Monday Notes: Where Does Your Power Lie?

all_the_womenI forgot to tell you all, I’m published in a special anthology. The purpose of this book is to raise women of color’s voices about issues important to us. It’s published by a woman of color because who else is more qualified to raise our voice than someone who looks and feels like us?

I’m excited to be mentioned in a book with greats like, Natalie Baszile and Marian Wright Edelman. Aaand, I’m thrilled to be a part of a project that is receiving high praise from USA Today and Henry Louis Gates Jr.

But, that’s not why I’m proud.

I’m proud because this exemplifies where my power lies. Writing gives voice to my experiences that merely talking about them does not. My personal essay demonstrates this. It is about affirmative action. In my writing, I don’t politicize the policy. Nope. I humanize it. I describe how it feels to be an affirmative action hire, not once, but twice within two decades.

What’s funny is I’d tried discussing these feelings with friends and family members to no avail. The common sentiment was so what? What does it matter how you received your job? Several weeks ago, I shared the book with my Grannie and she said this after reading my chapter.

“Oh. This is about self worth. This is about more than a job.”

She finally got it after she’d read an emotional account.

img_6121Some people effect change through social justice activities, such as marching and rallying, others through their written words. Neither is more right, but I’m comfortable saying that I’m in the latter group.

Happy Women’s History Month! If you’re interested in reading All The Women in My Family Sing, then click here.

51 thoughts on “Monday Notes: Where Does Your Power Lie?

  1. Congratulations, Kathy! Someone posted this book to their IG feed about a week ago, and I thought it looked interesting – now I am even more psyched about it, knowing that you are one of the book’s contributors.

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  2. You forgot to tell us???? What??? Congratulations! And yes, power in words/writing for me too but also in quiet action, going about my life in the best way I know how at any given moment…people notice these things more than if they’re preached to/at.

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    1. Ha! I know right? I actually thought I told you…maybe not. Actions are always good because in my mind, that’s what life’s all about anyway. I’m not sure if people notice them more though. Some are pretty content being preached at, while the preacher does otherwise lol (I don’t know why this is funny to me).


      1. Haha re: preacher and you finding that funny. I find it funny that you find it funny. I’ve just had lots of instances where people have adopted my habits, bought stuff I’ve bought etc…it all makes sense in my life purpose number (I’m prepared to look like a loon if others read this 😂😂😂 ). Pretty sure you didn’t tell me, I’d have remembered. Although you told me about writing about a female experience in academia, but this is not that is it? Thought I’ve already read that one…

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      2. So it’s That story? Ok. Can’t keep up, plus I get mixed up between what’s conversation, what’s written on blog, what’s published elsewhere and what I’ve imagined 😂 In anycase, well done!

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  3. God, Kathy, I really acknowledge you for putting your heart out there in your writing. You have such power in the living love of your heart. Today, I put all of my communications into the Light so that loving really rides on my words. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and intentions to uplift and congrats for being in this book! Lots of love. Debbie

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  4. Congrats, dear Kathy on the anthology. I also like the idea of raising your voice in places that matter, and through written words. Brilliant!

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  5. Well Well Well….. look at you! Congrats! This brought a big smile to my face… yesindeedy! LOL. But seriously… you and I are similar in this way… my writing is an expression of the unseen power that rests in my keystrokes. You are amazing… keep it going! I support you.

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