruined just about everything they get their hands on, somehow and I think women and especially women POC need their own space. While Jen Gunter sounds like a fine voice, a trusted expert in the field of women’s health your space is also inclusive but also culturally unique as moderated by woman of color, we know that health care and wellness field have done a pretty terrible job, broadly-speaking and historically speaking, of earning the trust of POC. There’s a real distinction there. And I meant to sort of frame that in my initial comment when I mentioned Gunter. it was late when I left that note. Have a good week, K!

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    1. I’m glad you mentioned this, too! You’ll be the first person I say this to. So, there are spaces that talk about menopause, but they really over-center white women, and there are newer spaces created that only center Black women to counter what’s happened all these years. I intentionally wanted to make the site different…to truly be inclusive. It sounds like a small decision, but I think you’ll understand it was a big one. I just figured if I create a space that’s exclusive (which of course I have the right to do), wouldn’t I be being just like others before me?

      Anywho, thank you for noticing and mentioning these things, and I hope you have a great week, too Jason ❤


  2. I’m a devoted listener to The Brian Lehrer Show (New York Public Radio) and yesterday one of his episodes for the day was How to Have a Feminist Menopause. He had Jen Gunter a Canadian American OB/GYN on talking with him. She was answering callers’ questions as part of a broader conversation at first about sex, menopause, birth control. But I was really moved listening to some of the callers talk about their experiences with menopause so far, how some of them had dealt with hurdles around clear information and stigmatization of this stage of life. Gunter has written a book called Menopause Manifesto, it sounds pretty fascinating. I liked listening to her.

    Mainly why i’m leaving this note is wanted to let you know that I listened further into that particular podcast precisely because…… I thought of how you’ve started this site, it’d stuck with me. My wife has started entering menopause. Reading a couple of the articles on Navigating the Change and then this podcast struck a chord for me about being a supportive partner for my wife, in whatever way she needs me. I told her about what I listened to and also your project. She updated me a little about where she’s at, everything has been fine. It’s early. But it was still a really good talk for us, some things my eyes did open to.

    I’m not the target audience 🙂 or regular reader of Navigating the Change but I’m very grateful that you shared about it. Thanks for the serendipitous nudge! Good luck with this project, Katherin. Looks great so far.

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    1. Jason, thank you for sharing this! My husband had asked if I was going to have husbands/men write, and I had to think long and hard about it. My answer was, ultimately no (for now) because, while men can read and interact, you know, that wasn’t my target audience.

      I say this to say…this: I’m so grateful that what you’ve read so far, paired with what you’ve listened to has opened up a bit of empathy in you for your wife. I think part of the situation is that women haven’t received very much care from doctors, spouses, or even one another, and that definitely has to change.

      So, thank you for tuning in and also leaving this comment. I’m thinking of a way to include men in the conversation, even if it is through a temporary contest or something.


  3. I love your openness and invitation on your journey. You write always draws us in!

    ANGER was huge for me when I went through peri menopause as 39. Early runs in our family. For me it was more emotional than physical. All the buried resentments came screaming UP. That’s when I took up Kickboxing. Fiercely 🔥

    SIDE NOTE: Perhaps the wise old ladies in your family didn’t tell you about the change…. because you were destined to learn it independently and channel that energy into a healing forum globally. Just sayin Dr. G! You were born to create & educate 🖊 📖

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    1. Thanks for this Dr. D! I actually have started believing and thinking that exact thing. I know that if I would’ve experienced life as openly as I’d wanted as a youth, adolescent, and young adult, then I would have very little to write about and share…so I hear you ❤ Thanks for this.

      And good luck with workout! There's another woman I've linked up with who has shown/taught me that women over 40 should actually work out less rigorously as we did in earlier years (of course we're all different, but still).

      THIRTY-NINE??? I can't imagine.

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  4. This is so much needed. Thanks for taking it on. I’ll definitely follow the new site. I had my share of all this and more; just didn’t know then that I was going through peri or the real. My skin took a nosedive (really dry and itchy) and nothing I could do will help permanently … thanks.

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    1. Thank you! I’m finding out, that no matter where women are, we seem to need this…thank you for affirming and following ❤

      And if you ever get the itch to contribute something, just let me know.

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    1. Thank you Pragalbha! You’re actually on my list of people to contact about contributing. I was thinking about how yoga can alleviate some of the symptoms, but if you have something else you’d like to share, then please let me know!

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      1. You are welcome 🙏🏼 I would be happy and honored to be of contribution, as I am working with this first hand, in my body and also some of my students. I look forward to reading more on your website from you so I get aligned with how I can contribute.

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  5. Like wow! You’ve proved by writing 2 blogs at once that you’re a pro!
    Good luck for the other one and I’m definitely gonna read it🙌🏻
    And that’s how I felt when my periods started like “I’ve to take it along till I’m 50!” I was feeling horrible 😅 it’s good that you’re supporting other women by this!

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    1. Thank you Khushi! You see me in such a high light ❤

      and lol yes, yes you do have to take it along til you're 40 or 50 lol

      I think you'd like this website: They are also on instagram @voicesofperiods

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  6. Thank you for the new and informative blog. I’ll be sharing your info with my cousin who’s also going through the ‘change.’ As for me, I had a whole mess of issues which resulted in a laparoscopic hysterectomy, and that surgery was the best decision I ever made! Can’t tell you how satisfying it was to give my leftover tampons to my daughter! 😂 😂

    Take care. ❤️

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  7. What a terrific idea, Katherin, and your title has so many additional meanings – change is a beautiful metaphor. Change can be very positive (and challenging). My life completely turned around at age 50 with menopause. It was like a renaissance for me!

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    1. Thank you Judy! EXACTLY! Change is change, but how we deal with it can make all the difference in the world for ourselves and those around us, too. That’s why I’m hoping with this site to unfold all of the feelings…like it’s time for someone to tell us (women) that it’s okay.

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      1. And of course you know one of my most pivotal songs was named “The Unknown.” And you mentioned it! The unknown is scary, but it certainly can be beautiful!

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    1. Girl. That’s what my first personal post was about. The bloody murder scene is something no one told me about. I thought I was dying!

      Anywho, thanks for the support. There will be all types of posts, and I hope they’re helpful for you.

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  8. YAY! Congrats Kathy for this brilliant initiative. I’ll certainly check your new site out, and subscribe. Because I know well about being sweaty and irritable 🙂 and all that goes with this transition. I’m in the midst of navigating that change myself.

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  9. Kathy, congratulations on your new site! You’re right that this is under-discussed everyday life for so many women and I’m sure your new blog will give guidance, help and enlightenment!

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  10. Oh thank God you are launching this site, Kathy. I need the mutual support. I am having so many issues lately with screwy periods. I am actually getting an ultrasound this week to rule out cancer and fibroids before they can put me on a low dose birth control pill to control heavy, frequent flows, and last month it lasted two weeks straight, which prompted a doctor visit. This month it started only two weeks after the last ended and I have clots. TMI I know, but I think that’s the point! I am praying it’s just menopause and nothing more serious.

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    1. It’s so crazy, right? All of the things we go through as women…alone, because we’ve been conditioned to.

      Yep please do subscribe. I think there’s a lot of power in reading someone else’s story/advice, whatever so that you know it’s not you.

      I’m no physician, but I’m betting it’s not anything other than peri…what you’ve just said is what I’ve been going through off and on, and that’s what my personal first post is about…I couldn’t believe random-ass bloody periods could only be related to menopause.

      But I’m crossing my fingers for you.

      And if you ever wanna write something for the blog, let me know 😉

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  11. Congratulations on your new site! I’m looking forward to reading and leaning more. I turned 43 this year and am already having a few symptoms. Not looking forward to it! Haha!

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  12. Awesome Kathi! I totally feel you about the elders of the family not sharing. My mom is the same! I look forward to reading and, perhaps, collaborating. I will forward to my sister. She’s seven years younger (38) than me and experiencing more menopausal symptoms than me (45).

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    1. Girl, they don’t tell you nothing about nothing, and then be like suck it up lol

      What you’ve described is what I’ve learned, too…every woman is completely different. I’m also glad to hear you said she’s 38…I tailored the site for 35+ for that very reason. We think menopause is something that happens when you’re 60 or something, but nope…or yep lol depending on your body.

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  13. Sorry to hear that you have been suffering. You are right, there is not enough information or help out there for peri-menopausal women. I found some herbal supplements that really cut down on the symptoms, recommended by a naturopath I was seeing at the time. I can’t even remember the name but there are many similar products out there on the health food store shelves containing herbs that have been used by indigenous women for centuries if not millenia.
    Life on the other side of this upheaval (which I refer to as “reverse puberty”…hehehe!) is glorious, K. E. Hang in there, and good luck with the new site!


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    1. Thanks Deb! I’ve been able to control things with a probiotic and a multivitamin (so far). But I’m glad you mentioned the herbal supplements, too, because I’ll have a few people on to discuss those and what to do with them.

      Also, let me know if you ever wanna write for the site. I have plenty of post-menopausal bloggers’ stories coming up as well ❤

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    1. I know right? I think I’ll be able to maintain it, though, because the other one isn’t just me. Let’s cross our fingers.

      I’m also still working on a collaborative contest idea in my mind (lol) that will benefit both of us.

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