Virtual Book Reading: Video and Update

Last Saturday, we held a successful virtual book reading via Zoom and FB Live. About 40 people floated in and out and we are very appreciative.

Also, y’all know I’m always writing about relationships and how we can do a better job with relating to one another, so I gotta say THANK YOU to my grannie and aunt and sister-friends from all walks of life who showed up. Sending gratitude to the following bloggers who also made a way to pop in from Nigeria, the New England area, Oregon, and Georgia:

Omo Ackin


Lady G



If you missed it, here’s the 2-hour recording:


19 thoughts on “Virtual Book Reading: Video and Update

  1. SO MUCH emPOWERment in this community! Thank you for sharing this reading with all the authors. To hear their voice (literally!) and their lessons is incredible Dr. G. Self Actualization at its’ finest. Encouraging me to reflect on my own relationship with my dad and stepdad. Stories are my favourite teaching and learning tool. Thank you to this entire community for sharing your stories both on paper and in life. Healing moments for all of us. ❤❤

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    1. Thanks Dr. D! It was definitely like one long healing session, and I think it helped that it’s been three years since they wrote these stories, so there has been time for self-actualization to occur and wisdom to be shared. Thanks as always for the support!

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    1. Oh…thank you JC! I hope it helps. I have to say this…we discuss black fathers a lot because these particular authors are black; however, the book and message is diverse because as you know, fathers are fathers, when it comes to some issues.


  2. Thank you for sharing!!… “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” ( Mother Teresa) … 🙂

    Hope all is well in your part of the universe and life is all that you wish for it to be!..

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      1. your sharing of your dad, of wondering just how altruistic his apology was, especially hit home for me. at some point my father apologized, but then it felt so confusing to deal with ‘what do I do now that he’s been this way but says he’s sorry — & I don’t really think he is… do I act like everything is nicey nice now?’ you put it well when you said that maybe it doesn’t matter whether they’re sincere. I dunno — sometimes I can go with that, sometimes not. now I’ve got my mom who one minute apologizes for allowing things to happen, then the next minute she’ll say, “I don’t know why you were so upset all the time when you were a kid.” you are lovely to put together the event — how was it for you personally in the end? btw, just lately I finished audiobook version of “Burnout: the secret to unlocking your stress cycle” by Emily Naoski – aimed at women – she equates healing with how a broken limb hurts while it heals… now I’m listening to “Pretty Bitches,” a collection of feminist writing about just that. perhaps you’d find them of interest too

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      2. da-AL, I absolutely stand by my newfound understanding, too. It’s like it just came to me, especially because I’d spoken to him so many times about how I’d felt before.

        But yes. At some point, you have to just let it go/I had to just let it go and say whatever.

        Thank you for these kind words. It was interesting in the end. My grandmother’s comments actually showed exactly what I’d said at the beginning, and continues to affirm what I know to be true. Women make excuses for poor male behavior all…the…time. So, I felt good because I know I’ve supported a lot of women who feel they must stay silent. I think those who attended really have a sense that there are a million things they can do other than remain angry.

        I’ll be adding these titles to my TBR. Thank you for sharing them ❤

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      3. and another thing comes to mind, reading your reply — we’re taught to be good people, all the more extra ‘nice’ as women… so many wise spiritual folks say everyone has inside — but that can mess me up to no end as well (lol thru tears lol). so ok, these people have goodness (somewhere) but hey — given the chance, they’d do it all again. so there I must decide to myself, “how do I retain my sanity?” not thru denial, not by sidling up to them like they’re my best buddies, & thereby leaving my heart wide open to be thrashed again. somewhere there’s room for ‘forgive, doesn’t mean forget’ & that acceptance includes that some people are toxic for me if I spend too much time with them, listen to them too much, disclose to them too much.

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