Behind the Kwote: Self-love

At the risk of sounding totally nutz, I’m sharing with you a letter I wrote to myself in 2014. I’d forgotten about it. And as I re-read the words, the whole experience seems surreal, almost as if someone else really did write this to me. This, along with many other things is what helped me make different choices about who I wanted to be in this world.

Dear Kathy,

First, love yourself more. Self-love is very important. You’ve even quoted Whitney Houston on Valentine’s Day, “The greatest love of all is learning to love yourself.” Self-love is the most important thing that you can learn on this earth. The sooner you believe you deserve love from yourself, the sooner all other forms of love will shine and make sense. Loving yourself will help you feel more confident. Loving yourself will help you open up to the love of others, some of whom have been trying to love you with their whole hearts most of their lives.

Second, you are not perfect. No one is. Sure, you’re perfectly made the way that you are, but you are human, which means that you have flaws. Do not beat yourself up for these human ways. Everyone is born with something that is bound to make them feel bad or serve as a life lesson. You are not the only one with these imperfections. Accepting them will help you complete the first task, love yourself.

self_love_goal_kegarlandThe third, and final thing I want to tell you dear heart is to listen to your instinct. Your inner-being knows what is best. You have feelings that alert you to when something doesn’t feel right. Listen to those feelings from now on. Ignoring them only makes for a more challenging time. And life here on earth is not intended to be that challenging. Remember, you create your experiences by the choices that you make. Make conscious and healthy choices for you, whether it be for relationships or for professional standing.

With love,


Happy Valentine’s Day! What would you advise your former or future self?

44 thoughts on “Behind the Kwote: Self-love

  1. Girl that paragraph THREE!!!! YAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS!
    That one hit me smack dab in the forehead! LOL!!

    Sadly, it seems that many of us come to the realization that we must love and trust ourselves rather late in life–I know I did. Many of my friends have said this too.

    Thanks K for always reminding us to take stock!

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    1. I had to go back and look at paragraph three. I don’t know why it takes some of us longer than others to follow and trust our intuition. Like if we can keep that part for all of our lives, then we’d all be in so much better condition. But, hey…life…lol You’re welcome and thanks to you for stopping by girl!

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  2. I would advice exactly the same! Now I’m wondering, did you follow up your own advice and how did it went so far?
    Going to re-blog this beautiful – not nutz at all – letter…

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    1. I am happy to report that I after I wrote this, I followed each and every bit of this advice. I’ve even written about it quite a bit on this blog. I’ve never felt better about living in the world as I have these past two years. It’s like I cracked open and was re-born. These things, coupled with releasing as much judgment as I can and telling the truth 99% of the time has really created a new me. Thanks for asking Patty!

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  3. Yes. Yes. Yes.!
    What a wonderful post. K E, thank you for sharing your self love with us.
    I love myself too.
    Best advice I’d give to myself: Trust my heart. Receive support from Spirit. Have fun. Serve joyfully with great love.

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