7 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #99: Transient Tallahassee

  1. Personally, I think you are already supporting these folks by letting them know that they are seen. Taking your time and putting eye to camera for this purpose alone is quite an investment in and of itself. Each face tells a story, expresses a feeling, spotlights a need. It takes all kinds of people to make up our world. I’m impressed that you choose inclusivity of transients as well.

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    1. Thanks for recognizing that Jen! Part of my purpose is to disrupt the online scrolling because we’re looking at our surroundings a lot less these days. I really don’t want us to forget they’re out there ❤

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  2. Another great photo. You seem mesmerized by homeless and transients, putting a real face on an anonymous problem. Do you have aspirations of using your words or photos to help them in some way? 🙂

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    1. Thank you Joan. I’ve thought about putting them in a photo book to be sold to help support in some way, but I’m not sure I want to invest the energy to create it. A friend of mine also gave me the idea to host an art showing to raise awareness. I guess my answer is…I don’t know lol

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