Corona Chronicles: “New Normal”?

Someone asked me the other day what I thought a “new normal” would look like. In summary, I told her I didn’t know.

Prior to COVID-19, I ate out a lot at restaurants: fancy, new, local, whatever. I have no idea what a new normal will look like for someone who eats out as a form of socialization, with social distancing rules…and a mask. Will I wear my mask to the restaurant but then pull it down towards my neck when it’s time to eat, a mask-wearing no-no? Will the waiter wear a mask while describing the catch of the day?


covid-19-4939288_1280My daughter’s graduation has been moved to July. Will we sit in a university setting as years’ past? Or, will we have to sit six feet apart, even from the people with whom we came? I don’t know. And there is no space in my brain for the new rules. None make sense for a situation like this.

Recently, I’d seen reports of how K-12 schools might interact for the new year. Desks six feet apart. Lunch in the room, instead of a cafeteria. Teachers change rooms, instead of students. None of this seems reasonable because, logically, if Kid A has corona virus and Kid B does not, but they’re both in the same room, just six feet apart, but maybe sharing a pencil sharpener, computer, book (because Kid A forgot his), then Kid B may be in trouble anyway. Unless, they wear masks and gloves. Will they wear masks and gloves?

I’m writing this the first day that Florida’s shelter-at-home has been lifted. My husband is supposed to return to work May 15th. He says he won’t, unless his job has a plan for testing for reasons similar to the ones I’ve stated above with Kid A and B, just replace them with Coworker A and B and replace books, with stapler, copy machine, and open office concept, which was such a great idea at the turn of the century. Not so much now.

New normal? I have no idea what this refers to because, remember, it was just two months ago that this “normal” was thrust upon us; this is still new. We’re still shifting.

medical-4934010_1280Will we no longer hug and kiss people, even those we love and trust hope to not be sick? That doesn’t seem normal to me. Come to think of it, in the midst of this pandemic, people are probably sneaking around hugging and kissing, if you know what I mean, because, yeah…we’re human beings who need physical interaction of all kinds. Don’t we? Or will that be a part of our new normal? Not touching one another.

So anyway, I don’t pretend to make baseless predictions of what the future will look like. Hell, I didn’t even know this would be a thing. What would make me believe I’d know what tomorrow will bring? I’m very comfortable saying, I don’t know.

But maybe you’ll play along. What do you think our “new normal” will be?



56 thoughts on “Corona Chronicles: “New Normal”?

  1. I used to eat out a lot before covid. I cook more at home now. I lost my job and right now while I’m looking for something new, I’m blogging and loving it. My siblings college graduation was virtual. And this summer I haven’t gotten to do many social activities with family and friends which is tough cause I move in with my boyfriend when stay at home order hit and would love to have people over. But I’d rather be safe. We’ve been doing a lot of home projects like painting and decluttering. I just want a nice vacation. Haha

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    1. I hear you. I hear you so much that I took a mini-vacay by myself last month. It was mandatory and essential. Here in Florida, our restaurants are (supposed to) function at 50%. We’ve been visiting the ones that adhere to that rule and it’s actually been nice because they’re mostly empty.

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  2. I am so sorry to hear your daughter’s graduation is postponed. I feel for our high school and college seniors. I think this pandemic has proven that many, many people do not have to drag themselves to an office every day to be effective. I expect and hope those who are able continue to work from home. This is good for the environment and for families, even if mom or dad are in another room all day working. I am concerned about some people’s utter disregard for others’ safety and it will be hard for me to ever see them the same. I have de-friended several people on social media recently and have no regrets about that.

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    1. Thanks Kim! I’m more so disappointed that we don’t have a clear sense of what it will even look like. Now, they’re talking about a drive-thru graduation :-/ We’ve decided to celebrate in our own way on May 30th.

      Have you really? Over their corona opinions? I mean I understand. I’ve deactivated for 30 days because people were getting on my nerves, for sure.

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  3. Spread of disease and its prevention aside, I’m hoping ‘new normal’ is one where people are courageous enough to continue with the positive changes they have made or positives they have recognised in changes that have been thrust on them. I’m kinda scared or going back into the world if it looks like the one I just left. Having said that, I also know that world is gone for good. What comes next is only limited by our intentions and imaginations.

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    1. I hope so. I don’t want to sound negative, but I know that human beings have really short attention spans and memories, but I do hope with you that positive changes remain.

      Maybe we/the world can create more intentionaly this time around.

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  4. Woop woop…finally catched up reading your wonderful posts. As always, love the way you write and the thought-provoking style.

    For me, everything comes down to perspectives and accepting they are different for every individual.

    Yes, I too try to better my health in general…however, people who are super healthy like athletes, apparently go through hell, if catches the virus. So, should I become super healthy? A physician and professor in nutrition discover a lot of people who die, were overweight. Now, that is something I can take care of, however, I also want to increase my natural immune system. And that means, not to become to obsessed with bacteria and such. Ultimately, the only thing, to me, that is going to help is a vaccin or medication, like we have for other life threatening virus and illness.

    The other day, I noticed how most people forget to smile and be friendly, wearing a mask. And I get it, I too have this inherited association of masks and criminality. So, I do my best to keep greeting my neighbors on this globe with a friendly ‘hello’, and a smile that shines through via my eyes.

    Is it really a new normal, when people don’t change their ways? Inequality, violence, global climate in danger, etc. If those issues are solved, that is a new normal to me.

    Sending a big hug across the ocean again!

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    1. Thank you Thank you Patty! You have been missed!

      I definitely agree with immune-boosting and exercising, which is something we should be doing all…the…time.

      I’ve also noticed the same thing about smiling. Either you can’t tell they have, or you can tell that they aren’t; everyone looks so stoic :-/

      And, of course, I agree about a new normal including some resolution for social justice issues, for sure.

      I receive and return your virtual hug ❤

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  5. The New No So Normal we are experiencing now will give way to reverting back to the Always Normal we knew before the COVID-19 long secreted plans formulated years ago in deep evil secret hovels, perhaps mansions too.

    When I go to bed, my wife is never 6′ away; do you think I’m crazy? No. Like it or not, herd immunity is only achieved when we all go through an encounter with such things as flu, any flu. Since the inception of flu vaccines, how many times do we need to be told, they don’t work, are always behind the ball, can never be ahead of a flu viruses. Cures are known, but not by you, because you are not suppose to know that.

    The truly New Normal will be; Learning To Nourish My Immune System – now was that difficult to understand? LTNMIS! Disease, any disease can not live/thrive in a vitamin C enriched fed body system. When is the last time you exposed reasonable areas of your body to vitamin D enriched sunlight, when your ground shadow is shorter than you are tall (just learned that too) (JLTT). Then take K2 vitamin supplement to keep from getting kidney stones (JLTT). I’m certain there are other nutritious foods and things that prevent kidney stones too.

    LTNMIS to me means slipping a sliver of fresh garlic or ginger under my tongue, fortifying the finely minced 2 garlic cubes, flushed down with a glass of honey sweetened water, twice a day, honey being another beneficial agent in the LTNMIS. No more killer soft sugar loaded drinks. Out the window with sugar period. Of course you don’t smoke – or do you?

    You get the idea, if your immune system is in good order, fear not. When disease comes, the time for your chance to experience true ‘herd immunity’, not according to Bill Gates thinking, you may have a minor symptom of the likes of COVID-19 or asymptomatic becoming a contributor to some other persons turn to begin there turn heading towards herd immunity or worse if they have health issues their doctors have failed to even close to healing, not being trained to heal in the first place. Sorry! Hope I’ve not abused this comment section and can only plead love of my fellow online neighbors – and freedom of speech being snuffed out on every hand now. Love to all as you remember what your normal was before this fake panic evil. The cure is in your power to exercise every day, beginning today.

    In conclusion, in some countries there will be a lockdown population explosion, revealing violation of the 6′ rule. Will those parents be subject to fines or imprisonment?

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    1. Your perspective/comments are always welcomed here 🙂 With that said, my husband and I watched a story on how the wealthy (the truly wealthy) already have “bunkers” ready in tunnels. These bunkers include amenities, such as swimming pools, dentists offices, etc. So, on some level, I agree. There’s a demographic that’s ready to leave the rest of us behind. I think it includes the government, who as of yesterday, I just realized is tested daily for the virus ;-/

      Of course, I also agree with increasing your immune system; that’s something we should all seek to achieve no matter what’s going on (including exercise).

      Thanks for stopping by.


      1. It is written in the Good Book, of the people begging for the rocks to fall upon them; so why would one want to live deep in the belly of a mountain, do they for a moment think earthquakes are only a surface phenomenon? And with a swimming pool too!

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      2. Yes, no need to slander, only the quote was fitting to put humor to this crisis we are in now, nothing stupid about the moment. Calls for much prayer and examining the purpose and direction of our lives, which may not be long lived, each day is a mile stone, with no promise of tomorrow – the best day of our lives, is at this minute….

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      3. I was just outrageously repeatedly slandered on a forum that I once respected, it’s now a WP forum. Even though I did not slander in return, just kept to variable facts. I did tell the person the next time they look in a mirror, to repeat the words addressed to me, out loud, and know it is he…

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  6. I try not to think about the future tooo far ahead if only for my own mental health 😦 , but whatever happens life will never be the same as before, the young at heart and healthy will adapt to a ‘New Normal’ but I do feel sadness for my teen nieces who’d love to be back at school.

    ……………… and spare 😀 a thought for men having extramarital relationships, or meeting with women they’ve only me on the internet, how are us single men supposed to get laid post lockdown? I’m serious. I’ve had enough of using ‘my right hand’! ❤

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    1. I hear you. That’s part of why I cannot even imagine what the “new normal” will look like. It just increases anxiety and fear in some cases.

      To your other point, LOL I suspect people are being very creative when it comes to sexual needs 😉

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  7. “people are probably sneaking around hugging and kissing, if you know what I mean”

    Hahaha, the people I know aren’t sneaking, and I know exactly what you mean. I am trying VERY hard not to judge–especially those people who have kids and are dating people who don’t live with them. Just…what are you doing exactly? Sigh. But my household is following restrictions so what other people who I don’t even interact with face-to-face do is not my business. But, yeah, these are going to be our coworkers in the future, so how exactly will we stay safe?

    I’m not planning to go back to work until there’s a vaccine, and I don’t think the schools should open until there is one either. To do otherwise (the schools reopening) is so dangerous and puts everyone in danger.

    Like you, I have no idea what our new normal will be. After 1918, people eventually got back to some kind of normal, and I imagine we will, too, but I do imagine we’ll be more cautious, and I know that I, for one, won’t be eating birthday cake with the candles blown out in the traditional way any time soon.

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  8. OMG the hardest part of dealing with covid 19 was getting the devastating test results and desperate for comfort for my fears from my wife who donned a rubber glove to hold my hand and comfort me from a distance while i had a severe anguished breakdown

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  9. Interesting things to think about as things are starting to reopen. Like many others, my wife and I enjoy dining out. What does that look like going forward? Or what will attending concerts or sports events involve? It will definitely be different. Good post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  10. For me, I think that history is an excellent guide. The 1918 pandemic had a second wave that killed many more people than the first. As hard as it is to quarantine – I think it is worth surviving by being patient. I don’t want to contract the illness because I couldn’t wait to have a haircut or eat out. It is tough being isolated and I think it will be okay for me to meet friends/family in an outdoor setting with distance and a mask – eventually.
    But for now, I am going to be very patient. I see this stretching well over a year. A vaccine will hopefully, be the game changer.

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    1. So, I think I can agree with this stretching over a year. In fact, I’ve been saying it’s actually not going anywhere, kind of like the flu. It comes around and infects and then doesn’t…every single year.

      I definitely agree about being patient, too.

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      1. The part that’s difficult for me is lack of trust in the people making decisions of government. There is so much pressure to save the economy. Senseless death‘s will not help the economy.

        Also by being patient we are giving time for treatments to be developed. That could make a big difference in saving lives.

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      2. I have NO trust in the government or its messaging. None. That’s why I think we have to rely on some good ole intuition and common sense, you know? But I’m not sure I have faith in that either. Cinco de Mayo here was absolutely ridiculous…cops had to be called to specific venues.

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      3. Time will tell about whether those risks will lead to the spread of disease. I think science has shown that already and I’m sad for the innocent people and healthcare workers who are affected by this nonsense.

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  11. Thank you for sharing!!.. change was in the winds before this virus thingy, believe the virus just sped things up… and it is highly unlikely the universe will return to what it were before the pandemic… all that remains is what the world will look like in the future and only Fate has the answer… 🙂

    Hope all is well with you and your family, have a Happy Mother’s Day and hope all your tomorrows are filled with happiness… 🙂

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  12. Kate, there is no new normal as per see. When the bombs keep falling, people seek shelter
    and hope to survive. When an invisible virus can kill just as easily, we take precautions.
    I have not been outside my home and garden for over 7 weeks. Of course it hurts and the
    worst is missing the touches, hugs, altogether normal human togetherness.

    The new normal all who survive will have to work out as they go. I am sure it is inherent within us.


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    1. Thanks Miriam! I can’t imagine not having left my home for seven weeks! Kudos to you for that. I agree for the most part that we’re going to have to just go along as we receive new information as safely as we can.


  13. I look for education on how to live practically rather than be locked into house and home everytime a new case appears.

    I take it seriously, the threat of this virus, but I also feel we can find a smart way to live without destroying the environment around us in the process.

    I have no answers…but I welcome less restriction.

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    1. Yes. Less restriction and also MORE creativity in how we live. I’m not sure we’ve figured out how to not destroy the environment, though. I’ve seen so many little blue gloves on the concrete; it’s disconcerting.

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      1. It is. And the random mass spraying in public outdoor spaces in some countries…I mean, really? Outdoor park benches? Wouldn’t it be better to tell people to wear gloves or not touch their face and was their hands with soap and water? Every single time they enter their home?

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  14. My brain keeps shifting, what will we be able to do by July, September, December? This time next year? Hard to stop when choices have to be made based on an unclear future. Predictive text tried to make that a ‘nuclear ‘ future – so could be worse!

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  15. New normal… I wonder.. …if this continues then.. more virtual online classrooms, Baseball and cricket games being played to near empty stadiums, more cooking at home, more vegetable gardens, more self sufficency, less travel?

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