12 Ways to Maintain the Christmas Spirit AFTER Christmas (10 and 11)

Here are the next two ways I maintained the Christmas spirit after Christmas.

10This year-long project really became a part of my being. I could tell because when Thanksgiving rolled around, I didn’t have the urge to do something nice for someone because I’d been of service the entire year. However, I did purchase a Barbie doll and give to Toys for Tots. This program runs from mid-November through December if you’re ever interested in giving. Toys can be dropped off at most Toys R Us.

A week later, when December 1st hit, I really hadn’t thought of a bang-up way to end the 12 months of service, so I combined two of the year’s ideas.

11I began the month with a random act of kindness, and I have to tell you, it was quite natural. An older woman pulled up behind me in the Publix grocery store line. She was in one of those motorized scooters with the baskets attached.

“Do you need help?” I asked.

I’ve learned to ask first because some people get super ornery if you assume they can’t do it themselves.

She kind of glanced up at me, and then said, “Actually, I do.”

I placed all of her groceries on the conveyor belt, and she was pleased. She thanked me over and over again, and told me how much easier that made her shopping.

Imagine that. One act that took less than two minutes made this woman’s day.

Next, I decided to end the year the same way I began it, at the Clara White Mission serving breakfast to those who need it. I’ve since learned that the people who frequent this mission are not always homeless. Sometimes they are newly released prisoners; other times they are simply people who can’t afford to eat.

Either way, I spent three December Mondays with them.

I wished there were some grand finale with fireworks or something, but I suppose the endgame is the internal transformation that has occurred. And you’ll have to wait until January for that reflection 😉

If you celebrate something during this holiday season, then Happy Holidays to you! If not, then I wish you well on this day. I do hope these 12 months have been an inspiration for each of you to contribute to society in some way.

20 thoughts on “12 Ways to Maintain the Christmas Spirit AFTER Christmas (10 and 11)

  1. Like that you took the time to ask the elder at the grocery store if she needed help. I, too, have found some ‘ornery’ reactions to efforts to assist. The part that makes me happy though is that they are still IN THERE. Trying to preserve dignity and spunk…before they take the help anyway.😀

    So, no fireworks at the end, but you intentionally did a lot of good on some very basic and important levels ALL YEAR LONG, and these little touches from a generous heart will not be forgotten.

    I salute you!

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  2. I liked reading about your volunteering Christmas morning. That was admirable. I agree that there are so many small gestures year wide everyone can make. The other day I was in Save-alot and there was a young lady with one item. This man came along and started stacking his items on top of the soda machine in front of me. I made sure to let him know he was after me and not before and then when he tried to cut in line before the young lady, I spoke up and said, “No, she was behind me.” Then I told her you can go ahead of me in line. I had about 10 items and the lines were long. She was surprised and so was I. He was a rather rough looking man but sometimes you just have to speak up. Thanks for listening. Continue the good work.

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    1. I thought I responded to this earlier, but I don’t see it. I agree that we should all stand up for the voiceless as much as we can. That is one small gesture we can all make at some point, and it all really comes down to being present and then making a choice to do something different 🙂 Thanks for the kind words!

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  3. I’ve been following this series of articles and I need to say my sincere thank you. It’s never too much of bringing attention to human kindness and the needs of others. You’ve taught me a valuable lesson here

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  4. I love these posts, KE. A kind act doesn’t have to be big or expensive to mean the world to somebody. Knowing someone cares renews our faith in mankind, gives us hope. This line says it all: “I wished there were some grand finale with fireworks or something, but I suppose the endgame is the internal transformation that has occurred.” The fireworks are inside; that’s EXACTLY what such a project is about! So proud of you for doing this and sharing it with us. 🙂

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