Unlike The Unhappy Wife book, Daddy is not written by me. This anthology includes stories written by women, who felt it important to publicly re-tell narratives centered on their relationship with their father. Each woman’s purpose is similar, yet different. Every Friday, I invite you to read about their reason why.

Today, meet Ishna Hagan, author of “The Deprivation of a Father’s Love,” which describes the impact of physical and financial abandonment.

1521808695783Why were you inspired to contribute to this book? I like to be onboard with any project Katherin takes on. I know it’ll be good, and she is great at executing and bringing it all together. I also know for her anthology, I could offer an honest story about my and my father’s relationship. Furthermore, I write. Everything fell right into place.

What is your father-daughter relationship like now? My dad and I are cool. I visit him and will take my 3-year-old daughter to see him. I always have a place to stay and food when I’m in town.

If there is one thing you could tell your father what would it be? I wish we were closer.

What do you hope your story accomplishes? I hope fathers do better to be honest. I hope they hear our cry for improvement. Also, I want to encourage women to be conscious of with whom they procreate. It’s a game-changer. (Ask me how I know).

What are you working on currently? I am currently working on my music review website, Just One Thing. Like music? Please visit.

ishnaIshna Hagan creates marketing-driven website copy and e-commerce stores for North American businesses. She is also a published author—most notably for her article “Gulf Residents Protest, Brace Themselves for Effects of Oil Spill” (National Newspaper Association, 2010) and for her WUSA9 online news reports. Ishna has one beautiful daughter and is a proud Howard University graduate.

A portion of the book’s proceeds will be contributed to an organization important to Hagan, The Rhode Island Center for Justice. This organization partners with community groups to protect legal rights and to ensure justice for vulnerable individuals, families, and communities. The Center provides free civil legal assistance to low-income Rhode Islanders, engages in key impact litigation affecting the rights and wellbeing of thousands across the State, and conducts legislative and policy advocacy on behalf of the communities. 

The eBook version of Daddy is available now for pre-order!

The paperback version of Daddy is available for order here.

11 thoughts on “DADDY CONTRIBUTOR: Ishna Hagan

  1. I love her advice about being careful with whom you procreate. This is so true and so important. I don’t think enough people – men and women – think about it as deeply and objectively as is needed.

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    1. Oh…I’m sure we don’t Kim! You know what most of us are thinking when we’re procreating lol But seriously, I agree. It is something we should consider, at least in the dating phase so that we can be more mindful about how we proceed.

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    2. The one thing I promised myself after learning my father wasn’t interesting in seeing or raising me; is that my sexual drive wouldn’t be in control of my destiny. That is no matter how fine; condoms were essential. No matter how well dressed; I never discuss my income. Protecting the future well being of children; begins in the bedroom. All too often brief swift feelings; heat melts the senses to madness.

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      1. I noticed I was asked quite often how much I made. I have also been asked to loan money to men I just met. Don’t know why? But these same people weren’t offering much more than sex. I would always think he’s looking to be cared for; but he’s not caring at all. Just my experience.

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      2. Wow, they are trying you if their goal is to mooch. I can understand why you keep your income undisclosed when you put it that way.

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