Monday Notes: CLEARING

In every culture, people have a clearing process. Whether it’s spring cleaning, which according to handy-dandy Wikipedia began with Iranians, who call it khooneh tekouni, or sage cleansing, which is known as a Native American ritual, the human race seems to have recognized the importance of de-cluttering as a road toward clarity.

And I am no different. Over the past three years, I’ve consciously taken time to decide who I want to be and how I want to function in this world. Two days before my birthday, I’m sharing them with you.

The first thing I did was to pay more attention to where I put my energy as a way to create more pleasurable spaces in my life.

Energy Matters.

 We’re all energy. I don’t think that’s a new idea. However, I also believe that our thoughts and actions are comprised of energy. And for the last few years, I’ve become much more mindful about how and what I spend my energy on.

Sometimes I think of energy like money. You know how some people are frugal with their dollars? Well, that’s how I feel about my energy. Would you allow someone to take $1000 out of your bank account? Me neither. But I also don’t allow others to withdraw from my energy account.

There are a few ways I’ve learned to do this. I try not to expend too much energy on conversations I deem frivolous. A great example is when Hurricane Irma was headed towards Jacksonville. A day or so before, I was scheduled to teach in Gainesville.

“I thought you’d be home,” one of my co-workers said.

“Nope. The hurricane isn’t coming til…”

“Well, I hope you have gas. I hope you don’t run out of gas. I hope the gas stations still have gas on your way home. The gas station on 39th is already out …”

I briefly stared at her, and then gathered my personal belongings and inched towards the door. In my mind, I didn’t have the energy to expend on such a negative conversation about the state of gas. And I didn’t need to prove her wrong by saying, I have gas in my tank and I drive a Honda. It’ll be full for a while. It would be wasted energy.

energyLikewise, I try not to spend a lot of time in places I’d rather not be. A great example is work. I go to work and focus on teaching my students. When that’s done, sometimes I attend meetings and grade papers. I don’t stand around holding lengthy conversations about other people’s business because, in the long run, it doesn’t solve anything. And sometimes, in the end you feel just as crappy as the person you’re discussing.

This is not to say I’m perfect. Occasionally, I catch myself in a rant about some event that pissed me off. But once I realize I’m expending energy, then I make a mental note and change the subject to something that feels better, like my business. The results seem to prove the phrase that which you focus on grows. Writing Endeavors® is going well. This blog is going well. Books are selling. Much of this I attribute to clearing and re-focusing my energy.

Tomorrow, I’ll share the second aspect of my life I’ve cleared up. Until then, tell me…do you pay attention to how and where you spend your energy?



33 thoughts on “Monday Notes: CLEARING

    1. It is not popular and part of being whole (for me) is ignoring the criticism. You’re the only one who has to deal with you when you ignore your intuition, and that’s not worth it…at…all.

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  1. Firstly, happy birthday!
    And yes. Daily I ask myself, Self, how can I be more Dr.G-like? And it’s definitely becoming more + more apparent that my time and energy are too precious to waste on things that drain me, make me angry or sadden me. Energy should be spent on things that are fulfilling! I know it’s not always possible, but that awareness creates discernment which creates peace OF MIND. And what’s better than that?

    Great post.

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  2. It has been over a year now since I have taken my lunch pail out of the office for a solo lunch. I get to avoid conversations about other peoples parenting woes, superannuation, house sales, endless renovations etc. It does wonders for digestion too. I love your analogy of an energy bank. Great way to celebrate your birthday with these reflections!

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    1. lol @lunchpail lol a WHOLE year? Wow! Yeah, I can’t take all those conversations, which a lot of times are just angry dumping sessions. I can see how eating alone in nature would be more calming. Thanks for the compliment.

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      1. More like a year and a half actually. Now I feel really hesitant to eat with people where the conversation is not positive. Those I gel with most at work have asked to join me on my park bench and get it.

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  3. Kathy, I’m glad you’re doing this series of posts on “CLEARING.” I admit that I do not always pay attention to how I am honoring or dishonoring my energy. I am learning, though, to intervene on myself when my mental chatter gets negative and fearful, because there’s nothing like looking back on my day and realizing that I used-up a lot of energy (and time!) functioning with a mindset that has taken me off course😬.

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    1. Thanks Leslie! I think that’s common though. We all just kinda go around willy nilly, sometimes vibing, sometimes bumping heads lol and then looking around like what happened?

      I’m glad to hear that you’re learning how to curb that “mental chatter”; it’s the worst!

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  4. You’re right, KE, we don’t have enough energy to waste it on unhelpful or futile things. I’ve stopped arguing politics with family and friends; if they haven’t changed their mind by now, they’re not going to. Everybody doesn’t need to believe the things I do, or do the same things I do. Better to spend my energy doing what falls in line with my values. If you’re happy and content, people will see/sense that. And they are more likely to follow a good example than good advice. 🙂

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    1. Yes! This is what I’m saying. Who has time to argue or convince someone of your point. You either kinda get it, and we can move forward in a nice pleasant conversation, or you don’t, and I can leave it at that.

      I have a friend who says the same thing you do about being a good example.

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  5. This is fabulous. For a time now I’ve been on a mindset about energy, mostly the energy I waste and I don’t want to waste anymore. And yes balance has to come into play. Much to think about!
    … jc

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    1. Thanks JC! For me, it’s been pretty freeing to know that I can control the energy I expend or allow into my space. We’re all in control (as much as we can be) of something like that.

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  6. Nothing wastes energy more than worry and fear! A perfect example with your friend’s comments. This post is very true and I need to do some closet clearing eventually. But for some reason, I’m saving my energy by not doing it lol!
    I’ve learned that in addition to clearing, to be very particular about any further accumulating. I seldom add to my closets, if I can help it.
    Great and thoughtful post, Katherin!

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    1. Absolutely Judy! Let’s just call her a co-worker, not “friend” lol

      It’s so hard not to add more. I have a similar rule about closets. I try not to buy more of the same clothing, unless I give things away.

      Thanks for the kind words.

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  7. Wow. My FB post from Sunday night comes to mind as I read this. I am on the path to “reclaiming my time”. Congresswoman Maxine Walters made a monumental statement with that phrase, didn’t she? I am a search for balance in my life. Do things that really make me feel good and are connected to my purpose, not out of obligation to people. My goal for the rest of 2018 and beyond is to de-busy myself and command more space for the things that speak to my heart and soul.

    I look forward to your next post!

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    1. Exactly LaCharmine! I thought it odd that you’d written something similar that I’d planned to publish weeks ago! Balance is always key. It’s going to be hard not functioning out of obligation at first because people tend to get really offended when you don’t do what they want you to do lol, but in the end, it’s a more peaceful way (for me anyway) to be in the world.

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