53 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Amen Dr. G! I recently did a virtual leadership conference with the student leaders who shared our situational anxiety interview to the St. Clair College student and alumni community. And at the end of the conference, we reflected on what they would be willing to do as leaders – without the glory or accolades. And how important it is that our North Stars and Dreams originate and be fired up FROM THE INSIDE. This quote sums it up perfectly. Thank you for continuing to light our way!! Dr. D

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  2. Aw, such a thought provoking statement, Katherin. It didn’t resonate with me, at first. I am actively living and pursuing my dreams.
    However, I do hate the promotion angle. I often wish someone could help me do that. I’ve hired people in the past. It does get expensive and I’ve never seen any monetary benefit – yet it has helped me to reach in other ways. One person I hired recommended I do meditation music. And look where that led me. So this shows how even putting energy in that direction pays off. (wishing vs. doing).
    But another spin for this is with religion. Growing up, I know my mother wished her children would carry on her religious fervor. I have another friend that is similar in her wishes. This is a perfect example of a parent trying to have their child live their life. I rebelled at a fairly older age – it was necessary for me to decide my own beliefs and desires!
    Thanks for a great post!

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    1. Judy, this quote didn’t resonate with me at all personally, either, because like you, I’ve always pursued my dreams, too! Buuut, I figured there were people who might need to hear it, especially this time of the year.

      I feel you on the promotion angle…writing books is easy to me, promotion? Not so much.

      So, in terms of your mother…do you think she’s “chasing a dream” of wanting her children to participate in her religion?

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      1. Yes. As far as my mother, and many other people I know who want to impose their religious beliefs upon others. They have a dream of living through their children. That can be applied to career paths, as well. I share how my mother told me that it an artist would be a wonderful career for me – because I could stay home with my children and paint. I had many other aspirations and it surprised me when I chose art as my career after all!
        It did turn out to be beneficial for me to work at home when my children were young. Especially because my children had special needs and my firstborn was very sick.
        It took me a while to realize that despite my mothers pushiness, she was doing what she thought was best for me.
        PS. I’m so glad you are living your dream!

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      2. “It took me a while to realize that despite my mothers pushiness, she was doing what she thought was best for me” YES! I think becoming a mother showed me that, too.

        And thank you!

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