The Greatest Thing about Being Married…

…is being with your best friend for the rest of your life, assuming that you’ve married your best friend, which I highly recommend.

If your spouse is not your best friend, then I’d suggest you and s/he at least be friends.

Here’s why:

You probably wanna be married to a person with whom you’d like to actually be around for long periods of time, and with whom you’d like to do activities. For Dwight and me it’s important because we enjoy traveling.

img_7647Our adventures together began twenty-two years ago when his parents paid for our honeymoon to Puerto Vallarta. We saw an ocean for the first time ever! We snorkeled. We partied. We rode motor scooters through the tiny streets where I thought I was going to face plant onto the cobble-stoned roads and die. To this day that memory makes him chuckle. Those were good times and there’s no one else I’d rather have done it with than my husband.

Since then, he’s chaperoned a study abroad trip with a group of high school students and me. Aside from keeping track of everyone, we ate really bad fish and chips, saw the Globe Theater, and visited the British Museum.

vegas2We’ve flown to Vegas four times and each time I’ve wondered how this trip could be any different than the last. Well, each one has been. Every trip has been at a different stage in our relationship, with different people, and for a variety of reasons. Sin City never disappoints, but quite honestly, neither does our affection for staying up all night, gambling, strolling up and down the Strip, and eating fine cuisine.


For some couples, travelling stops once they begin a family. But not for us. In fact, the girls have joined us on a few trips. Years ago, when they were little, they went on their first real flight across the country to Seattle. We saw the first Starbucks, visited the aquarium, and watched fish fly through the air at Pike Place. By the time they were rolling their pre-teen eyes at everyone, they’d eaten authentic Philly Cheesesteaks in Philly and visited the Liberty Bell. And although it was a bit expensive, I insisted they come with us on our sixteen-hour flight to Japan. I wanted them to know the rest of the world existed before they left our little bubble.

I could continue recounting years of vacays, but the point is, there’s no one else I’d rather see another part of the planet with than my hubby.

Happy Anniversary Dwight! Here’s to twenty-two more years of sightseeing.

65 thoughts on “The Greatest Thing about Being Married…

  1. Kathy, first of belated congratulations to you and Dwight! 🥂🍾🎉🎊 I hope you had a wonderful celebration! You write beautifully and with eloquence about your relationship and your travels! I would love to see Vegas once, no matter four times! Interesting how it changes each time but I understand, as you grow, you see and experience various elements of the same place. Japan must have been amazing and a place we want to visit but is still too prohibitively expensive. See what happens. Well done for taking your children on your travels, it only enhances the adventures and it is amazing to see things through their eyes! Wishing you another brilliant 22+ years of marriage! Hugs xx❤️

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    1. Thanks Annika! You must make it there at least once and maybe do a Western American tour in general. Japan is WAAAY too expensive. So, if you ever make some extra spending money, choose that as your trip lol

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  2. Happy anniversary Kathy. This post I will paste on the wall of my heart and let it guide me as I wade into the waters of marriage in the nearest future… Looking forward to meeting you and your family one day!

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  3. Happy Anniversary, KE! Me and my hubby like to do a lot of things together, but travel tends to be problematic and always brings out the worst in both of us. I think Socrates had it right when he said “Know thyself.” Ethnic restaurant, yes. Binge TV marathons, yes. Planting a garden, yes. Cross-country RV trip, no. 🙂

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  4. This is so beautiful! I love that you are best friends with your Husband. That’s what it’s about, having fun and living, enjoying life together. Your family is so beautiful! I’m sure there’s plenty more places on your bucket list the visit too. Happy anniversary 💜

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  5. What a beautiful essay on a the long loving relationship. Had to laugh at your observations about Vegas. Just yesterday my best friend and I were talking about it being about time to go to Vegas. Like you we are always surprised that it is never the same twice. THank you for some lovely prose.
    All my best to you.

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