30 thoughts on “Inspiring Images #111: Protest, Jacksonville, Florida

    1. I read the article. Thanks for sending it. I had seen the video earlier and I completely agree with bringing it down. It is absolutely an affront to people whose ancestors were enslaved. I’m not sure what the process is like there, but here, there’s loads of paperwork as well as conversation that usually ends up with the statues still standing. Putting them in a museum is a sound idea. I’m not for removing history, but schools named after racist individuals and statues like the one that was toppled are “an affront” to people who look like me.

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      1. I’ve enjoyed learning about Britain’s colonial past and yes Colston’s statue had to come down no excuses. There’ll be more because GB’s colonial empire covered a third of the Globe, lol we walked into other’s countries and took them as our own……… and don’t be surprised to hear the Cullinan diamond being retuned to Zimbabwe lol after we stole it from Rhodesia.

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    1. My hubby just told me about that. I honestly think that’s not the answer either lol To quote my husband, “If you don’t want to watch GWtW, then don’t.” I’m not sure what removing it has done…what do you think?

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      1. Over hear across the Pond for want of another phrase lol ‘the s*** has hit the fan! Historic (questionable) bronze statues have been removed, several popular TV series taken down, colonial buildings to be renamed……. but censorship, the air brush sanitising of historical events makes me extremely nervous.

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      2. LOL I hear you. I think the statues being taken down are fine, because we can still access history through books and documentaries (I mean as long as those don’t go anywhere). But I know what you’re saying. We’re crossing a fine line.

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    2. omg — can never understand how that racist bigoted chauvinistic everything stupid & bad book & film are so revered. ok, then Mr. Garland, good point, which is that why the heck haven’t they already self-whatever-ed?…

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      1. sorry — I tend to get passionate over fiction — too many classes with women who love that stupid thing… always makes me wonder whether it’s warped their brains. so when your follower mentioned the good news, was swept away lol tho I can understand what your husband says…

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  1. What an incredibly inspiring slideshow, Katherin. It probably doesn’t capture an iota of the energy and emotion you felt being there in person taking these photos.

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    1. That’s a peculiar comment. I know you mean well but being the contrarian that I am, his last breath has been taken. May those he left behind be able to do so in peace, on this earth and not beneath it.

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