Monday Notes: 3 Ways to Be in Alignment

whatyouseek“What you seek is seeking you.” Have you heard that quote? It took me a minute to completely understand the meaning, which seems to be whatever it is you want has a similar energy or vibration. Consequently, it’s imperative to stop chasing people, jobs, and such. Instead, simply be in alignment.

In my experience, being in alignment isn’t something you have to try to do. But it is something that requires a bit of awareness on your part. Here are three strategies I’ve used to be a little more aware:

#1: Know what you like. It may be a simple concept, but you can tell what you like by how you feel when you’re doing it. For example, I took a job in 2007 because my husband had been laid off. I hated that job. Every time I drove up to the parking lot, my stomach began to hurt. And every time I left, I instantly felt better. My body was letting me know that I didn’t need to be there. Conversely, when I do something I enjoy, like writing, I look forward to doing it. I can write for hours without interruption and I have to force myself to take a break. Pay attention to how you feel when you’re around specific people or completing certain tasks so you know what’s enjoyable.

notes#2: Make a note of what you like. Once you understand what you like and dislike, make a mental note or actually say out loud, “I like fill-in-the-blank.” I started doing this a couple years ago when I was sorting out how to do more of what was enjoyable. It began when I co-presented with a colleague at a major conference. I had presented several times before, but I was deciding in what capacity I wanted to continue academic duties. After presenting, I wrote down these words, I like presenting at academic conferences.

#3: List what you like about what you like. When you think a little deeper about what you like, then it’s similar to honing in on the good feelings associated with doing that activity. Here’s a partial list of what I’d written about presenting at academic conferences:

  • I like to discuss information with like-minded people.
  • I feel like I’m being myself during these conversations.
  • I enjoy the camaraderie associated with having academic discussions.

Since clarifying my feelings, I was offered an opportunity to chair a special interest group that provides annual half-day workshops; I’ve Zoomed into an undergrad class at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana; and I’ve also been asked to be a keynote speaker for a conference session. I don’t think these are coincidences.

Do you have any other suggestions? Share them below so we can all be a little more aligned with what we seek.

38 thoughts on “Monday Notes: 3 Ways to Be in Alignment

  1. Love this post! I’ve found since reading The Magic, it’s made me change my mindset. Like you writing is what I love however my day job is sooo far removed & I found myself really feeling negative however after reading The Magic, my mindset altered and I started appreciating the fact that my job was only Monday -Friday so I could write at weekends. Although not necessarily my dream job but I started to show appreciation for the freedom this job has given to me. Hope this makes sense, I’m a little sleep deprived at the moment!!! 🍼 🍼 🍼🍼🍼🍼

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    1. Thank you my dear! Is The Magic a part of The Secret? I looked it up and that’s what came up.

      I understand about the job thing. I’m displeased with my current job, but like you, I’ve found ways to appreciate it in a different way. For example, it provides me with money, of course, and also morning autonomy so that I don’t have to rush around and start the day exhausted/stressed. So, yes…what you’ve said makes perfect sense ❤

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  2. Spot on, Kathy! I’ve long learned to pay attention to how I feel, when I do certain things. I always try to focus more on the things I really like doing, e.g. blogging instead of one liners on FB. 🙂 I’ve also let go of certain relations, because of the way I felt when I was among those people. And yes, Rumi’s quote is very familiar to me.

    Brilliant post! Congrats on all the opportunities that have come your way. Keep inspiring!

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  3. Interesting topic and commentary from your followers. I’m still very new to practicing mindfulness and very interested in learning how to meditate but I’m struggling in this area and will need to find a teacher to help guide me.

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  4. I think this echoes the wisdom of Abraham Hicks – contrast teaches us what we like and what we don’t like this is why contrast is so important because it pushes us further towards what we do like and consequently in the direction of where we are supposed to go and you have showed this process beautifully – great post

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  5. I tend to focus on how I’m feeling when I’m doing something, or about to do something. And the funny thing is, sometimes I realize that what I think I like and what I actually like are two different things! My mind can be fooled, but my heart always knows, if I only remember to pay attention to it.

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  6. It reminds me of the quote ‘life provides you what you need, not what you want’. Per example, my husband and I felt ready for another dog. Preferably a more stable one, mentally and physically. With the idea in mind to grow together the next 2 years or so and then bring in one or two more dogs into our small family out of a shelter. The dogs who usually are not taken in, due to behavioral problems. Our latest new friend seemed that stable dog, and now we discover she needs our guidance due to lack of guidance in her past. We didn’t ‘want it’, but we also realize we ‘need this’.
    Because it’s in alignment of who we are.

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  7. As you know, I’m currently reading ‘Ask and it is given’ so many ways to get into alignment but the one I have tried and tested before even consciously knowing about the law of attraction is meditation. I’m meditating more now, and especially instead of responding to something or someone that makes me feel bad. Alignment is all about trusting your feelings to be your guide, and choosing what feels good to return to a state of being your true self, connected to source/inner wisdom/intuition/call iy what you may. I’m really enjoying understanding thr emotional guidanxe scale and how to inctementally work my way up it. What a revelation to understand that blame for example is a better feeling place/vibration than anger…we are taught these feelings are ‘bad’ and if we believe that, we eventually lose touch with our inner guide. Also, affirmations, gratitude and being conscious of my thoughts.

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    1. I was waiting for you to add to this Mek. I agree that meditation is such a great way to be in alignment. In addition to what you’ve said here, it’s provided a kind of set point for me, so I know how I feel when I’m out of alignment 😉

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      1. Aww I feel loved. So good to be aware. I’m also trying to be intentional throughout the day, even while performing the usually mundane tasks that I happily welcome distractions from…because life is happening in those moments too.

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    1. It really is. I was caught up for a couple of decades. I once read something that said we should think about what we enjoyed when we were 10/12 years old. This was helpful for me to remember what I liked before I was bogged down with “adult responsibilities.”

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  8. Great post KE. It’s easy to get lost in all the loud messages out there. I’ve found having a vision board, even using Pinterest helps me remember who I am and what I like vs what the world is telling to like. I also need tons of time alone to stay really aligned.

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  9. KE, Love this topic and Rumi quote. I appreciate the reminder. In fact, this was exactly what I needed to read after waking up before I wanted this am.

    I tried to comment on your page but something wasn’t working.

    Knowing what we like and don’t like AND making a conscious decision to do something about it, (even if it is uncomfortable, at first- which it usually is) is an important first step toward becoming aligned with our purpose.

    There is so much more but wish you well in your quest to step into your river of Alignment. Cheers Shawn.

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