Corona Chronicles: Revelations 2020

Early in the pandemic, a lot of people asked what we had learned. My initial answer was nothing. But that’s because we hadn’t been experiencing a COVID-19 society long enough for me to have learned anything. Eventually, my life was just as troubling as everyone else’s. With that said, I won’t lament on my perceived loss, but I do want to share what was new or revived this year, with a few explanations.

  1. Watching a funeral on Facebook Live is both weird and convenient and it’s not something I think I would’ve ever participated in had it not be for COVID-19 (the funeral wasn’t COVID related).
  2. There are a lot of ways to connect with friends and family, like playing a virtual game. I would share the host’s site, but she has a bunch of grammar errors and I feel strongly about that. Instead, here’s a link to virtual games you can play with others: Games to Play on Zoom.
  3. Traveling by airplane during a pandemic isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
  4. States’ rights mean different states have vastly different rules, and I was able to see this firsthand. For example, Michiganders (and others in the Midwest) seem to think they cannot catch COVID-19 if they’re outside. No matter how many friends try to explain the logic of a virus dissipating in air, it just doesn’t make sense to me. But hey…I’m no virologist.  
  5. A road trip during a pandemic is actually a safe way to change your surroundings.
  6. Josh’s red blend is superb. It’s made with a blend of fruits, not wines (which is something else I learned to differentiate this year).
  7. Participating in 10,989 Zoom meetings is not fun. Okay. That’s not true. I only participated in like 9,989, but they still were annoying. What’s funny to me is that I spent a bit of time three years ago trying to convince my job that it was okay for me to Zoom into a meeting. Now, it’s pretty much expected. Isn’t life funny?
  8. Reconnecting with high school friends because of Zoom has been fulfilling.
  9. Slowing down helped me to clearly see friends’ and family members’ personalities for the first time.
  10. A pandemic seemed to have helped people reveal their whole selves for the first time.
  11. I need more peace and quiet than I thought. I always knew my husband was a morning person and I was a night owl; however, I didn’t realize just how “ready to rule the day” he is in the AM and how talkative he is throughout the day…until we began working from the same home space. I use my noise cancelling headphones when I need to concentrate.
  12. My body holds on to stress no matter how much reading and yoga I do. I came to this conclusion when I developed a rash that took up the length of my left arm. It’s healing, but it’s been there since May or so. A biopsy showed that it is lichen striatus. The only explanation is that it’s genetic and stress related. What can I say?
  13. I can only tolerate stay-at-home orders for three months.
  14. Escapism is my go-to when anything gets uncomfortable. I wrote about reading before, but the reality is I’ll go through great lengths to feel as if I’m floating, rather than feeling tethered to an awful reality, like a pandemic, social unrest, California on fire, stay-at-home mandates, nail-biting election results, etc., etc., etc…
  15. Trauma sparks my creativity. I’m not sure how I feel about this, except to say: it is what it is. This year, I’ve written quite a bit, not only on the blog, but also for other places, which I hope to be published in 2021. It’s probably another way to escape. I mean, I can go inward pretty easily; writing is just another way to do that.
  16. There’s only so much T.V. I can watch. I watched more television than I’m willing to share. I totally blame COVID-19 for this. My favorite finds were Twilight Zone (Season 2) and Modern Love, both are on Prime.
  17. More than ever, Thanksgiving and Christmas seemed to be about noticing and giving thanks for what’s in front of me, instead of what I hoped for.
  18. Others’ opinions have no place in how I feel. If I’m uneasy about something, then I should honor that feeling.
  19. Eating out has been more enjoyable. Mid-year we frequented some restaurants, and whether it was due to fear or the 50% capacity rule, there were fewer people, which seemingly improved service because the chef had time to cook food and the waitstaff had time to serve it.
  20. It’s okay to order all of the things online.

I think that’s about it. Although I’m happy to have learned, re-learned, or engaged in these experiences, I do hope that 2021 includes COVID numbers decreasing and the earth healing in multiple ways. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough.

Until then, what has 2020 shown or taught you?

~kg 12/26/20

97 thoughts on “Corona Chronicles: Revelations 2020

  1. I Dont believe now in hospital when you have a simple fever and flu they are telling that you already have a coronavirus, and they would put you on a room that some people that have infected, so when they put you there and other people dont have a virus because of that you’ll get also. so they are not the heroes on this days.

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  2. A positive covid spin-off is the Toll road joining Oxford and Witney (UK) has no money collectors, brilliant, I get home from work 15 minutes early everyday (no queues) and drivers save money! BUT yes I’d prefer we didn’t have a pandemic………….

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  3. I have appreciated nature during this pandemic. Thank God for my father in law’s tree farm, which is about 10 acres and abuts a town owned reservoir, so lots of woods to walk in and trails for my son to ride his dirt bike. I am so sick of WebEx and Microsoft Teams and staring a computer screen nonstop all day for work. My eyes are killing me all the time. My son and daughter-in-law are expecting a baby in February. He has not been able to go to even one doctor appointment or the ultrasound and she had to have the baby shower on Zoom. I fear I won’t be able to hold my new grandson or see him except through the storm door. But I love zoom yoga! I am doing so much more yoga now that I don’t have to commute. It’s been a mixed bag for sure.

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    1. First of all, CONGRATS KIM! I can’t believe you’re gonna be a grandmother ❤ It's so odd your son hasn't been able to go to an appointment, not even with a mask?

      A mixed bag is about right. I've been doing Zoom yoga, too. In fact, my studio recorded a few that I paid for early on and still have access to, so I've just been doing those 😉

      The tree farm sounds really nice.

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      1. Thanks, Kathy. Yes, I’m very excited about the baby, and yes, not a one has he been able to go to. I don’t see how they’re going to allow me to hold him in person in February with how things are going. I am hoping to get the vaccine by then, even though I never even get flu vaccines. Anything to hold this baby sooner than later.

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  4. In these times we have no choice but to take the good with the bad. I think this 2020 may have done more good than harm (in the long run). It certainly showed us who/what we are when the chips are stacked as well as who/what we can rely on.

    Here’s to the next year with new opportunities to grow and learn.

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  5. You nailed it all the way down the line.

    It is “coincidental” (yeah…right, chile there’s no such thing as coincidence) that you brought up stress and trauma. I have been led, recently, to research more about how these two seem to remain in the body for years—often undetected! You mentioning them is confirmation that I need to do that.

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  6. You participated in that many Zoom meetings?? Wow.

    I’m certain I’ve only participated in 200+ Microsoft Team video meetings for work this year. As for the air best if the flight is short (ie. 1.5 hrs. long or shorter). Enough time where one doesn’t need to go to bathroom… and when plane is 1/3 full.

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  7. I can’t believe I missed this post! Wow! So good.

    And I always love how you take us into your world with such incredible and vibrant life examples.

    So many of your life lessons sparked my own.The one I’m going to highlight is ” Michiganders seem to think they cannot catch COVID-19 if they’re outside.”

    I am in shock and awe of the ‘psychology’ of the pandemic Dr. G. In shock and awe.

    Even with a PhD in psychology, I cannot fathom how so many people need “concrete examples” of the virus existing – to believe it exists!

    This ^ learning example from 2020, underscores the importance of perspective taking when it comes to compassion and empathy. So often we interpret other peoples life choices from our own vantage point.

    And the fact of the matter – some people simply do not have the capacity think abstractly (it is at the formal operations level of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development).

    So instead, they will follow blindly the people around them, without thinking deeply of potential, unseen consequences.

    Thank you for once again sparking my brain.

    (I also wanted to add that the link between trauma and creativity is incredibly compelling and REAL)

    Wishing you a gentle start to the new year tonight.

    Dr. D 💜

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    1. Sooo…it’s not that they didn’t believe COVID is real, but rather, they believed that somehow the virus (which is airborne) dissipates in open-air spaces, thus making it less threatening :-/

      There’s still a psychology there, though, I’m sure. And I totally agree with everything you’ve said.

      I have a cool story to tell about the trauma and creativity piece…maybe I’ll blog about it one day lol

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      1. Thanks, Kathi. Just found out we have another virtual service scheduled for Sunday. Counting my husband and Mom, our family has lost six in the last year and a half.

        Life is just too much sometimes.


      2. It has been especially hard for some. I’m from a large family of “gatherers.” They’ll make a dish and get together just because it’s Tuesday! 😀 So, these losses have taken their toll. My niece called after we lost an uncle Monday and said, “What are we supposed to do?” The anguish and heartbreak in her voice hurt me.

        Trying to social distance and self-isolate is a curse as much as it is a caution. Even after we’re well past this madness, I’m sure guilt will linger with the losses.

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  8. 2020 has taught me that it is finally good to be an introvert, that nodding and smiling at one’s roommates is a key skill, and that some folks are far more selfish and (willfully?) stupid than I had ever wanted to believe. But, 2020 has also taught me that “facing the rising sun of a new day begun” is important, especially since I am also a morning person, and that both “the faith that the dark past has taught us” and hope are really, really important.

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    1. lol I’ve heard that introverts have found themselves and fared quite nicely during these times.

      I like what you did there Shira ❤ I'm wishing you a happy and prosperous new year…however you define "prosperous."

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  9. That’s a great list! I agree, this pandemic has taught us a lot about ourselves and about the world we live in. I’ve learned that slowing down isn’t always a bad thing, and that prior to the pandemic, I was eating out way too much. I’ve learned that I hate Zoom, and considering how much it acts up on my computer, I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual. I’d much rather talk on the phone or meet in person. Like you, I’ve learned that my body holds onto stress and that it comes out in odd ways. I’ve learned that I really do value my freedom, and that few things are more important that good friends and the family members we’re closes to. Mostly, I’ve learned that I’m stronger than I thought I was, and that’s a good thing.

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    1. Thank you Ann! Yours is great, too. Were you really eating out too much? I hadn’t thought about this, but I think you’re right. We all learned we were when we were forced to make 3 meals per day lol

      I really like the end part ❤ I hope you have a very peaceful new year!

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  10. Thank you for sharing!!… change is the law of life and each day is different and unique and will not come again.. I live each day by following my heart and heeding Mahatma Gandhi’s advice; “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” (Mahatma Gandhi)… 🙂

    Hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday and wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year, each day filled with peace, love and happiness!!… 🙂

    Until we meet again..
    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life’s passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!
    (Irish Saying)

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  11. I love what you wrote, Katherin. It really got me thinking and I’ve certainly got my own list of what I’ve learned. One thing that stood out to me are the contrasts. On one hand, I had moments of sheer dullness and lack of creativity. And then there were bursts of inspiration that led me to great creativity – my art, for instance. I also fell into the depths of gluttony from depression – eating everything in sight and baking rich foods I used to avoid. But now, I am on a weight loss regimen and reversing that mindset. I’m cooking healthy again and getting back in shape.
    It really has been a journey of adjustment, grief, frustration, insight and ultimately, gratitude.

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    1. Juuudddyy! I haven’t “seen” you since your virtual guitar session ❤ (…maybe?)

      I agree about the contrasts. It was truly a year of ups and downs, like the metaphorical rollercoaster. Like you, I think those highs and lows also forced me to seek a bit of balance. We had to truly learn the concept of peace being within us ❤

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      1. Katherinnnnnnn!! Were you there? I didn’t know and I am very touched! I have more coming up and there’s links to find them on my blog. I would love your feedback.

        You are right it’s all about balance! And for me, finding peace is definitely an inner struggle and a triumph.

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      2. THANK YOU!!! I am really appreciative that you did that, dear Katherin!!
        And I went to check on how my menu for the next live was working and the links weren’t connecting. So you helped me to fix that!

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  12. Oh Kathy. I can relate with you on a lot with what’s on this list. Trying to escape doesn’t seem to happen for me but stress will elevate in a second.
    I hope the rest of the year and 2021 turn out to be better. Take care.

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  13. Hi. That’s a good list. In need of entertainment, I’ve been watching series and movies on TV in the evening, which I hadn’t done in a long time. I really miss certain things: getting together with people. Concerts. Restaurant dining. Cinemas. Traveling. 2020 stinks. 2021 better be better.

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    1. I definitely miss going to the actual movies! A fb friend of mine rented out the theater for her family this Christmas so they wouldn’t have to worry about COVID. I thought that was pretty cool. I mean not everyone can do it, but it was still cool.

      Sounds like you’re threatening 2021 Neil lol

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  14. Here are a few things I learned this year — I like staying at home instead of traveling. I don’t really like talking on the phone. I prefer Zoom without the video, because I don’t need to worry about my hair, face, shirt, or a messy room. I can exercise at home! Who needs a gym with so many online exercise classes? Doing church from home is so easy! I don’t have to dress up and drive there, and I can watch a different church service each week, in any state, any denomination! My stress relief go-to list: prayer, reading Psalms, meditation, yoga, singing, playing music on my Amazon Echo, reading lots of free Kindle books, and watching movies.

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    1. These are some good additions Janet! I participated in a artists collective where they were adamant about allowing people to turn off videos and such. It was very liberating as it allowed us to participate without worrying about all of the things you’ve mentioned. And yes to exercising online! I still have the recorded virtual yoga videos from March!


  15. I wish you would share all the TV you watched. The people (me, I’m the people) want to know. I mean, obviously, it’s fine if you don’t but also it’s fine if you do. This is a no judgment zone.

    I totally relate on the escapism and the stress. I guess the stress one is one of the joys of being hypervigilant, and the escapism is also the flip side of that. Sigh. I played more Bejeweled than I care to admit even when it was not good for me.

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    1. A backwards answer: I used to LOVE Bejeweled! But then they changed it with all of those milestones and sub-games to play with people.

      In an interview I did with e (Elizabeth), she said it’s okay to escape, just to come back…so I try to remember that. When escaping is your whole existence, then there’s a “problem” (had to add those quotes because you know…if that’s how folks wanna live, then hey).

      LOL about listing the TV shows. Part of it is I can’t even remember all of them :-/ The other part is I’m not sure if I watched them in 2020 or the year before because you know…2020 was like 500 years.


      1. Oh, the version of Bejeweled I have doesn’t have that. BLESS. And, yeah, I don’t get the mini game obsession.

        Fair re: the TV shows.

        Also, I forgot to mention that is some blog post title. At first, I thought you were going to make a connection to biblical apocalypse haha.

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      2. Okay…so every time you comment, I think of some shows lol Here’s a brief list: McMillions (HBO), Tiger King (Netflix)…yes we actually watched this lol, The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix), A Life in a Year (Prime).


      3. Yeah, that’s super brief. So it seems you were on the same wavelength as most of the people I know. Interesting. What did you think of Queen’s Gambit?

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  16. I won’t list my 20 here, but at the top of what I’ve learned in 2020 is that I am truly content in most situations i find myself in. I have only recently began feeling cabin fever from the lifestyle that Covid-19 has forced us into. But, for the most, I’ve enjoyed time at home. I enjoyed the break from mid-week meetings or activities with various organizations and zoom meetings on Saturday mornings instead having to get out of bed, get dressed, etc. I enjoy the peaceful environment I created at home. I’m surrounded by things that bring me joy: books, beautiful art, plants, and my computer. I enjoy my circle of family and friends in perfectly small doses. Daily FaceTime with my daughter and granddaughter have become my must-have and unexpected visits from my son, who lives in his room upstairs, make me smile. This is the hand we’ve been dealt. I’m making the most of it.

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    1. Your lessons sound so calm and pleasant ❤ I think I had previously designed my life the way I wanted and worked from home most days, so the shift was like what's the big deal here…at first lol but I can see how going from a less stressful existence to a COVID one would be nice 😉


  17. Great reflections, Kathy. That’s something we should all do, because regardless of location and circumstance, this year and this virus have impacted us all in profound ways. A small observation of mine: being forced to stay home at Christmas and open gifts with kids and grandkids on a screen instead of in person is remarkably stress-free compared with spending the whole week away worrying about a blizzard or ice storm disrupting your departure plans! 😏

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    1. Thank you! I’m gonna have to check that one out, then. It’s something I knew, but I think the combination of time and slowing down my thoughts showed me this is the absolute truth. It doesn’t matter what someone else thinks about what I know is best for me…ever.


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