*The Greatest Thing About…

On this blog, I spend a lot of time reflecting on my observations about people and society in general. No matter how hard I try, some of these posts might come off a bit negative.

And that’s not fair, really.

People are multidimensional and I certainly wouldn’t like it if I read a blog about all the horrible things someone perceived about me, with little balance.

Because of this, I’m beginning a new category called: The Greatest Thing About… Each month, I’ll blog about someone or something positively…on purpose.

Hope you enjoy!

*Also shared for Debbie’s Forgiving Fridays


55 thoughts on “*The Greatest Thing About…

  1. Now that’s some good news!

    Me and my co-worker were just talking about how people love spreading negative words about you but are quiet when they see you doing good.

    But most of the time it says more about them than you. I find your blog to be inspiring myself.

    But good idea and can’t wait to read.😁


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    1. Thanks Vernon! I agree (even though everyone says my words aren’t negative). I do think that we can always find something positive about someone and that can shift energy and thinking as we go about our day.


  2. Life is about balance; Positivity can be delightful, inspiring, and motivating, while the less pleasant topics make us pause, reflect, appreciate what’s good, and consider what needs to change. ☺

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  3. It’s so funny how we perceive ourselves and our writing. I’ve never felt your writing is negative. Insightful and honest. But not negative. Nevertheless, I’ll look forward to your “Greatest Things…” posts.

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      1. Haha. Half a year seems about right. Btw I don’t find your posts negative. Even if you observe behaviours that are negative, you consider and share your ways of reacting (or not reacting) in ways that are positive and you remain empowered by the choices you have. We need those ‘negatives’ to learn and understand ourselves when challenged. Let’s face it- humans are challenging 😂

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      1. What you need to do is stop being ever so critical of your work and continue writing and posting. 💞 Doc…it’s your gift you cannot control how we, your readers perceive what you write. Let the gifts work; it hits and gifts the reader as it should. #doyourwork 😘

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  4. Great initiative 🙂 Looking forward to it! And I too, don’t feel your posts are negative. Unless thought-provoking is considered a negative? In that case I should stop blogging, lol

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  5. Completely awesome, Kathy!! Talk about positive self-talk 🙂 My spiritual mentor J-R has said to create images in our minds that we want more of. So powerful.

    Hey I’d love to share this as a contribution for #ForgivingFridays. If you’re good with that, you can link this post back to my latest blog post. It would be a privilege (and completely fine if not). ❤ Love to you, Kathy. Have a beautiful, "great" week! Debbie

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  6. I always love your blog posts and you’re always so accepting of mine!

    But sometimes when it comes to overtly negativity from other people, I have to remind myself that it’s none of my business what others think of me. 🙂

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  7. I’ve never lound your blog posts to be negative, Katherin. I would say your posts are always very thoughtful. But going in a positive direction can only open up positive outcomes. Looking forward to your posts!

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