Mental Health Matters: Situational Anxiety with Dr. Dinardo

andrea_situational_anxietyThis week, I speak with one of my dearest blogging friends, Dr. D! We discuss all things anxiety. She explains the difference between anxiety disorder and situational anxiety. Dr. Dinardo provides 3 strategies to help us cope with situational anxiety, especially because it may be heightened during the pandemic and times of racial unrest. Oh, and I reveal a real-time experience that was causing me a bit of anxiety. I’ll have to write about the results later.

I also have to warn you…if you don’t want to hear us dote on one another, then you should begin this episode around the 7-minute mark. Our conversation can be viewed on YouTube or listened to on SoundCloud, or via Buzzsprout until March 2021. I hope this is helpful as we seek healthier ways to engage with and support one another.

Be sure to also check out Dr. D’s blog:, google her TEDx talk, or follow her on IG: dr.andrea.dinardo. You’re bound to learn something and be a bit more motivated.


31 thoughts on “Mental Health Matters: Situational Anxiety with Dr. Dinardo

  1. I love your interviews, dear Dr Kathy. You pick winners and you do them justice.
    I have always started teacher orientation by announcing the main principle of our school: Love and Structure. Structure provides comfort in situations that cause anxiety. Of course, it shouldn’t be rigid and inflexible, yet it must firm.

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    1. Thank you Dolly! I absolutely adore Dr. Dinardo, so if you’re interested, please follow her blog, too. She’s very positive.

      I don’t know where I’d be without structure lol


  2. Chile…math was my “situation” when I was a kid. Those timed drills made me anxious as hell! LOL! No really, I hear that some teachers have moved away from that strategy because it did cause so much anxiety in some students.
    I’ll go check out the video 🙂

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  3. Mental health can be so complex. I would be curious to know what the numbers would look like if you surveyed people on how often they feel situational anxiety in the process of say a week or daily and what types of individuals experience it.

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    1. That’s a great question, because I’m guessing if you’re having a LOT of situational anxiety, it’s also not considered situational anymore. I’ll pass this question on to Dr D.


  4. I couldn’t imagine a better way to begin a new month than with loving connections and meaningful conversations… with my Blogging Role Model and Soul Sister! My mom always encourages me to savour the goodness in life. So I waited until today, August 1 to visit your blog Dr. G and read this post. I am so incredibly grateful for our friendship and all that is yet to come. TOGETHER WE RISE. It is because of women like you (and the wonderful daughters you are raising) and Dwight! (He was a key player in our interview and your life) that I have HOPE. 🌎 🎙 🖊❤️

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  5. Enjoyed watching to you two fangirls (lol your words not mine) 🙂 Being serious though speaking as someone who suffers from AvPD (it is what it is life goes on) the conversation was warm and very interesting.

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      1. 🙂 A one time self diagnosis via the internet (which can be problematic) I have written about anxiety on my previous blog, kinda explains why I’m single preferring casual intimacy yet wishing for long term…………. lol it is what it is we’re all a complex blend of personality traits and I believe we’re all able to change.

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