On My 46th Birthday

I am acutely aware of the fact that I could not have been born. My origin story is not sprinkled with baby showers and welcome home rituals wrapped in pink receiving blankets. It does not elude me that I was born from irrepressible lust to a mother who contemplated the newly legislated Roe v Wade* decision.

Should I? Should I not? I’ve imagined her mulling repeatedly, until finally it was too late, and I was born at 9:42 A.M. on May 23rd.

With this awareness comes an understanding that existing is a gift. And because this is true for me, I live knowing that life is for the living. So, I live differently.

I do as I please in most situations. I do not ask others for permission to take time for myself, to pursue education, or to make money as I see fit for me. This is not a feminist statement. It’s my life’s practice. I’m responsible for the direction of my life and I trust my intuition to guide me where I should go, be, and do in each moment.

Inherently, I’ve always sensed that social norms are made-up rules to control populations of people. Learning about the theory of social construction solidified this thought. This philosophy has not only framed how I view life, but also how I live it. I have abandoned many of these faux guidelines and replaced them with rituals that make sense for me. This ranges from how I practice so-called holidays to how I interact with family and friends.

I was not born to be treated like a 21st century paid slave. Therefore, I’ve found ways to perform work duties that suit me yet still benefit the institution. I show up and give 100% in each situation, regardless of how I feel about co-workers and students. My value for what I do and why I do it stems from a personal work ethic, not something external. While it has taken time, I know the difference between a job’s requirements and someone else’s desires. I do not bend to the latter.

I suspect I’m here for a reason: to live a human life. For me, this means dreaming and manifesting dreams that, in my limited knowledge, only human beings can do. There is nothing I can think of that I cannot do. Don’t confuse this statement with I can do anything. I cannot, for example, become the best WNBA player, mainly because I haven’t considered it. But I do believe firmly that whatever I conceive with my thoughts and imagination can be achieved by me.

So, I write and maintain this blog as a way to globally inspire and connect with others. I write books to purposefully spark conversation and shift hearts and perspectives. I converse with my siSTARS, record and share videos with the public to add as much authenticity to this human experience as I can. I take photos intended to move you and others. And I own and operate a successful editing service business to help writers and scholars attain their goals in an affordable way. There is nothing that I cannot do.

Life is a gift. What better way is there to show appreciation than to wake up each morning and live it in ways you value?

On my 46th birthday, I’m grateful. I’m grateful for life. I’m grateful for purpose. And I’m grateful for each of you who intentionally participate in it with me in some way.


*Please note. This is not a pro-life message; this is a pro-LIVE your life message 😉

101 thoughts on “On My 46th Birthday

  1. Kathy, happy belated birthday! I hope you had an amazing day celebrating YOU. I really appreciate your honesty here––and I acknowledge you for authentically living your life and sharing that with all of us. This is inspiring beyond words. You connect with and from the heart. Thank you, Kathy. Wishing you all the blessings for the coming year!


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  2. Happy Birthday!!! I love this, love this, love this–especially the paragraph about work. That is my philosophy as well, but you know folk don’t get it. I’m learning to not care that they don’t.

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  3. Happy birthday! And thank you. Your wise words have humbled me away from the thoughts as to what I am doing here on this planet and my doubts regarding my role as a human being.

    I am here for a reason, I am sure. I just don’t see the whole picture yet, but I’ve got time 😉

    I hope you had a lovely birthday! And may you have many more awesome birthdays to come! 😀

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  4. I love this post, Katherin. I believe the best is yet to come. 50 was a turning point for me – my renaissance! I feel certain there are many wonderful surprises ahead for you. But the best part is how content you already are with your life.

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  5. And I’m grateful to be a part of this life you’re living so authentically and unapologetically. Go Kathy, it’s your birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s your birthday, drink herbal tea like it’s your birthday 😊💖

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  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATHY! I have enjoyed making your acquaintance via “the interwebs!” and look forward to one day meeting you in person. (Beware: I am a hugger and may forget that I don’t REALLY know you). But your blog is a great place where people meet and care and share, so you are definitely inspiring, connecting, and sparking conversation!
    This is quotable: “I suspect I’m here for a reason: to live a human life. For me, this means dreaming and manifesting dreams that, in my limited knowledge, only human beings can do.”🙏🏾
    And I love the photograph of young Katherin: your open spirit shows!

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  7. Wishes galore on your Birthday and wish all your dreams come true! I am glad and grateful you are here too – you do spread a sense of power of being your own self and positivity in doing so. I find resonance with all the values you live with but suspect that live with far more perceived limitations in pursuing my dreams. Life is indeed a gift to be lived.

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  8. OMG, you have articulated your life philosophy so beautifully. You’ve given your readers a gift on your birthday. My life philosophy is pretty well the same, but I don’t think I could have articulated it that clearly when I was 46! Happy birthday, Kathy.

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  9. Happy Birthday, KE! It is indeed a gift to be alive, and I love the way you make use of that gift. Going your own way, against the current sometimes, takes courage. But it is its own reward. 🙂

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