22 Years and Counting

apple2Today I begin my twenty-second year as somebody’s teacher/professor.

Twenty-two years of convincing someone that what he or she is doing is just temporary and that anything can be done short term in order to achieve a long-term goal

Twenty-two years of being at least one student’s first African-American teacher/professor…still

Twenty-two years of helping people shift their thinking as they step out of the boxes in which others have placed them and sometimes shed or re-shape the boxes they’ve created for themselves

Twenty-two years of building and re-building the delicate teacher-student relationship because each student is unique, no matter the institution

Twenty-two years of counseling someone through the process of what it means to gain more knowledge because they didn’t realize critical thinking was an integral part of the experience

Twenty-two years of reminding students that they really can do it because sometimes we all need a nudge and reminder of our strengths

Today I begin my 22nd year in a profession that I pursued on purpose. Today I’ll influence someone’s future life…on purpose.

57 thoughts on “22 Years and Counting

  1. I shook my head when I read you’re still some people’s first African-American teacher — then realized I don’t know that I ever had a minority teacher (obviously I’m not counting women as a minority, as would be appropriate in some cases). Okay, I graduated from high school 40 years ago — and college a few years after that — but you’d think at some point…wait, I did have one Asian teacher in junior high. But I’m pretty sure that’s it.

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  2. I pre-school teacher currently but at the beginning of every school year I feel much the same. Making believers is a hard but fulfilling job; almost every year. Congratulations.

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  3. To celebrate a moment, a day, a week, of doing the things you listed would be pretty awesome, but to be able to celebrate doing it – on purpose! – for 22 years is a beautiful thing💖💖💖! CONGRATULATIONS, and I hope this year is wonderful for you!

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  4. Congratulations on 22 years of teaching! Like almost everyone, I am indebted to a few special teachers who had a strong and positive impact on my life. I have a feeling that there are many, many people out there who remember you that way.

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  5. What an awesome accomplishment. Thank you for choosing to be a teacher and sharing this. Being a teacher is one of the most important professions in life, if not ‘the most important’.
    If it was not for dedicated and caring teachers like yourself, I would not be here today. Although some of us are foolhardy enough to be ungrateful. I know for sure none of us were “born big” and as a result we had to be taught or guided by others at some point, as we grew into our light. And the ones that have survived, were are lucky to have at least 1 or 2 amazing teachers among the bad apples, that made all the difference in our lives and in essence…the world.

    With that said, I am humbled in your presence, teacher Kay :). Stay Well and all the best for the upcoming years.

    Let us celebrate again when your hit the next 19 year milestone :). Peace to you.

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    1. Oh wow! Thanks Kaylaa! “Humbled in my presence” sheesh…now I feel a bit of pressure. Just kidding. I do really appreciate your kind words. Teaching at any level is pretty tough and not for everyone. You should drop one of you former teachers a line one day; s/he would appreciate it, probably. Not sure about the 19 more years. Thanks again and peace to you as well!

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  6. Thanks from all your students who are too intimidated by you to talk to you or, God forbid, visit during office hours. I was terrified by almost every professor I had, but appreciated almost all of them. Way to be a role model!

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  7. “profession that I pursued on purpose” I love that line. Too many people are doing things because of circumstance. I love people who are proactive. Congratulations on making it to nineteen years, here’s to nineteen more 🙂

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