12 Ways to Maintain the Christmas Spirit AFTER Christmas (8)


number_8There’s a lot going on in the world. Natural disasters bring death, destruction, renewal, and rebuilding. Additionally, “regular” life is going on and many times that also requires help. So, for September, I donated and I donated, and I donated.

  • I donated to the American Red Cross through a shoe store, called DSW. All you had to do was stop by a store and literally swipe your card. This was easy enough. However, afterwards I read that the American Red Cross isn’t trustworthy. Well, what’s done is done. I do hope that’s not true.
  • Firehouse ran a campaign for Hurricane Harvey victims. All you had to do was round up your bill to the nearest dollar. This also seemed like a simple way to give, so I rounded my meal’s receipt to support.
  • A friend of mine participated in a suicide prevention run. Consequently, I supported her by giving money to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
  • My daughter’s friend’s birthday was September 20th. In addition to planning a huge surprise Sweet 16 Birthday party, her mother also wanted to buy her a car. She used a crowdfunding tool to raise money for this gift. While I don’t usually participate in GoFundMes and such, our family is pretty close to her, so I gave a few dollars for her cause.
  • A friend of mine from high school also created and promoted a feed the homeless day in my home city, Chicago. She calls them “blessing bags.” They are the same concept that I did a few months back. While I had planned on actually sending toiletries, etc., I failed to plan how to execute it by the September 30th deadline. So, I gave money for You Matter Outreach Day (Feed the Homeless).

Do you have a foundation to which you typically give? Feel free to include the name and/or link in the comments. We’re all in this together, and I’m supportive of any efforts to move a cause along.


52 thoughts on “12 Ways to Maintain the Christmas Spirit AFTER Christmas (8)

  1. So many amazing things you did in september. Someone, somewhere is smiling beacuse of the good that you did. My go to for volunteering and helping out is a Mental health ngo in Nigeria- MentallyAwareNigeriaInitiative. They could really do with the extra hands and monetary assistance as well. šŸ˜Š

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  2. You are making such an important point, Dr Kathy! My husband and I donate 10% of our earnings every month, but in addition to that, we send semi-annual checks to an orphanage my husband has been supporting since his college years, and I donate clothing, household items, etc. to a Breast Cancer Foundation. Cancer is not only a devastating, deadly illness, Beautiful People, but also an extremely expensive treatment process that can easily bankrupt unsuspecting victims and their families. Your donations are picked up, and it’s not even a matter of money, as they welcome your discarded stuff that you wouldn’t even know where to dump: https://pickupsforbreastcancer.org
    Wishing all of you, and Dr Kathy especially, very happy and healthy holiday season!

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  3. I love this concept! One of my favorite parts of Christmas is that people truly do act a little nicer, smile a little kinder, and give a little freer, but it saddens me when that ends with the end of the holidays. Even if, like college broke kid your’s truly, you don’t have money to donate, something simple like holding the door open stands out in the unkind world of today.

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      1. I’m not sure. Though, within my community, a drive called Harvest Hope, when my family has enough to give, money or otherwise, we’ll bring the food, etc. to them. Thanks for this, Kathy. It’s been awhile since I’ve participated.

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  4. I like giving to projects friends and co-workers are participating in. For example, one of our managers went to Houston to help tear down and rebuild. As for finding out organizations aren’t reliable, I wait on those allegations and see how they shake out.

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  5. So many! The kidney foundation – I sell tickets during their annual fundraiser to win a trip. I give to the local food bank every month. I support friends campaigns, most recently one for a local retirement home. I teach a free yoga class every week to raise money for a community centre in a low income area. I give to Kiva ( have you heard of this organization?) I sit in the board of a recovery house for women and give what I can financially. I buy calendars from the SPCA and give support to their fundraisers. And then there’s my workplace- a non profit- I give a couple hundred a year to them as well. There are so many easy ways to give! Upping dollar amounts when shopping at certain places or buying girl guide cookies, or buying a ticket in a raffle. Every little bit matters! Have I mentioned that part of my job is fundraising? Lol

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    1. lol thanks for sharing Reena! fundraising for the kidney foundation is near and dear to your heart, I’m sure. and the free yoga class I’ve read about. I didn’t realize you did SO MUCH outside of those two activities.

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  6. You have a big heart Kathy. I like you keep the Christmas spirit throughout the year.

    As for me, my contributions are sporadic too nowadays, i.e. I make monetary contributions, when financials allow it to a SOS Children’s Village in South Africa. I also contribute my time, when I have it at Save the Children in Finland as “support person”, which means being some kind of reliable adult (other than their parents) to a child, when they need support e.g. engaging in sports and other recreational activities, It’s normally with teenagers, and children with immigrant background.

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    1. Thanks for saying that Khaya! This is a new idea, and while I’m glad I’ve maintained it every week, I think I’ll be scaling back to once a month next year šŸ˜‰

      Thanks for sharing; these sound like great ideas. Is the Save the Children in Finland kind of like mentoring?

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      1. It could be mentoring but mostly on my part is to be there for a child (teenager), when they need support and adult guidance e.g. encouraging social activity, etc.

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  7. My donations are sporadic. And honestly.. Wikipedia is the only non-bill taken from my account automatically each month. There are more ways than one to donate and I seem to forget that.

    This post is inspiration to give more.

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    1. That’s pretty cool that you give to Wikipedia consistently. I always think I should, but never do. Thanks for saying that at the end. I do believe we can always give more than we think. I mean…as long as our bills are paid lol

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  8. We’ve been participating in local toy drives at the fire station the past few years. My boys love shopping for toys and books, and they have the added pleasure of knowing that they’re helping kids who may not otherwise be able to afford it, especially around the holidays.

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  9. I support a school for orphans in South Africa, the Little Free Pantry in our town, the Backpacks (of food) for the Weekend drive, The Mary Foundation, a special school for deaf and communication-impaired children, our county animal shelter, our local public radio station, Dollar General’s change box for Literacy, and a local homeless shelter. I also give money to Coats for Kids and buy gifts for the Share the Joy tree at Christmas. And misc things as they come up–people with cardboards signs, street musicians, etc. Thanks for keeping us motivated all year through with your inspiring posts, KE! šŸ™‚

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  10. Love this! I may have some info for you later regarding a fundraiser in the making for a nearby school for children with special needs. I give what I can throughout the year to various charities including, but not limited to St. Judes Children’s Hospital, my church, victims of natural disasters, etc. I would like to add that our generosity should not be limited to sending money when and where we can. We also bake cookies for the elderly, and the hungry in our community. We donate food to the food bank. Just as valuable is our time. I volunteer at my church for 12 and 1/2 hours a week, I volunteer for my alma mater and at the kids’ schools as needed.

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