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  1. No, we most definitely are not. I can’t believe the election is in two days. I truly feel it is life and death here. I cannot fathom another four months of this, let alone four years. I saw on the news a polling company, the Trafalgar Group, who was one of the only to call the 2016 election correctly saying he will win again. They also correctly called the 2018 mid-term elections. I wish I hadn’t been watching the news at that moment. I probably shouldn’t have even shared here. People truly need to vote as if their lives depend on it, because they do!

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      1. You are an independent thinker not to mention a critical thinker & *Congrats* +*Honors*in reference to your high-end education and viocation and I am proud of you sister. I am!

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  2. Gaslighting on a huge scale. And as is the nature of gaslighters, they have their bases covered to make critics look crazy in the eyes of the gaslit. In the meantime, people are dying and quality of lives are destroyed. Wake the fuck up people. Vote this loon out. At this rate, even the fly on Pence’s head is a better option.

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      1. The polarising nature of his leadership and the way people can craft clever sounding narratives that on first glance seem true and convincing is really scary. If I get that feeling being a far-away observer, I cannot imagine what it’s like hearing the many versions of false narratives while in the thick of it. It really is a post-truth world.

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      2. It’s very surreal to be a part of. It’s challenging to watch others be manipulated. It’s also scary to be gaslit about all of the things. It’s also weird. An American terrorist group was attempting to kidnap and murder the Michigan governor. I have no words.


  3. And one last thing…I am always amazed at how The Orange Man/his supporters/those who actually believe he has actually done anything worthwhile fit that Caribbean saying, “Empty barrels make the most noise”. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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  4. Historians will judge this time – it won’t be pretty. Our country is tired and at the end of a four-year horrific reality show. I pray it will be over soon. The day he and his family go to prison will be a celebration for me.

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      1. Funny thing is I follow a few historians and archeologists on FB( when I get on ) and most of them say what they’re seeing now is close to how some empires fell . Kara Cooney Egyptologist has some great posts and applies what she knows about ancient dynasties to modern regimes .

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  5. Prayers going your way. For the first time ever I track what the madman is up to daily. He has to disclose the exact nature of his treatment. What is keeping him on his feet? Is he on his feet or is he tweeting from his 24 carat bed? He should’ve been imprisoned for crimes against humanity at the time he seprated refugee children from their parents and put them in cages.

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    1. Oh. They’ve disclosed it. There are a few things that are not open to the public, of course, but he’s had a nice little cocktail mixture going on. I agree about the cages. Those children are still there, as a matter of fact.

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  6. WTF is really going on?

    For nearly 4 years the leftists have tried to unseat a sitting President using false Russian collusion narratives that have recently been exposed as false with the declassified FBI and CIA documents. The leftists have screeched at their most strident, saying women must be believed when it came to the Justice Kavanaugh hearings, but have remained conspicuously silent with Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation against Biden. When cancel culture shifted into high gear and demanded that all remnants of racism be torn down, the left was once again conspicuously silent when it came to the KKK and Jim Crow laws – both Democratic constructs. Following cancel culture to its logical conclusion, the left should demand the dissolution of the Democratic party based on those facts. As far as Biden? He’s said so many racist things over the years, yet there is hardly a whisper of it today. It wasn’t too long ago that he said:

    “By the way, what you all know but most people don’t know, unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things,”

    Sometimes he makes a mistake and tells you what he really thinks.

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    1. Just for the record Rob, I think both parties are trash. When Obama used executive orders and wanted to put a SC judge on the bench, there was a lot of noise. Now, when DT is pushing forth someone literally a few weeks before we vote, there is little noise from the same people who made noise about Obama doing it. I guess my point is, you and I can go back and forth in this way on dozens of issues. Hopefully, we agree that this is no way to lead a country,

      But that’s not even my point with this post. Do you realize the week DT had COVID, the country was divided on if he really had it, if this was a ploy, was this an “October surprise,” is he really just trying to sell us something, is this to show that corona isn’t that bad, did he have it before the debates, why didn’t he take the test as per the rules…and…and…and??? Even something as simple as the president is sick with a virus turned into a sh*t show, for lack of a better phrase.

      Also, for some reason, I feel unsafe with Donald Trump as president. Like, I really feel as if the country and world are a little worse with him as a leader.

      I’m all for self-expression, that’s for sure. In fact, I encourage it. Please, tell me what you think and I’ll do the same. However, if what someone thinks is racist and condones and perpetuates, not only their own racism, but encourages others…and they’re the actual president, well, I think that’s not cool.

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      1. I disagree with you about safety of the nation. Finally…finally someone has taken a stance on China and their malicious intent, not just towards the US, but against India and the Phillipines. Yet, no news coverage, just fake Russian stories. Why is that? As far as Covid, sure it’s real, I don’t know anyone who thinks otherwise. Yet, I also feel that how Trump tried to stop it hasn’t been fair. For example, Biden called him a xenophobe for shutting down travel from China, and then accuses him of not doing it fast enough. Although Trump gets the blame for the cages on the border, not many know that Obama built them. And yes, I agree this two party system is trash. For the record, I was pulling for Tulsi Gabbard. Do you remember what Clinton did to her? Called her a Russian asset. It’s what she does. The funny thing is, she and her husband were the recipients of real Russian cash. 500,000 for him, and 140 Million for her. Russian collusion? And yes, Tulsi, the only female left on the slate, wasn’t allowed by two old white men to debate them. You can’t make this stuff up.

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      2. I agree K. The Canadian Prime Minister is re-enforcing our borders in response to what is happening to the south. The world view is disbelief that this reality show clown is still in leadership.

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  7. I have literally no words for what I see happening in the news regarding your president.

    I can only say I wish the whole of your country lots of love, strength, courage and above all wisdom for the upcoming elections.

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