17 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #98: Roland (Transient, NOLA)

  1. This is very compatible with my current Wondering Wednesdays post series, pondering Dr. King’s comments that “the edifice which produces” homeless people “needs changing.”

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    1. Oh, yes. I think you missed where I did a series of homeless photos from different parts of the country. COVID hit, and of course, I wasn’t going many places, so I dropped that, but I’ll be starting it back up again.

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  2. What do people say when you ask if you can photograph them? Or do you do it without their knowledge, from a distance? Roland’s eyes seem at odds with each other, one full of suspicion, the other full of hope. Wanting to hide, wanting to be seen. REALLY seen. Great pic, KE. I hope you two had an interesting conversation. 🙂

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    1. Thank an Joan! They usually say yes. I don’t always ask. Sometimes I just take it. You can probably tell which ones are full consent, like this one. He had a great convo with my friend and cousin. I photographed him towards the end.

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      1. That’s a good idea. The ones I typically ask are those whom I’ve stood there and spoken to for a minute. Sometimes I also let them know it’s going on a blog for social awareness.


    1. He conversed primarily with my little sister friend, so I didn’t catch all of it, but I do know that he says he eats some days, and some days he doesn’t, but he doesn’t worry about it because he always has enough. I also know he has a daughter.

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