Monday Notes: Atlanta Book Reading (Setting Intentions)

Some of you will recall that I had a book reading in Jacksonville, Florida. It was Women’s History Month and my intention was to introduce the book, Daddy in a public way with at least four authors. I did that and it was successful.

breeWith the Atlanta book reading, the intention shifted. One of my co-authors, Bree had a different purpose. She aimed to provide a space for healing.

It began with her creating another title. Instead of the book’s title, Daddy: Reflections of Father-Daughter Relationships, she decided the theme would be, Dear Daddy: Intimate Conversations about Father-Daughter Relationships. And let me tell you, her intention set the tone.

for_keepsAdditionally, Rosa Duffy, the owner of For Keeps Bookstore also had a goal. If you haven’t read about her, then please do so in this Atlanta magazine feature. Her intention was to have an open place for rare, African-American books. Her establishment is in an historical district, and she wanted a place for people to saunter by and say, “hmmm…let me see what’s going on in there.”

As you know, my intention when I write is to raise people’s consciousness, specifically women. I want us to see ourselves in writing and to connect with words and ideas, and then do, act, and speak differently.

Much like other happenings in the universe, these three intentions converged. We each accomplished our desired outcomes.

img_0805We had intimate conversations. A man in the front row pulled out his journal, started writing feverishly, and then held his partner’s hand for the remainder of the event. He didn’t share. He didn’t make eye contact. But I can tell he was moved.



A woman happened to be walking past For Keeps Bookstore, opened the door, sat down, and connected with the stories being told. She even had an endearing conversation with one of the authors and will probably collaborate with her to continue healing hearts in some way.

Women spoke out about their experiences with their fathers. They shared their pain, and then the conversation took another direction.

Similar to the last reading, a few women expressed the fact that they didn’t realize not everyone had great fathers. But this time they communicated a growing awareness. They felt the need to thank their dads more; to appreciate the time they had left with their fathers; and to simply be more grateful. It became a time to honor everyone’s feelings, even if they were dissimilar. My husband even shared his sentiments. On that day, we were each mindful of one another; we created a dialogue and communicated in an empathetic space.

Once again I’m thankful for this reading. It was different. The energy was intense, in a progressive, Atlanta kind of way.

If you missed the first two readings, then no worries. We’ll be convening in Washington, DC in the fall.

26 thoughts on “Monday Notes: Atlanta Book Reading (Setting Intentions)

  1. Kathy, Congratulations [again] on your work being the catalyst for so much great reflection, interchange, support and healing. Thanks for this great illustration of what happens when multiple intentions converge. For me it’s a testament – not just to the value of setting intentions, but realizing the power of working with people whose intentions are kindred with your own.🙌🏾🥰

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  2. Wow K! That seemed really amazing. The intimate setting and relatable topic-discussion makes me wish that I could visit one of these readings. However I don’t think I’ll be leaving home anytime soon. Sadly. Thank you for sharing this and I’m looking forward to reading about how the one in Washington DC goes. Thank you!

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  3. I love the way you are using your own story to help other women find their voices and affirm their emotions and experiences. Helping each other is the key….it moves all of us forward!

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  4. THIS is so, so wonderful, Kathy. I really appreciate what you wrote about the three of your intentions converging––sounds like it was a work of love. Sending many blessings to your Fall book event in DC (how exciting).

    Blessings to you and all who were touched by this event––including the woman who just happened to be walking by!


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