Self-Love Series: Importance of Self-Love by Michelle Tillman

When we try to live life, it strategically sets us on an evolution of the following:

  • Becoming
  • Being able to self-love
  • Learning how to self-love

My dogs died in my early teens. My grandfathers died in my mid-teens. My grandmothers died in my early twenties. My dad died when I was twenty-three years old. My first real love and heartbreak was at seventeen years old.

love_yourself_wandaThose events began to shape my heart. I know that the word adopted is fundamental in my love language. Being an adoptee pushed me or taught me to appreciate who I am and to love who I am becoming. As love began to hit me in my adult life, I learned how to hone in on the pain and the feelings of rejection, albeit most times this reaction taught me to deny the why of everything. I know that when rejection hurts it can nudge, push and pull us in dark and undeniable places. I have learned that someone’s rejection of me is neither a detriment towards me, nor should it be an obstacle for me.

I am learning that God has prepared us and purposed our lives in such a way that there are no coincidences. Our choices place us on different paths other than what we ask for. Divorce happens. Love is hard. Life creates a ménage of events that leaves us breathless, yet we do not know what life will entail. We are incapable of learning and knowing without going through the process. Life leaves us faultless without a covering, healing is necessary.

Each wound teaches us a different way to love ourselves. Lessons teach us that we are not who we were, but we have become on a grander scale. We are evolving, all within understanding our feelings and emotions. As our faith deepens, our spirituality matures. Our way of thinking impedes upon us to do better, to be better and not to remain stuck in a painful way. It is our divine responsibility to take care of self, to love ourselves-to learn how to love ourselves.

God created us to create. God created us to love. His greatest commandment is to love one another as you love yourself. That I believe is one of the hardest mandates He gave. In order to love ourselves, we have to be aware of who we are. We have to know what makes us tick, how we are living this life is ever-growing, ever evolving-there is no mastery to loving oneself.

We do not come into this world knowing how so we allow the hurt, the pain, the wounds and the disappointment to redirect us into a whole other realm of loving, of living, of thinking. In order for us to love ourselves, which God requires. If I love myself, there isn’t any way that I am going to maliciously, purposely and with intent harm you. Learn to practice self-forgiveness on a daily basis. Do no harm.

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(Shared for Forgiving Fridays)

25 thoughts on “Self-Love Series: Importance of Self-Love by Michelle Tillman

  1. So beautiful!! Michelle, your wisdom on self-love is apparent, and I appreciate your open heart — and willingness to learn. I was particularly moved by this sentence: “Each wound teaches us a different way to love ourselves.”

    I agree wholeheartedly, and love your story. Thank you! I’ll share this for #ForgivingFridays, which is a blog series I started a few years ago to encourage people to forgive, let go and get free. ❤ Kathy, thank you for contributing Michelle's post. Great!

    Love, Debbie

    ps – here's a great blog post on Self-forgiveness, in case you'd like to read it:

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  2. Reblogged this on Me,Intimately worded and commented:
    Self-Love Series: the Importance of Self-Love is a writing project driven by K E Garland aka “Doc”. She is also one of my greatest blogging sisters. I appreciate your gifts, KE. I have contributed to her blog–giving my perspective and letting you see a piece of my heart. Please read, like and comment. #Love

    Me, Intimately Worded.

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  3. Hey love, I tried commenting already but I don’t know where it went.
    Just wanted to say that this is a beautiful and meaningful piece that teaches us to learn from ALL of our experiences. Thank you for being you and showing us the way 💋💋

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  4. Beautifully written. It’s commendable how despite what you’ve been through, you have such a great awareness of love and showing it to others.The way we love others and ourselves is deffo shaped by our early experiences. It’s so important to reshape our definition of love as we get older so that we treat ourselves and others better.

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