DADDY: Reflections of Father-Daughter Relationships (Cover Reveal)


I write to inspire. I write to motivate people to re-think social issues. I write to raise women’s voices because, although women make up nearly half of the world’s population, many times our experiences are not heard, and subsequently, devalued.

To that end, I’ve compiled another anthology. This time, I’ve invited 13 women to write memoirs centered on their father-daughter relationships. Over the next couple of months, I’ll introduce you to ten of the writers. Each Friday, they’ll explain why they wrote and what they hope to accomplish by participating in such a project.



A father’s presence is important in a daughter’s life. He is the first man a little girl sees and knows. He demonstrates how men relate to women.

But what happens when the father-daughter relationship is dysfunctional? Daddy answers that question.

Included are fourteen memoirs that describe the impact a failed father-daughter relationship can have. These women share essays and narratives that detail various stages of breakdown. Whether an event occurred in childhood, adolescence, or adulthood, each story explains how their father’s physical, emotional, or psychological abandonment has affected them.

The book is separated into two parts. Part I shows the proverbial truth in the phrase, hurt people hurt people. While some stories confirm why or how men mistreat their daughters, others show how daughters sometimes internalize neglect and continue the cycle either with the relationship they have with themselves, or others. Part II illustrates how compassion can lead towards a path of inner peace and happiness, no matter the state of the relationship.

About the Editor

garlandkDr. K E Garland is an award-winning writer, whose work has appeared in the The Coil, The Mighty, and For Harriet, a popular women’s blog. Her writing focuses on creative nonfiction intended to inspire. Though born and raised on the west side of Chicago, Katherin now lives in Jacksonville, Florida with Dwight Garland Jr., her husband of over twenty years and her daughters, Kesi and Desi.

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Paperback orders available June 2, 2018.

45 thoughts on “DADDY: Reflections of Father-Daughter Relationships (Cover Reveal)

      1. Absolutely – buying both books. My list is very long and I haven’t been able to but it is very important to sow onto good ground. I believe in your gift and look forward to doing just that. I admire you, Marquessa, Kelley, Mek, Nadine, Kitt and Gina as bloggers in a very special way. Blessings💫e

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  1. Thank you for putting this together to help others! The cover looks fantastic. Your smile is so beautiful Kathy. I feel so privileged to be a part of this! Hugs 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Can’t wait to read the book. I really can’t wait for my autographed copy, too! Hint. Hint. 😉 Because 1) I love holding a book in my hands and 2) when you become rich and more famous, I can say I know you AND prove it by showing off your book! 😂
    Question. Is the book only from daughters point of view? Or by chance, fathers’ perspective, too? That would be interesting as well. I used to think my dad had a better relationship with my brother since he was a boy. Nope. Our father had a challenging relationship with us both.

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    1. Apologies Cherie! I thought I answered this. I laughed all the way through it lol. I can arrange an autographed copy! Just remind me in June when I release it and LOL about you showing off your autographed copy when I’m famous 🙂

      To answer your questions: Yes, it’s just from the daughter’s point of view. I’m all about raising our voices through these stories, kind of like The Unhappy Wife. Anywho, don’t forget to remind me girlie!

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