Self-Love Series: Journey to Self-Love by RayNotBradbury


One of the lessons I quickly learned in my formative years was that life can be unfair. As a little girl, I’d been told that I must be gracious, soft, and empathetic to all. To always offer a welcoming smile. To be a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on. And I did just that. I became a sort of expert who had perfected the art of loving others. People were drawn to my positivity. Don’t get me wrong, it was as pure and real as they come. I wasn’t faking my concern for people. And it was truly fulfilling being a beacon of light and support for others. But after a while, I began to experience an undesirable side effect. I became drained and discouraged, almost to a depressing degree. I needed love too! Looking back, I realize that feeling was inevitable. I’d learned how to love others but had no idea how to extend the same to myself.

Nowadays, I’ve learned to strike a balance between how much of my energies I dedicate to others and how much I reserve for myself.

I’m happier with myself now and…I don’t feel drained so often.

But, this only happened when I began to learn to take care of, and most important, love myself. In our overly narcissistic and self-centered world, such can appear an unseemly venture. But like everything in life, a healthy balance is all I endorse. I needed that phase. And I’m pleased to share a few cool things that I discovered on my journey to self-love:


  1. It begins with a deliberate effort. If you’re like I was and prone to caring for others to the detriment of yourself, you’re going to need a deliberate plan to cut that off. Decide that you will love others, but also purposefully love yourself.
  2. You must respect and value yourself first. Have you ever had nice and expensive plates and cutlery? Or perhaps something else that meant a lot to you? If you did, I’m guessing you took great care of them. Why? Because things of value are worth giving the utmost care and attention. You are valuable, my friend. More than any of your possessions. You should love yourself.

Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Act like you love yourself…and LIVE like you love yourself.

  1. It helps boost your self-confidence. Deliberately loving yourself helps you feel great about yourself. You begin to take on your daily tasks with an air of assuredness and positivity. And very soon, others can notice this new lease of life as well. You tend to laugh more, glow more and feel healthier.75ecf687-0ddb-4da5-82c5-54c2f6a7b41d-800-00000076c2d844d1
  2. It helps you become a more mature person. When you embrace self-love, your outlook on life changes, and you become a better and more mature individual. The opinions of others become less significant to you and you become more conscious of the things you spend your time and energy on.

And in the end… guess what?
To love yourself helps you love others better!

This was my most shocking discovery on my journey to self-love. The more I loved others, the bigger my heart grew to care for others. I was happy and fulfilled inside, so it became easier to get others to partake of the same. After all, it’s said that you can’t give what you don’t have…

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(Shared for Forgiving Fridays)


39 thoughts on “Self-Love Series: Journey to Self-Love by RayNotBradbury

  1. Wonderful advice! It took me until my 60’s to learn this. Sharing this information and reaching people early in their life’s journey will be very helpful. With age comes wisdom. But, I sure wish I had read this a few decades earlier. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  2. I completely agree! It’s so easy to equate self-love with an egotistical preoccupation with ourselves, but that isn’t what it means at all. It just means accepting who we really are, and caring enough about ourselves to make sure our own needs are met. And when we do that, we can be so much more giving to others. It is, as you say, a balancing act that we all need to master!

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  3. I loved the word SelfFul. My learning has too been similar and fairly recent after feeling so drained off of my own energy. And that because I have always seen to be the positive one, the one full of energy, the only one to talk to, the shoulder … I had to learn to draw boundaries of self-care and seek out company that nourished me, so I don’t get depleted again.

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  4. I relate a lot to this, I used to feel drained and discouraged too, and taken for granted on top of that by the very people I loved and cared about.

    Love the wisdom shared here, and agree self-love changes things for the better.

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  5. This is brilliant! It really gives more depth behind why loving yourself and investing in self-care is important, giving us more motivation to do it because it’s so important, and should be done without feeling guilty or selfish =]
    Caz xx

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  6. This is so good! I love Ray’s tips to love himself – they are solid actions to self-love. I also appreciate his observation that self-love leads to confidence and feeling great about ourselves!

    Kathy, if you want to, feel free to tag one of these self-love posts for #ForgivingFridays. I do it once per month now, and I’m happy to highlight whichever one calls to you for forgiveness. Just link to my most recent Forgiving Fridays, and use #ForgivingFridays in your tags.

    Bless you! Really awesome and inspiring to love. Thank you Kathy. ❤

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  7. I love reading these, KE. Thanks to the writers for sharing their stories, and to you for giving them a platform. I’m on my own journey to self-love right now. My map might be different from other people’s, but the direction is the same. These show me I’m on the right track and keep me motivated. 🙂

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