Interview with Dr. K E Garland (Part 1)

…and then I was interviewed by my siSTARS 💫


Please enjoy this video of me and Michelle at Me, Intimatelyworded interviewing author and writer Dr. K. E. Garland at Kwoted

In this video, Dr. Garland talks about her writing process and the affect that some of her subject matter has had on her personally.

And YES, my Southern accent is SUPER THICK in this one!

Stay tuned for subsequent videos!

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25 thoughts on “Interview with Dr. K E Garland (Part 1)

  1. You know I love you and Chelle….But Lady G waves is popping!
    But seriously, we are really good together. All bringing a unique perspective to the situation.
    You are a natural Doc! The camera loves you!
    Chelle is deep! She knows how to dig in!
    Great work!

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  2. Loved this siSTARS. Kathy. ..your dead pan delivery of humour cracks me up. Really great questions, especially the one about self care while writing…We’ve talked about that before…the toxicity and reliving of trauma when i wrote a very personal story one time really took its toll on me- I’d def have to ramp up the self care if I ever revisit trauma in writing.

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    1. Thanks Mek! Yes. I think I underestimated the energy factor in writing about and reliving my and other people’s trauma. There have been a few times when I’ve stirred up some other things because I was so steeped in reliving it in order to accurately write about it, so yeah, definitely think about the self care aspect as a part of the writing process.

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  3. What a great interview Dr. G! It is such a treat to see you LIVE!

    Adding other mediums into our work helps US grow. Both a your reader and as your student. AND friend!

    Thank you for all that you do Kathy. You inspire me every single day. xo

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  4. Doc, your ability to write—your gift, your words have always connected with me. Your personality and gumption keeps our sistership paramount. Have you noticed since these interviews we “have” to talk every week?! I encourage you to keep doing You—your whole You works to inspire. Love you!

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