Mental Health Matters: Resources

Thank you for indulging in my year of discussing how mental health issues showed up in my life and how I’ve managed to become a healthier version of myself. I wanted to close out the year with a few resources that supported me over the past six years just in case you planned on working on yourself in the future. *

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Oprah & Deepak Miraculous Relationships 21-Day Meditation: I remember doing this meditation like it was yesterday. I’d sat down to figure out how I could have better relationships with everyone in my life. At that time, I wasn’t speaking to one of my favorite cousins because he hadn’t introduced me to his then fiancée, had missed my doctoral graduation, and had begun drifting away from me. Two of my goddaughters hated me; one of them, according to their father, didn’t even want to vacation in Florida because then, they’d “have to visit Kathy.” And my marriage was a hot mess. When I sat down to do this meditation, I thought for sure it was going to offer a prescription for how to be better at relationships. Instead, it focused on the relationship I had with myself. It truly was miraculous, and I recommend it for anyone who has so-called relationship issues.

Mindvalley: It’s hard to explain what Mindvalley is, and I don’t even remember how I stumbled across it, but many of the videos and podcasts that the founder, Vishen Lakhiani offers have helped me develop a new perspective of the world and everything in it. For example, Lakhiani created a term called brules, which stands for bullshit rules. In short, these are cultural norms that we all learn that limit who we can become. One brule is “your success should look like someone else’s success,” something that I think we can all agree isn’t true. Mindvalley offers information from people you may (or may not) have heard of, such as Lisa Nichols, Michael Beckwith, Jim Kwik, Marisa Peer, or Neale Donald Walsch. Each person has a specific message about a topic intended to increase your personal growth. I especially suggest listening to the podcast whenever you can.

Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life: Louise Hay, the author of this book, is an internationally and well-known healer. But before I praise the contents, I do want to say, that of course, no one can heal themselves, no matter the issue, in twenty-one days. However, this book is a great example of something that can jumpstart the process. I enjoy it because it provides you with four things: 1) a short explanation of the day’s concept, 2) the day’s mantra and mirror work, 3) a journal prompt, and 4) a free meditation you download from Hay’s site. With the exception of two, I spent approximately fifteen minutes per day doing this mirror work. Even though I’d done a lot of introspection and healing over the course of six years, this book was very helpful in showing me where I still needed to heal and grow. It highlighted people with whom I still held resentment and anger and provided me with healthy ways to acknowledge, accept, and move forward in processing these emotions.

Other resources that I won’t explain in great detail:

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is like a self-help book masked as literature. The overall message (for me) seemed to be that all of our lives are spiritual journeys and how we walk them is up to us. Essentially, we can do what we want here on this earth.

The 7 Essene Mirrors” explained by Gregg Braden shows how we’re all, essentially, mirrors of one another. Everyone with whom you’re close to is showing you something about yourself. This video is two long hours, with no glitz or glam, but it helped me process possible reasons for why I judged those close to me.

Get Over It!: Thought Therapy for Healing the Hard Stuff is a self-help book that is a little woo-woo. If you believe that perhaps your mother’s mental state and overall health condition during the time you were floating around in amniotic fluid impacted you in some way, then this book is for you. It’s mostly centered on cognitive behavioral therapy concepts, which loosely explained, demonstrates how thought processes can lead you to a better way of dealing with past trauma.

As we enter 2021, I hope we remember that no matter what’s going on around us, we still have a responsibility to name, heal, and process what’s going on inside of us. Each of these resources have helped me to deal with my mental health in some way, which has also shifted how I function in most relationships.

Please feel free to add anything in the comments as I believe you never know what may support someone else.

*Disclaimer: I have not been paid to market any of these resources. Statements are my personal opinion.

82 thoughts on “Mental Health Matters: Resources

      1. Every time I start writing on it I write on other things as well because I have a hard time focusing on only one subject at a time. It is actually all mixed up at the moment in a lot of the other things I have been writing on! But your response has motivated me to start digging it out of my mess and create a page just for it! Much of it is based off of Christ’s own teachings which I understand very clearly now! Don’t get Christ’s teachings confused with what the church teaches about Christ because those are two completely different things!

        I was raised in the church but I ignored the church’s teachings and went directly for what their God was teaching, and once you do that you will clearly understand why they don’t teach what Christ originally taught!

        Anyways, thanks K E Garland for getting me a little more focused! Hopefully I can stay focused on that for a little while! 🙂

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      2. Thank you! One of these days maybe I can find someone that is more organized than me, that shouldn’t be hard, that can put the program together better than I possibly can because I can’t seem to stop for enough time from writing, to do it correctly, because every time I stop, I end up starting more papers to write and I’m already about 100 behind, or I should say about that many started that I never finished because something else popped up in my mind. I need to start doing audio files because that would save a lot of time. Only problem with that is in order to use audio files I have to bump up my plan from free to money I don’t have lol!

        Awhile back I had to move just across the border into Mexico because I couldn’t afford to live in the US anymore! :\

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  1. I love these! These rescources seem really helpful – I do meditation an app called Headspace! Another great book I would recommend is called ‘Good Vibes Good Life’ it’s all about using self care to better mental health which you should check out! I just found your blog and love it, I’d love for you to check out my recent post where I shared some ways to deal with mental health problems: Great post!! ❤

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  2. If I can find my rune book , I would recommend that . Not really for fortune telling but , for self reflection work , which I think can be important. Playing with runes is alot like having a conversation with your self, and helps with looking inward.

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      1. Yeah I’m a night person 🦇 for sure . I need to work on my tarot skills tbh , I read runes mostly cause they’re so blunt and to the point lol . I do have a new Mists of Avalon deck though .

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  3. Thank you for sharing all you have shared Dr. G! Personally and professionally. You have opened up parts of me that I have been reluctant to write about publically until now. Over the past year, you have laid open your heart and your experiences to all of us. About mental health, about racial trauma, about black lives matter, about your extended family, about your own experience with COVID-19 testing and waiting. And in doing so, you invite us in. I look forward to whatever 2021 brings – as you remind us of all we have to bring forward.. strengths ever unfolding an growing. Including our friendship. Dr. D 💜💜

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    1. This is the sweetest sentiment Dr D! I so appreciate the friendship we’ve built throughout the years (yes years, now)! I was trying to explain to an in-person friend how I’m friends with a couple of bloggers I’ve never met lol and she just looked at me like I was cuckoo.

      Anywho, thank you for recognizing the work I’ve done. 2020 has been a bit rough for us all, but I feel as if these blogs were timely.

      Wishing us all the best as we move into what some believe to be the age of Aquarius…we definitely need a shift, whether we’re ready or not ❤

      Happy Holidays! Do you celebrate Boxing Day up there?

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      1. Tell your in person friend to start a blog…. and she’ll get it …… lol

        Yes, we celebrate Boxing Day up here too! Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Boxing Day are all stat holidays in Canada. Equals double pay for anyone who works those days and time off for us government employees. (I worked all those double pay stat holidays to help pay for grad school 😉

        Happy Holidays to you too Dr. G!

        Looking forward to our Aquarius SHIFT in 2021. ❤❤

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  4. Great resources. A common theme from all that you shared is a spiritual/metaphysical aspect to all of these mixed with the science of phycology and self-help. I believe that balancing and acknowledging our spirit is just as important as developing habits and changing your psyche.

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    1. You always get where I’m coming from! So, yes. I feel as if I embody what people mean when they say, “I’m spiritual, not religious.” I’m all about the woo-woo, and I think there’s a place for it in all of our lives. At the same time, I’m all about the science of psychology, because I think we underestimate the inner workings of our brains/minds/thoughts.

      Thanks for noticing this and tuning in ❤

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  5. tx for the lovely suggestions – just checked out the Oprah one & love it! I’ve been having great success with app called The Tapping Solution — free intro & you don’t have to give them credit card to try it. wishing you & yours a good season & great 2021, dear Kathy ❤

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  6. So fantastic of you to share these wonderful resources, Katherin! Thank you, and I plan to look into some of them – as they sound very inspiring.
    Wishing you and your family the best holiday possible during this dark time. Sending love.

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  7. A topic – and tools – more important than ever at this time of year. In the best of times, many can feel lonely and without the support they need. The importance of good mental health comes home if ever you lose it.

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  8. I am thrilled to read your resources, what a rich treasure. I feel so blessed that we are surrounded with so much inspiration once we decide to seek it. Louise Hay and Paulo Coelho have been major influences for me – their work pulled me out of my deepest.

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