Monday Notes: Update #1

headphones2May was a whirlwind for me, just…like…I…like…it!

So slowly, I’ll be updating you on what amazing things occurred during that month.

The first thing that happened is I was minding my own blogging business, and Nadine Tomlinson emailed to see if I was interested in being interviewed for her Storyteller Series! I rarely say no to new opportunities, so the next thing I know, we were talking like old friends on a Friday evening.

It’s more like a podcast-style situation. If you have about 45 minutes and enjoy that medium, then please be sure to follow this link and listen to my thoughts on relationships, The Unhappy Wife book, and creative nonfiction, in general.


47 thoughts on “Monday Notes: Update #1

  1. Very insightful, Kathy! I enjoyed listening to your podcast. You make some valid points, and I’m so looking forward to reading your book, Daddy. Congrats. 🙌🏽

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      1. I loved it! I listened to it a week ago, but didn’t have a chance to get back to give you my feed back. I appreciate your transparency and just hearing you share about the writing process and the responses to your work. I especially love your comments on the position writers must take to be “successful.” We can’t be self-conscious and overly concerned with “public opinion” and acceptance. I love it. I’ve bookmarked it to use when I teach my writing course next spring.

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      2. Oh wow! Thank you Chandra! And I’m super grateful that you’d use my words during your course. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to support.


  2. Wonderful interview, KE. I love the interplay of your and Nadine’s voices, the depth and thoughtfulness of both the questions and the answers, the focus on self-love being the center of everything, the importance of creative non-fiction storytelling in reaching out, letting others know they are not alone, starting a conversation. Well done. 🙂

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  3. Checked out the link….. Good one Kathy! You never fail to make me think deep thoughts… I also checked out the TV interview before now and seriously, I was expecting to hear a professor’s voice- loud and book laced… Well, I don’t know if it’s just me but professors scare me…lol Not you though………
    You have this sing-song voice…lol
    Bless you.

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    1. Thank you Mr. Ackin! It’s funny you should say that. When I was still in my doctoral studies and presenting, someone said, “You’re so down to earth. Don’t ever change that!” I mean I couldn’t if I tried. I’m just not pretentious and boring like that lol Thanks so much for listening and watching the other one!

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