Inspiring Image #92: Transient Union Station



15 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #92: Transient Union Station

  1. The same in New York City. Sadly People living in and around the subway stations and on the streets has become accepted. Some even call them the mole People. Disturbing. As a Veteran who was nearly homeless many of the homeless People you see are Veterans. Doesn’t say anything good regarding our country.

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      1. Yes. The indifference by the U.S. government is horrific. However I must say that many churches, temples and synagogues are reaching out to the homeless by providing food and clothing. New York does have many homeless shelters. There are also private organizations that provide services to the homeless. It will always boggle my mind that the richest country in the world doesn’t do more to alleviate poverty and inequality.

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  2. Homelessness is an epidemic that must be alleviated. This country has more than enough money to eradicate it. Instead of tax cuts for the rich, how about getting homeless people, much of them our service men and women, off these streets.

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