400 Monday Notes

I have 400 notes. That’s 179 more than when I first began this category, which I started as a way to delete the notes. But what’s happened is because I have the category, I keep more notes. You know…just in case I want to write about something. But as I look through them, they’re not all writing ideas. So, I’m purging.

A few of my notes are simply passwords. I’ve written about this before, but it ends today! There is no reason for me to keep password upon password both on my phone and written down somewhere. Although, keeping the password to get into my work office is handy. Maybe I’ll just keep that one.

Now, I’m down to 377.

There are fourteen notes specifically about my job dissatisfaction. The reason why has become increasingly clearer to me over the past few years. I’m overqualified and that has led to a general sense that I should be doing something else with my gifts and talents. And anyone with a job knows that it’s challenging to write about one’s employer without the fear of losing said job. While these fourteen notes have been helpful in shaping my understanding of the dilemma, they are now taking up digital space, especially if I’m not going to publicly share.


Six of my notes are action steps centered on The Unhappy Wife, a book I published two years ago. I’m not quite sure why I’ve hung on to these lists if the goals are accomplished. Similarly, seven are about how to sell Daddy: Reflections of Father-Daughter Relationships. These aren’t fleshed out marketing plans, but rather, thoughts that I might’ve used to do a soft sell, like this:

If you want closure, then go see a therapist. If you want understanding and empathy, then read this book.

I’m pretty sure I never used it because it sounded a bit harsh. Either way, I’m down to 350.

img_7736There are ten notes specifically with the word “self” in the title. These are ideas I really intended to flesh out, like 3 ways to Be Self-aware, Re-defined: On Being Selfish, One-minute Self-worth Ideas. Because I’ve already devoted February 2018 to self-love, and with the help of others successfully shared varied ideas on the topic, I’m going to consider this mission complete.


There are a fair amount of notes that are just people’s names, so I remember next time I see them, which seems borderline redonkulous because I don’t think I’m going to search my phone when we cross paths. Another part includes random places, like meeting rooms and events people have invited me to.

Deleted. Now, I’m down to 326.

For the most part, what remains are actual topics I’d planned on writing about, but as I re-read them, I’m just not. Instead, I’ll share a brief list of blog/social-media starters:

  • “So, I was watching videos of how the FBI infiltrated black organizations,” this is how Desi begins conversations with me.
  • I like confessional songs and memoirs because I’m seeking authenticity. Can I tell the truth in each moment? Can you? And if not, why?
  • Does it matter if your spouse practices the same religion as you?
  • Children are not people who need fixing.
  • 3 top knots in a Nissan Versa doing 48 on the interstate (this really happened and I thought I’d write a brief story about this beginning driver).
  • I hate guilt-trip gratitude. Usually sounds like this, remember someone didn’t wake up this morning. I should be grateful because I’m not in someone else’s shoes? Nope. You should be grateful period.
  • There is nothing you can buy outside of yourself that will make you a better/happier person.
  • I want someone to create a “Blame Trump” t-shirt. I’d buy it.
  • How many lies does it take to make someone a liar?
  • Sometimes you have to pull yourself away from situations, put yourself together, and then re-enter with a new mindset.

Welp, I’m down to 316 notes.

You know I’m happy to talk about any of these ideas. Let me know what you’re thinking. Until then, I’ll be working on a new Monday Note.

42 thoughts on “400 Monday Notes

  1. I put EVERYTHING in my phone notes. Lucky for me, I tend to just make one LONG note pertaining to areas of life. Blogging gets 1 note. Work gets one note. Home gets 1 note (including shopping lists). I have a note for password hints and a few others. I have to decluttering frequently to keep the notes from requiring too much scrolling.

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  2. “I want someone to create a “Blame Trump” t-shirt. I’d buy it.” – Me, too! And probably use the heck out of that phrase :p

    “How many lies does it take to make someone a liar?”- Ohhh, this is a good one!

    And kudos to you on the purge. You did very well.

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  3. Well, that last one I have been doing the last week or two. Maybe fall is my new spring, I don’t know, but clearing my head before entering the ‘dark months’, felt like a good idea. And it is 🙂
    Already looking forward to your next note(s). Big hugs, XxX

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  4. I liked this behind-the-scenes look at writing. I usually just write ideas down and never come back to them. So I’ve let them pile up. I used to carry a notebook with me everywhere (I still kind of do), but I get so aggravated by having different categories of things mixed in with others. I’ve tried assigning notebooks for different things, but the right notebok was never there wh when I wanted it. I started using OneNote to organize my thoughts and it’s the best! I can’t believe years of my life without it. It can’t compare to pen and paper, but I just love how flexible it is.

    P.S. I hate “guilt trip gratitude” (a great term!) but for different reasons. Like sometimes I just want to wallow. Don’t force me to see the bright side before I’m ready!

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    1. Stick with my blog girl lol I have a lot of behind the scenes everything 🙂

      Is OneNote like Evernote?

      And yes! That’s another great reason to dislike it. I mean it’s okay to feel bad about whatever you feel bad about, just not forever.

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      1. They’re similar. You can create different notebooks in both of them, which I love. OneNote has the ability to create colour-coded sections in each notebook, which is perfect for me. I don’t use Evernote a lot, so I’m not sure if it has the same feature.

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  5. I love the feeling purging gives. Organizing, cleaning and purging is relaxing…but I’m weird. 😁 I love these notes. So much to say on them. And Evernote? Don’t get me started. I am addicted to it.

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  6. Kinda left it wide open for comments. I don’t have a lot of time buy 1. love desi’s convo starter style 2. What is going on eith the 3 tops knots etc…that was like a foreign language 3. Make the tshirt then! I’d argue though that it should be “blame those who voted without educating themselves rather than consuming the crap the media churns out- and blame those who knew better but didn’t bothet voting because they didnt think he could get in…or just font blame, and recognise in the greater scheme of things, politics is a distraction and an illusion- change happens within your sphere of influence.” But that would be a huge tshirt or illegible font 😂

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    1. Exactly, so that you could have creative license lol
      You know DG is a thinker…she just told me about a TED Talk where they’ve begun studying parts of the brain to stop depression, etc.

      Ha! You know what a topknot is? The hairstyle (typically for white women), where you put all your hair on top of your head.

      Uh, yeah…that t-shirt would also need the back lol


      1. Her future is bright! Well, her present is bright too! I’ll have to go back and try to understand that point. Thought you meant wind speeds or something…

        Yeah, might need overalls 😂

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  7. Juicy topics here! I’d love to see the one about liars and guilt trip gratitude. And I would also buy the “blame Trump’ t-shirt. I wonder why it hasn’t been created yet?

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  8. As a Christian currently dating a Muslim, the topic on whether it matters if your spouse practices the same religion as you is something I’ve thought about a lot lately. An intriguing topic for sure.

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  9. Perhaps I’m revealing how shallow I am, or perhaps the coffee hasn’t kicked in the higher thinking side of my brain, but my takeaway was, ” borderline redonkulous.”

    BA hahahahahaaaaa. I love that.

    Also this reminded me that I have a note with the door code to the Air Bnb I stayed in last month 3000 miles away from here. So that should probably go, right?

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  10. That “children aren’t problems” prompt is so real. Love it.

    I was about to say I don’t have a ton of digital notes, but that’s a lie. I don’t have that many digital notes on my phone. I have a ton in Evernote.

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      1. It is! I find it super helpful because I can organize the things I save to it and do searches, so even if I can’t remember the tag but remember I’m looking for something about, say, graffiti, it’s super easy to find.

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  11. Always good to purge and organize, sometimes you uncover a good but forgotten or half-baked idea. Today, I’m thinking that people are different, and how what’s good for one person (or even most people) may not be right for me. I’m sick to death being goaded to be more social or to travel, people reminding me “no man is an island” or “travel keeps you from being closed-minded.” I’ve tried both of these (extensively) and discovered I’m a homebody who likes solitude. Realizing this has made me more tolerant of others who are different than what’s considered “normal” rather than less. Thanks for asking, KE. Your Monday notes are always thought-provoking. 🙂

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    1. I agree Joan. What you’ve mentioned here is something I recently discussed with a friend. She said she enjoys being by herself and is worried that she’s going to be by herself forever because she enjoys it so much! I say this to say…I agree. Society tends to act as if everyone is wired to be social and this is just not true.

      Thanks for the end note!

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