20 thoughts on “Michelle on Trust and Synchronicity

  1. Yes Michelle, you need to blog. I love synchronicity like what you described. I think they happen all the time but we aren’t always open to seeing thrm or asking the right questions to allow them to be revealed. Kathy- talk about trying to make a viewer cry with Michelle’s words ‘it was a very traumatic childhood’ fading into the song.

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  2. First, K I was loving your red polka dot top, red lipstick and red headphones. What a beautiful interview and testimony! I’m looking forward to learning more about Michelle. I have bought and gifted several copies of God Winks! It’s funny I’m finding this word today because I got into a spat with god last night about where I’m at vs where I want to be. It was late so I looked up my morning devotion a little early and it was Transformation, It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me.-Galatians. I was pissed but at the sane time grateful because even when my faith or my trust in him is weak, like you all said in the video, he continues to prove himself trustworthy. So, thanks for reinforcing that by sharing this. So good.

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    1. E, thank you for the wonderful affirmations. Doc and red are complete fabulousness! I love your insight and how your relationship with God continues to develop! Life-affirming progress is what He is all about. I appreciate your feedback. ♥️

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  3. #replay
    – Yes: trust and confidentiality are sacred.
    – There is a reason for everything – that girl came into Michelle’s life – no coincidence. Beautiful !

    Would love to hear you wonderful ladies talk about integrity.

    Warm regards,

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      1. I discovered it is my core value and all other values are related to it (trust, honesty, freedom, authenticity, etc. ) I realized it’s why I throughout my life got in conflict with others and with my purpose in life. Really looking forward to the perspectives of you three ladies on this topic. Warm regards, Patty

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